Under Where?

September 12, 2011
Under Where?

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Some fun at the expense of Supes.

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  1. Batman & Jay Leno together at last! Just kidding, Nice one Scott always made me chuckle that the old Superheros couldn’t dress themselves properly 🙂

  2. AJF says:

    Hey! Batman does that too!



    • AJF says:

      Oops, the link didn’t work right for me. I put it in as the Website for this reply.


      • Irem says:

        roby spune:salut omul si acest site respect penrtu munca si seriozitatea acestui om care din intimplare sau nu il cunosc sincer sper in viitor ca vom colabora un an nou fericit si speranta sa fie imnul dupa care te vei ghida in viata

  3. Brian says:

    Playing Superman tonight will be Henry Cavill’s understudy Andy Richter.

    • Elvis says:

      Janet, I’m sorry we as a society haven’t done more for your son. I’m houpefl we can start doing more. You make a good point about what could be done instead of this.

  4. Vake Xeacons says:

    But…that’s what makes super heroes so cool! Fighting crime in your underwear! Superman was just too shy, so he had to wear his pants under it.

  5. BigDeuce says:

    Just think, before Superman and Batman, all we had were Tighty Whiteys. Thanks to them, we now have a rainbow to choose from! Best fashion contribution ever – Hanes Down!!!

  6. this one aint so great….. just my opinion man

    your bestest pal the penis wizard

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