Too much of a good thing

March 7, 2011
Too much of a good thing

About this comic

I LOVE netflix, and similar services. The fun of discovering a long forgotten gem from you childhood, or finding strange documentaries or indy films you’ve never heard of is kind of addicting. So yeah, there’s that.

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12 Responses to Too much of a good thing

  1. Vrek says:

    I have fallen to it also. And I was waay surprised to see Denis Leary in Sandlot. Forgot that somewhere in my childhood.

  2. Maddogus says:

    So true….and there’s no such word as “addicting” 😉

  3. Yelk says:

    Hey, I just watched Sandlot on Netflix too! Last night in fact.

  4. Io says:

    My kids are making their way through the Buck Rodgers TV show now. Great fun!

  5. Mick says:

    i wish that we in Australia had Netflix or anything remotely comparable to it… bandwidth to allow for that would also be handy.
    ahh. if only dreams would come true 😛

  6. Flopside says:

    Just started using Netflix this is definitely relatable lol.

    • Giovana says:

      Are you going to be covering Season 1 or 2? Or just piinkcg random eps from both?In Season 1, I really liked Cigarette Burns and Sick Girl. In Season 2, the John Landis episode Family was probably my favorite.

  7. Paintguy says:

    I love me some netflix, but am getting annoyed at their tactics to get me to upgrade my service by hooking me on a season only to find out the latest episode is only on DVD delivered.

  8. The Sandlot is a classic film! Instantly reminds me of those awesome summers growing up playing baseball.

  9. Mad-Bassist says:

    Great strip!

    Netflix = Life
    Netflix Streaming = Life while waiting for mailman

    I love the service: it showed me things I wouldn’t have ordered on DVD like Roswell, Man vs Food, and Buffy since a few of my online friends are fanatical about it.

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