Tron Grit (or True Grid)

December 27, 2010
Tron Grit (or True Grid)

About this comic

Felt like mashing up the last two Jeff Bridges movies I’ve seen. Just so happens they occurred about a week apart. My thoughts on the two movies? Tron was awesome…looking. Bad acting, dumb script aside, lots of fun to be had there. True Grit on the other hand was one of the best movies of this year, and one of my favorite westerns of all time.

The grid is a dusty lonely place. Want a print? 12×18 inches, signed by Scott, shipped anywhere. Just $9.99.

27 Responses to Tron Grit (or True Grid)

  1. Brian Duff says:

    Very epic image there

  2. Ciaran Rooney says:

    Very Cool Indead!

  3. PWarren4 says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed Tron myself, it is extreme eye-candy, and I didn’t really notice any bad acting. Guess I just went into it knowing movies of this genre don’t have award winning acting performances and therefore wasn’t disappointed. I went for a good movie experience and came away with more than I expected. Good times indeed. Haven’t seen Grit yet, really kind of burnout on the whole western genre.

    • Really? There are hardly any westerns can you get burned out on a genre that gives you one or two every couple years?

      • PWarren4 says:

        I just can’t help but subconciously compare westerns to Tombstone and Pale Rider, and just keep coming away disappointed. “Burnout” was the wrong term, falsely inflated expectations for the western genre is a better way of saying it. Guess I should take a more “Tron” like attitude towards westerns as well. FWIW – I did find 3:10 good.

      • Ramsies says:

        You have to play a ton of Red Dead…

      • Dutch JaFO says:

        And given that a lot of those westerns were remakes of old movies … it doesn’t exactly help either as one is even more tempted to compare them to the ‘classics’.

        One has to wonder if the genre is dead if all they do is remakes of old movies.

        I wonder if ‘cowboys vs aliens’ has to be classified as either a western or sf …

      • Jose says:

        Guid15 novembre 2010Pareil, son reamke de l arme9e de mort est meilleur que l original (je dis e7a alors que je me me9fie visce9ralement du principe de reamke), 300, on en pense ce qu on veut au niveau esthe9tique, mais il e9tait re9alise9 de fae7on prodigieuse, et Watchmen est simplement l adaptation de Comics la plus subtile et adulte que je connaisse.

  4. Shaymus22 says:

    I approve whole-heartedly of everything in that image. Well done, sir – this is a classic piece of yours.

  5. Slagathore says:

    Scott, you sure know how to call em. I’m not the biggest western fan, but when I saw the trailer for True Grit with Johnny Cash playing in the background, I was blown away. Then I found out the Cowan brothers did it and I was damn near pushing people out of the way to get tickets. It was an amazing movie. And I dont mean that in the internet, watered down way either, this movie was truly something special.

  6. kskryptonian says:

    Fund this motion picture!

  7. Foxlore says:

    “I intend to de-rez you Ned!” 😉

  8. MikeSLC says:

    Now that is awesome!!! Bravo Scott!!!

  9. Wobble says:

    tiedelietiedelie DJANGOOOOOOOO XD cant help but hear that theme now (filmsack)

    I still have to see both movies but can still appreciate the picture. I really like the original tron and do like westerns. 😀

  10. Donnerberg says:

    Thought this was a tronified Cowboys vs Aliens reference at first. You’d probably find plenty of comic potential in that too though, Scott.

  11. ZekeFreek says:

    Am I a bad person if I honestly only remembered Jeff Bridges as the voice of one of the penguins in Surf’s Up? I thought he was the blond guy in Speed but I think that was somebody else.

    • Donnerberg says:

      Yes, yes you are.

      It’s okay to only remember Bridges from one movie, but that movie has to be The Big Lebowski.

  12. Mikko says:

    I Love this!! Jonah Hex meets Tron!!!

  13. Biff says:

    “I hear you’re a man with true grit.”
    “Yeah, well that’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

  14. jacob the prison guard from ca says:

    I can’t wait to watch Tron Legacy. As for True Grit, I hope they didn’t disgrace John Wayne’s memory with this one. It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing his role.

    • Biff says:

      Supposedly, the Coen brothers didn’t even watch the John Wayne version and adapted it straight from the book.
      I’ve seen both films, and it’s very interesting to see how close they are to each other (with a few differences here or there). Just goes to show how both movies clung to the source material so well.

      • Marrock says:

        Which is a real shame since the book was terrible.

        This was one of those rare instances where I loved the movie but hated the book, hell, the author couldn’t even use contractions, an entire novel without one don’t, can’t, wouldn’t or doesn’t.

        It made for a very hard read and some painfully stilted dialogue.

    • Hassan says:

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  15. Wintersnight says:

    Am i the only one who felt that Jeff Bridges was playing Jeff Lebowski playing Kevin Flynn?

  16. SumDuud says:

    There were two time when watching Tron, that I couldn’t help but think the Dude had invaded the grid. One was when they first get to the suite and Jeff Bridges is meditating and the other is when he excitedly says “Awesome” on the transport train. Old Jeff Bridges just left me feeling as though “the Dude abides!”

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