Today’s Comic: “I earned that thing!”

June 20, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “I earned that thing!”

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So, some big news for WoW players. Now you can get your riding mount at 30, rather than 40, and it’s cheaper now. Well, it will be when it leaves the test realms and hits the server population at large. I know people who JUST got the mount at 40, and are now sad.. but hey, this is the way the football fumbles. 🙂 Comic!

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  1. Tyler says:

    I have 3 level 70 characters… and let me be the first to say I think this change is ridiculous.

    On second hand, I think I’m the second person counting Scott to say it.

    • Joshua says:

      Back home, we call it the the traditional ‘country band’..hehe! There’s going to be a wedndig in the family in a couple of months in Mangalore and I believe one such band has been already hired for one of the pre-wedndig nights of fun and frolic!

  2. Trocedore says:

    This whole shebang hearkens back to the wrathful fury spawned by the XP boost in patch 2.3, that being how it’s ‘unfair’ for low-levelers to be getting through the game more easily than the rest of us did. And hell, I’m just sad because druid Travel Form 30-39 won’t be quite so super-special-awesome anymore. Poopsicles!

    Overall… not sure where I stand on this. Maybe I’ll make up my mind once I hit Stranglethorn on my lowbie alt. I always wished I’d had a mount questing in that sprawling toilet bowl of a zone…

  3. Bomber X says:

    It just happened in AoC, the cost for guild buildings just dropped, it’s a large scale MMOG conspiracy.

  4. Robert says:

    I normally play Alliance, but my friends talked me into playing a Horde. I rolled a BE Hunter. She just hit 40. *facepalm*

    Otherwise, this is a good move by Blizzard. Makes a pretty long and boring stretch much easier.

  5. Gene says:

    I leveled 6 characters passed level 40… I wonder if Blizzard will reimburse me…

  6. Kainti says:

    Tyler is a sad example of how true this comic is.

  7. StormRider says:

    @ Trocedore

    It’s likely they’ll change the talent trees a lot more that just adding 10 levels worth of crap to them when WotLK comes out so druids may be getting their travel form earlier or something else to balance this crap.

    So yeah, cheaper mounts at level 30 !?!?!? That is crap. Wonder maybe they’ll reduce the prices for the others cause I’m getting ready to get my first flying skill.

  8. Twinbee says:

    Great change. I have two toons in their 60s (pre-BC), but some of my alts are about to hit 30 soon so it’ll be all chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-choo-choo for them.

    I don’t understand why some people are against this. I’m happy that Blizzard is taking the opposite approach from the dominated Korean MMO mentality where everything has to be made harder and harder and grinding made longer and longer.

    Sure, us veterans worked harder attaining mounts at 40, but that’s just the way things are. Right this second, someone is buying a CPU or Graphics Card for $800 a pop, when the price might be chopped in half in a few months if new technology comes out. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles.

    Look at the bright side of things. If you wanted to make more alts or re-roll, you’ll have it easier. If you introduce more friends to WoW, it’ll be much more easier and enjoyable for them.

    I don’t understand this “I had it tough! They must suffer as I did or else reward me!” mentality. You wouldn’t want your kids to suffer through poverty if you came from a poor background, would you? No, most want better for their children and give them education that they themselves have never received.

    The funny thing is that you people in guilds generally want to help all your guildmates and friends out, therefore make things easier for them (by giving them good items, running them through dungeons with your 70s). But when it comes to giving the general WoW population a mount earlier on to help them travel, it’s all OMG WHY THEY HAVE IT SO EASY!!!111. Everyone you have never met in WoW is a potential friend or guildmate (well, kinda, you know what I mean), so I why is there so much spite? If a guildmate asked you to run him/her through Wailing Caverns, you wouldn’t just say, “No. Sorry. I never had a high level run me through instance. I beat it legitly and you have to do so too.”.

  9. Mik says:

    Twinbee’s comment is pretty true.
    I agree fully!!

    Doesn’t bother me, I play a Warlock so my first mount only costs 1G anyways..

  10. General Volkov (UK) says:

    Interisting points, i dont rly play WoW nemore but wen i did i felt that its more that 40 was sorta a special mark that you would aim for, and now theres not much there, also i do think its a little strange considering travel form, aspect of the cheetah etc etc bla bla bla. I do reckon its quite a gd thing coz as w/ the XP increase bliz had said its so that ur m8es can lvl faster and get uber high lvls and epix, tbh once wrath of the litch king comes out do u think ppl wil care as much about this, or tbh in a week?

  11. CJMack says:

    I don’t know that I’m really crazy about this. I understand that being in the 30’s and still having to run everywhere can be a little annoying, but instead of mounts, why not use a game feature that was originally in the game, plains-walking. Give plains-walking to everyone at level 30, at a speed somewhere between normal run and mount speed. That would be a compromise that to me would be acceptable.

  12. Bully says:

    I think it’s all just fine. Don’t see the big problem.
    Well maybe a little bit of a problem for druids and shaman twinks who will have less of an edge in 30-39 bg’s 🙂

  13. Tlalock says:

    I’m not sure I like this change. I only have one character over forty, but I feel like reducing the level req for riding skill makes riding less special. Getting my mount at 40 was a really amazing experience, partially because of the long wait, and I think this may cheapen that experience.

