ExtraLife TV: Yeah, I finally did it.

So I have been planning this video podcast for a while. This is a quick and dirty pilot episode with not much in the way of content, but its a fun watch regardless. Future episodes will include tech and geek news bits, reviews of games and nerd toys, movie reviews, and other commentary that someone, somewhere might find useful and not irritating. And all of it will be short 2 to 5 minute shots. Think of it as the visual sister to ELR. 🙂

You can get the show through the following methods. Here is the raw RSS feed:


The iTunes link.

Here is the DIRECT DOWNLOAD of the MPEG4 file. I will post the iTunes link as soon as they get me approved.

You can watch it in glorious low quality on YouTube if you are so inclined.


Yeah…that shot pretty much says it all. 🙂

UPDATE: Brian did a little mashup. TOO freaking funny.