Where Isn’t Waldo?

January 5, 2014
Where Isn’t Waldo?

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See what I did there? Flipped it around, didn’t I? Clever, right? RIGHT??

12 Responses to Where Isn’t Waldo?

  1. Vake Xeacons says:

    So it’s either the biggest mugshot lineup ever, or the Alaskan Gay Men’s Choir.

  2. Jack Fox says:

    Is it wrong that I see this picture and think “Huh this looks like a shooting Gallery at a Carnival… how many points do I need for a stuffed bear?”

    Also I love how angry not Waldo looks.

  3. Loshem says:

    It’s Waldo’s deadbeat twin brother, Wardo!

  4. Dan Ziniti says:

    If this was Nintendo, he’d be Wawaldo. OR if it turns out (as I always suspected) that Waldo is the evil one, I guess he’d just be Ldo.

  5. Bill Murphy says:

    A cut and paste drawing Scott?
    For shame doc, for shame… 😉

  6. Josh S. says:

    In books now apparently.

  7. c-Row says:

    That would make for one freaky gift wrapping paper

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