    Also, are we even sure this will come off the test realm? It could just be that Blizzard is helping testers to access all of the new content. After all, the test realms are maintained by Blizzard to get players to try out new features, which, admittedly, could be lvl 30 mounts, but it could just be that Blizzard is trying to quicken the pace for players who rolled new toons on test realms so they can get to the updated content faster.

    Sorry I’m so long-winded.

  14. TPNDrew says:

    Having a 70 NE Hunter and a 42 Human ‘lock I can honestly say that I am disappointed in this decision. For those of us that have been a part of the game for any length of time (me, off and on since may 2006), we had to work for our mount. It was a kind of badge of accomplishment. In my circle of friends, if you got a mount, you were in the game for the long haul. Now, it’s just not cool anymore. On the plus side, I guess, when I come back 2 of my alts will be able to get mounts. Of course, one being a druid I had travel form which is meaningless now.

  15. Nathan says:

    Why change what has worked since release? Sounds like they just want to be in the news to recruit some noobs before they go to AoC.

  16. ScottyD says:

    I think this will help with those long runs in STV at the begining of questing there. I always hated running there. Though now I have to get mye noobs to 30. 🙂

  17. Dan says:

    The leveling is so much faster after 20, I do not see how they cannot make it cost less. The Epics dropped in price after Burning Crusade dropped, after all. It is all just more of an insidious plot by Blizzard to force us to make alts and keep paying them money.

  18. Kicks says:

    Current Mount Cost: Roughly 80g
    80g is equivalent to what 8g use to be. I could farm up 80g in literally 15 minutes on any of my dps 70’s. Inflation is great in mmorpg’s as it helps newbies catch up and it hurts gold sellers. I remember leveling up my paladin 3 years ago and not having enough gold to train. Now, I can sell a stack of copper bars for 10g and never even worry about gold.

    Unless you have no idea what a “daily” is there is no work required for a level 40 mount. Even if you had no 70’s all it takes is 1 gathering profession on the toon your leveling up and you’ll have more then enough coin. I don’t know about your server by copper/bronze bars go for a hefty sum on my server. Honestly, if you had 0 gold at level 60, you’d have the required funds by level 65 just leveling up for the epic ground mount. By the time you ding 70 you’ll have enough gold for the normal flyer. Blizzard has removed all the gold sinks in the game other then the epic flyer.

    Secondly, as someone who has 9 toons over level 40 I would have loved for this change a long time ago. All the world tour quests you get from 30-40 are awful, might make then not worth skipping now.

  19. Steve H says:

    I think it’s a great move. I’ve long maintained that the grind from 35-39 is one of the most difficult and unpleasant simply because all too often quests require way too much foot travel.

    Blizzard wants to speed up leveling through 60 or 70? This falls right in line with that plan and makes a bunch of lowbies (or lowbie alts) very happy.

    The rest of us can shake our canes and complain, “Why in my day, you didn’t get your mount until 40th! And we liked it!” 😉

  20. Icesnake says:

    On my main server (no, it’s not Earthen Ring, that’s where I go when Trollbane is down; it’s full of those AIE lunatics!) I have one level 70, one at 39, and the rest (all 8 slots used) under 30. Guess I’d better shake a leg and get my lowbies up to 30!

  21. Molly says:

    Woot! My lvl 29 Priest is going to be riding soon!

  22. NSMike says:

    And thus, Blizzard extends the life of their MMO again, by keeping the low-end content relevant.

    Seriously, what is the problem with this? Is it just because some supposed “rite” to being higher-level is now easier to achieve? It doesn’t make the lives of the higher level characters any harder, that’s for sure. And the game is expanding. Blizzard wants to make their content attractive as long as possible. This is a good business decision for them, and thus, should make all the people with higher level toons happier, because it gets their favorite MMO company more money, therefore allowing them to “innovate” further. If you can call milking a property for four years innovation.

  23. Rob says:

    I agree with NSMike. This is a great decision on Blizzard’s part. I’ve been playing since shortly after launch and this doesn’t bug me. Sure I’ve had to pay a little more for the mounts and wait a little longer on some of my characters, but this’ll be great for any alts I may create and is also a huge plus for anyone just getting into the game. STV was HORRIBLE place to have to run through. Mounts will make it a little more bearable (though the ganking is still ridiculous there).

    Good move, Blizzard.

  24. Scott says:

    There’s no problem with it…there is just comic material to work with.

  25. Rob says:

    Oh yeah, but great comic Scott. Funny 🙂

  26. digisam says:

    yeah good idea

    walking/running sucks, and when i was lvl12 i nearly quit cos i was tired of running up and down the coast in darkshore

    glad i didn’t though

    30 isn’t that hard, but perhaps might have been a better idea to have ensured you have earned a mount at 40 first on another dude

  27. Techgeekgirl says:

    I love this idea. Don’t get me wrong, I have two 70s that have had to earn their level 40 mounts, but FINALLY. I’ve been wanting this for ages. At level 30, you venture out of the areas where everything is close together and head to places where you seem to spend more time running than questing. The run from Gromgol to Nessingwary in STV may not seem like that big of a deal, but it is a pain in the butt that could easily be fixed by a mount.

