Twiddle Earth

November 12, 2012
Twiddle Earth

About this comic

In the mood for the one ring to rule them all. As a result, this idea came to me. Current social media tropes meet the Tolkien universe!

11 Responses to Twiddle Earth

  1. Carl says:

    Shouldn’t that be “One Ring Tone to rule them all”?

  2. danziniti says:

    +1 Freaking love it.

  3. kskryptonian says:

    Would have solved so many questions in that book! Or, not.

  4. Ralffie (@Ralffie) says:


  5. MikeyH says:

    Ha! That is pretty good! I feel like not filling up the rest of the feed was a missed opportunity though.

  6. Klo says:

    Love it!

  7. rtn says:

    Promoted tweet = “Looking for two hobbits, one ring and a weirdo crawling around with them. Reward $1M.” @Sauron -spon

  8. Devin Curtis says:

    Love it. That’s some great stuff.

  9. LauRoman says:

    Is AT&T coverage that good?

  10. Alludra says:

    That’s crazy! The family and I are watching the whole series over again this month. (Gotta break ’em up!)

  11. Chris says:

    sweet comic, made me laugh haha

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