Today’s Comic: “What is old is new again”

June 13, 2008
Today’s Comic: “What is old is new again”

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Got it up a little late, but you officially have a Friday comic. 🙂 I actually don’t have the current iPhone, but I am getting the 16 gig 3G in July without question. But it was still fun to poke a little fun at the way a new announcement can sully the current models. 🙂 Big thanks to V (and Patrick Norton technically) for the guest spot. 🙂 (Tekzilla)

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  1. slaverstrike says:

    I had the same kind of reaction when Ninetndo announced the DS lite. I wanted it so bad! Even tho’ I had a fully working DS. but I still have just my old fellow DS 🙂 No DS lite for me until my old one kicks it.

  2. Chuck says:

    Me want shiny new phoney, musicy, videoy thingy

  3. TPNDrew says:

    Patrick Notron and V guest starring. Very nice. Now I can’t wait for today’s Tekzilla. Good work.

  4. Ariston says:

    I wonder if they are going to bring the same games to the Touch that they are bringing to the new iPhone. Saw the details on WebbAlert this morning –

  5. Pharmdawg says:

    I do love Tekzilla can’t get enough of that show. Tek tv all over again Via Revision3. Well played

  6. Molly says:

    I bought my iphone on May 10, 2008…I’m so stupid!

  7. Matazuma says:

    Nice one scott.
    very good comic

  8. Merchenary says:

    Great stuff. Only helps to make me more anxious for my iPhone in July though.

  9. I’ll be picking up an 8gb. I’m just trying to rationalize the extra 30 bucks/month for the data plan.

  10. veronica says:

    So awesome!! It’s funny, we were all making fun of our old iPhones this week too… like “Get that filthy disgusting thing away from me! I can’t even bare to look at it!”

    • Chiyoko says:

      -hdbx3s no it does not come with earbuds with voulme control. The old iPod touch came with them though cause the voulme control earbud also came with a microphone which the old one did not have. So since the new iPod touch has a microphone and better speaker apple just figured it would cost more to put voulme control earbuds with the new iPod touch.

  11. Telythugy says:

    I am so puzzled as to how anyone could not see a new 3G phone was coming out and went out and HAD to have an iPhone only now to be mad that a new phone is coming out.
    There where rumors of a 3G phone only weeks after the 1st iPhone came out and yet people rushed out and got one anyway.

  12. CJMack says:

    I was really close to buying one last year, but the 16GB iPhone will be mine. I can only hope they wait a little bit before increasing the capacity. A 32GB for $399 would have been awesome.

    Great strip with Patrick and Veronica, although for about half a second, I was thinking of Patrick from France, not Patrick Norton.

  13. Bearbutt says:

    I was thinking Patrick from France had eaten a few too many Reeses Pieces or something. Whew!

  14. digisam says:

    i have a 16g Edge iPhone, got it in Feb. Not fussed, if the price was the same i may be a bit reluctant to get the 3G version. But i love my tech and i love apple.

    Use the iPhone all the time, best gadget ever. And these new games looks amazing, the NES emulator runs like poo. Never thought it was capable.

  15. NSMike says:

    Don’t know how many of you listen to TWIT, but the one recently that had Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback on, he said Tekzilla has overtaken diggnation in popularity. That’s pretty impressive.

  16. adam h says:

    Scott and others interested in a 3g iPhone read this:

    I have a 2g phone and planned to get a 3g when it came out, but now I might hold off. Those without 2g phones may not have a choice.

  17. ScottyD says:

    I almost want one now.

  18. Paul says:

    Great pic but shouldn’t Veronica be on the right side?

  19. mercator says:

    It may be because it is Friday and my brain melted during the long work and study week, but the Eeewww at the end was lost on me. Was it about him touching the screen or the guy’s face?

    Help a clueless out

  20. Icesnake says:

    It stall can’t voice dial, and it’s still tied to AT&T. Both of those are deal-breakers. No iPhone for this professional geek!

    The price is better though.

  21. Valek says:

    im still trying to imagine a dog wearing a backwards cap, and knowing what the heck we as humans are talking about, more less having an opinion on tech gadgets and games….if a dog could do that, i’d so start having a pet again!!

    A technologically, socially inclined dog, Best…Pet….Ever!!!

  22. JoyfulAnn says:

    With all the people who seem to have one, I kinda would like to see a poll of who has an iphone/ who is buying one. I can’t be the only one who can’t afford an iphone.

  23. Tlalock says:

    Hahah I totally agree! Great comic!


  24. Suzie says:

    That’s cute!

    • Victor says:

      I’m not sure exactly why but this wbeolg is loading very slow for me. Is anyone else having this issue or is it a issue on my end? I’ll check backlater on and see if the problem still exists.

  25. LP says:

    I don’t have a cellphone (don’t want one) but I understand buying something and then finding out it will soon be obsolete. It’s a weird world that some people are able to fulfill their consumer impulses and buy a second iPhone when they have a perfectly good one while other people have next to nothing.

    Do you really need all of your shiny, new, expensive toys? I assure you that life would basically go on anyway, unchanged. It’s not a lasting high…by July 13th, you’ll be looking for the next big thing. And be stuck in a two year contract with AT&T. Have fun!

  26. Tillman says:

    save your money and use it on something that you really need imo. toys for the kids, present for the wife. donate to a charity, etc. : D

  27. Me says:

    Why would anyone want an iPhone? It doesn’t do even half the stuff you’d expect from a smartphone and it’s priced as one.

    • Jim says:

      I got this on the day it came out and it is SOOOO cute! My boss and I took turns leaving work to get them. So glad I held out; I was super close to bakierng down and getting the black one a few times!

  28. Bob10 says:

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