    I say it’s about damned time. And so what if it’s ten levels sooner. They still have to wait til 60 to get the epic mount.

  28. capsuletz says:

    They also made some raid bosses 10 times easier(on test server). Go Go My Very First WoW PlaySkool Set. I am disappointed!

  29. mercator says:

    I’m kinda glad I never tried WoW. I think I would be homeless, wardriving wifi somewhere on my dirty laptop, talking to my shopping cart epic mount.

  30. mercator says:

    Will raid for food on my sign down at Dick’ drive in, with the others.

  31. mercator says:

    Dick’s greasy 36c burgers, a Spokane landmark (sadly)

  32. NeuroMan42 says:

    I feel for ya. I busted ass for my 40 and my 60 and now others get it cheaper and sooner. BAH!!!

  33. mattzilla says:

    If anyone remembers way abck in the day at level 60 your epic riding skill was inexpensive, but the mounts were all expensive – then Blizz flipped it so that the skill was the gold sink and the mounts were all cheap.

    There was a lot of complaining at the time from folks who’d spent lots of gold on mounts, but in the end the change makes sense.

    Same goes here – if you were new to the game wouldn’t it be nice to have a mount sooner – it’s really at 30 that you really start needing one, prior to that the runs aren’t so bad.

  34. MXC says:

    I have no problem with this. I’ve been playing the game for a year now and have just reached level 32. Also, I’ll still never be able to afford it.

  35. Modok says:

    Why don’t they just bring everyone in at level 60, give them epic mounts and tier one gear and collect their 15 bucks a month for not playing the real game, but a cotton candy version of it.

  36. CDRaff says:

    It just make me feel more proud that I worked so hard to get mine when I did, and it makes me happy that my alts will not have to go through all that pain. Win/ Win in my opinion.

  37. Modok says:

    Why don’t they make the XP boost and mount at a lower level unlockable to those who already have a 70, and for new players, you play the game the old fasion way, you work for stuff.

  38. Matt says:

    I’ve got 2 characters with mounts (level 62 and 70 respectively) that I had to wait until 40 to get. And I think this change is completely fine. It’s not like it’s hurting me in any way, and I always thought 40 was too long to wait to get a mount. It seems sort of elitist to complain just because other players are getting something nice in an easier way than you did.

  39. Joliie says:

    hehe I spotted this one, probably old news, but made me laugh…

  40. idogis1 says:

    Crappit. I just bought my mount a few weeks ago

  41. Scott says:

    Lord knows I needed one in STV…

  42. nathan says:

    well if they want to make a game easier go head but anyway FFXI RULES! world of bore craft is more like it

  43. WarlockJA says:

    I think its a good move. Yay for earlier mounts. I play a warlock, and even though I got a cheap mount when I hit 40, I still bought me a wolf. Now if they can lower the level requirements for the epic 60s, then, I would be even happier.

  44. WarlockJA says:

    I don’t think nathan has even played. Or hes a complete jokester.

  45. Qixotica says:

    I’m going to go positive with folks like Twinbee on this one.

    Blizzard is always adding more content and pushing the endgame along further and further away from level 1. I think it is good that they tweak the curve a little to keep it from being so frustrating starting back at ground zero with a 1.1 DPS weapon and 10 armor.

    I applaud this change as good for the whole of not only encouraging people making alts, but for new players coming into the game from scratch. It keeps them from being so intimidated.

    As Blizzard continues to raise the bar so to speak, expect more changes like this. In fact, I’d bet that after WotLK goes live, we maybe see a boost to the speed of getting 60-70, and/or possibly another boost to the lower levels as well. It’s one good reason I feel good about rolling alts and server alts to play with friends not on my main server.

    Bravo Blizzard!

  46. Ferine says:

    I must admit I groaned when I heard this, but since my littlest baby pally just dinged 30 tonite it will be nice for him. However I always had that “day after christmas” feeling after getting my mount and it was good being sort of half-way through. With there being nothing much stand out special between mount and Outland (I am not a raider) I don’t wonder that the stretch from 30 to 60 (well, 58) will now seem overly long.

  47. sara says:

    I like the idea. I can be the epic old lady troll. “I remember when I had to work for my mount. Had to walk all through 1k needles, in the sun, with no shoes! Use to have to work to get my heroics keys too, and had to be keyed before you could even look at Kara, or anywhere beyond. Oh yah I even remember having to wait a week for my battleground points and had to work my rear off to even get to see the bg rewards. You kids and your easier way. Now get off of my lawn, and where the fel is my drink!”


  48. hesit8 says:

    I think it’s great! Travel is one of the main obstacles in leveling, and by lowering the price and level requirement, leveling will be that much easier. Blizzard is probably doing this to make the new expansion content more accessible to the new player (getting to 80 won’t be too hard).

    And on a different note, this patch is coming out on Tuesday, June 24th! MY BIRTHDAY WOOHOO!!!

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