September 23, 2013

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With a few small word changes, I lifted this line pretty whole hog from the twitter feed of Micheal J. Nelson, famous for his role on Mystery Science Theater 3000 back in the day, and now Rifftrax. I hope he doesn’t mind…I thought it was too brilliant to go off into the twitter void without additional recognition.

I think the idea that we now have two definitions of “Literally” might have sparked his original tweet. Pretty funky addition to the dictionary I think, but who am I to say?

Anyway, enjoy! (Oh! And I put up a new Breaking Bad themed print yesterday. Check it out!)

13 Responses to Vernacular

  1. truth says:

    Actually, a kitten literally dies every time someone basically talks like that.

    Proof we live in a world of cliches and buzz phrases that prove we’re much more capable these days of parotting the “wisdom” of others than actually thinking for ourselves.

    Don’t mind that cliff sheeple, I promise there’s grass down there! Jump! Jump!

  2. Jack Fox says:

    This is Literally the best comic I have basically ever seen.

    Actually it’s just funny :p

  3. Bill Murphy says:

    I don’t know why, but I’m finding the word “Vernacular” to be incredibly sexy! 😀

  4. Zach Y says:

    Oh the irony!

  5. Vake Xeacons says:

    Well, basically, I actually have that problem too. Literally. And “well”; can’t begin a comment without “well”.

  6. Falos says:

    I’d like to show him a heavy dictionary, if you know what I’m literally saying.

    Writing. What I’m literally writing. As opposed to the figurative writing found in phrases such “His wife better start writing his epitaph.”

    Meanwhile, I’ll write the epitaph for poor, poor Literally.

    • Luke says:

      I’m really tired too I’ve just got in from a night out where I was haarssed by crazy drunks,nearly melted due to the ridIculously hot bar,awkwardly set up by friends n then returned to the carpark to find my car was locked in said carpark other than that I’m great!Jx ps sorry for moaning its not my usual style,I just need sleep!

    • Estabon says:

      in the left hand bottom coenrr FILED August 8, 1961 and the new one says ACCEPTED August 8, 1961 . This was a Friday, and if one department stamped it (local registrar) and then it had to go to the State office (and they mail these documents, they do not call a taxi and ship them all off to the State office) it would have been impossible for it to be accepted on the same date.

  7. Matthew Pfaadt says:

    I would literally laugh out loud if I actually understood what you were basically saying…

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