Use the Force

December 22, 2015
Use the Force

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There’s certainly a big conversation that could happen around internet spoiler culture on both sides, but instead, I will leave you with this single panel. Ponder it, young Jedi.

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  1. DeusFever says:

    It’s not that spoilers are like Hitler, it’s that people like Hitler (the bad one) reveal spoilers.

  2. Dan says:

    I understand the spoiler-averse thinking involving Star Wars — one of the first “don’t spoil the surprise” movies I can remember seeing was Empire, with Darth Vader being Luke’s father. However, you’re absolutely right that the avoidance of spoilers and the punishment of those even inadvertently presenting spoilers has gotten way out of control.

    That said, those who set out to deliberately spoil those surprises for others are a special kind of troll, and deserve all of the ire that they attract.

    • Rezlow says:

      It’s sad that it’s that important to some people. They do know it’s all made up right? I had the main event spoiled before I saw the movie and it was still insanely enjoyable (and really obvious anyway part way through, trust me it really isn’t a spoiler, at least not of a surprise).

      • Jack Fox says:

        Some don’t care to be spoiled and that’s 100% Cool. Even though it was spoiled I still very much enjoyed the film. However there are some that don’t like to be spoiled and want to see it blind. I don’t hate so much that it was spoiled, I hate that there are people who go out of their way to ruin things for other people, and enjoy doing it. Those people are the worst.

  3. Jack Fox says:

    I avoided all trailers, all previews, all everything for this movie… and 2 hours before I go to see it someone in a freaking Heroes of the Storm game spoiled the entire thing in two freaking sentences. I understand avoid forums, things like that but there are types that go out of their WAY to do this. I have 0 respect for them… and I reported them to blizzard :p

  4. brian whit says:

    there is a very Hitler like bit in the movie, hardly a spoiler though

  5. Dan says:

    I didn’t get to see Star Wars until last night. I have avoided social media like the plague since last Thursday for that very reason. I am glad I did so because one of my “friends” posted a vaguely worded spoiler not thinking about it. The movie was good. Stuff happens. That’s about as far as I go with spoilers.

  6. tglass1976 says:

    On my way into the theater I overheard two people coming out talking about THE moment.

    So reminder to all those leaving a movie, just because you just watched doesn’t mean everyone around you has yet. 🙂

  7. Paldasan says:

    I just can’t think of anything in SW:TFA that counts as a surprise reveal or plot twist. Movies only deserve a Spoiler tag if there is something to spoil.

  8. Kevin says:

    Get lives, and stop this nonsense. Grow up, all of you.

  9. Falos says:

    That’s not an insightful thought. THIS is an insightful thought:

    “The louder the whining, the more vindictive the spite.”

    The self-fulfilling prophecy is more obvious from a place of nice, safe indifference. If anything surprised me, it was that spoiler circulation had to wait for release.

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