Wish Fulfillment

November 21, 2010
Wish Fulfillment

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Poor kid. Dreams don’t always come true. Socks always come true. The more you know. Knowing is half the battle. Until next time.

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  1. Foxlore says:

    Yeah…but just think of all the fun he’ll have with sock puppets. 😉

  2. NeuroMan42 says:

    Yep… how it works as a kid.

  3. Roland says:

    Story of my life.

    • Maajda says:

      You are doing so well. You’re going to do great in Chicago. You mentioned on my blog that you’re a nocive. I disagree. You’ve shared some great advice here. You certainly are a runner with something to share.

  4. J Martin says:

    Not to put down Scott, but I think it would have been funny if the kid got a Wii. 🙂

  5. Moobie says:

    His parents are such teases… putting socks in such a big box! 😉

  6. Michael says:

    Well, at least they match.

  7. donrosa1 says:

    story of my life too, almost because i never get socks at christmas but i will get alot of socks this christmas xD but i want an ps2/ps3 and Xbox 360 with kinect x)

    • donrosa1 says:

      Btw i dont want socks, iam gonna get them this christmas because my sister sold socks for school and i needed new socks but i did not have any money to pay for them at the time so my mom paid for them so now iam getting them from her in christmas has a present-.-

  8. idogis1 says:

    You only really realize how far north you live when you actually start asking for socks on Christmas.

    • S8472 says:

      Or you realize, now that you’re older, you actually have to go to a store and buy socks, if you aren’t getting any for Christmas…

      • Foxlore says:

        And if you are older you likely realize that you don’t need a Kinect or Move for X-mas, because you likely have already bought them for yourself 😉

  9. tnfreak says:

    not just any socks but the comfymaster 32! with padded toe!

  10. chuck says:

    You forgot the obligatory 2 weeks later panel when Mr. Tumnus steals just 1 of your new socks!

  11. aquila says:

    Who put that severed arm under his pillow. Is he waiting for the arm fairy? Great strip btw.

    • EainSi says:

      You’ll get more lead shooting (mostly from prmeris than anything else) and handling the boolits than you will from casting them. You are melting lead, not vaporizing it. Lead doesn’t want to go into the vapor phase at temps you are heating it to, unless you do something really stupid. Most furnaces keep it at proper temps and not above.Wash your hands afterwards and you will be fine.

  12. Asterix says:

    LOL – so true…

  13. Bill says:

    Scott- you did it. This is a great strip. Kid-friendly, nothing dirty. Just a fun, witty comic for the entire family.

  14. DoggySpew says:

    Imagine the poor kid that wanted socks and got a Kinect instead.

  15. Mad-Bassist says:

    Heheh. That hit home for me. If it isn’t socks, it’s sweaters.

    That might explain why I wear metal T-shirts much of the time.

    • Subhash says:

      Flash, do you think Mortimer could invent a time maihcne so you could go back and meet the people who built your 113 year old house? I bet you could meet lots of interesting cats back then tool

  16. RH2 says:

    whats the difference?

  17. GamerGirlAnna says:

    This kind of thing happened a lot to me as a kid. But then we had the notes left on the tree from Santa. These notes always led us around the house on a hunt that would lead from one note to another to another until finally… we would get something truly awesome! Usually the one big thing we had asked for that year. My mom was always trying to make Christmas good for us, even when they didn’t have money. It was always interesting to me to hear, “We’re a little tight this year, so Christmas will be a bit smaller this time around, so I need to know which things on your list are your top 4 or 5 wishes.” Then Christmas morning would get there, and NOTHING HAD CHANGED! We always got socks and shirts and stuff we NEEDED from Mom & Dad, along with one (or maybe two) really fun things, even if we hadn’t asked for those particular things. Then, Santa brought all of the things we had asked for and wanted so badly all year. Although one year Santa brought me some socks. I think the package was mislabeled…

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