Today’s Comic: “We are can EXPLODE”

May 30, 2008
Today’s Comic: “We are can EXPLODE”

About this comic

What’s this? Hardly a normal comic, one my surmise. You would be correct. Sometimes I just need to draw stuff…ideas that pop into my head. Things that go boom. Stuff with robots in it. So there you have it…the scrapings of my right brain, on display for all to consume. I hope you enjoy it. And yes, there’s a bit of LOLcats inspiration happening here. 🙂

20 Responses to Today’s Comic: “We are can EXPLODE”

  1. Numan1617 says:

    Now THIS would be a cool T-shirt, offer it up and you got yourself a customer =D

    Nice work Mr. Johnson

  2. errr says:


    “one my sumise”?

    is you ‘tarded?

  3. Scott says:

    nope..just sleepy.

  4. MadJo says:

    “Can Explode”, that sounds like the name of a heavy metal band…

  5. Sokkratez says:

    Inspired by a certain microwave video, no doubt 😉

  6. ScottC says:

    By the broken english, I can only assume you have invented LOLbots!

  7. Bud the Chud says:

    All your comics are belong to us.

  8. Steve H says:

    I’m with Numan1617 – put it on a t-shirt and I’ll order one.

  9. binaryspiral says:

    My Head Esplode.

  10. LLeg3nd says:

    I smell wallpaper!… BTW is that your art on the opening of diggnation? I mean the guy with the hero costume.

  11. Sokkratez says:

    Hey, don’t forget us widescreeners if you do a wallpaper 😉

  12. Bearbutt says:

    On a shirt, the message will be misinterpreted. But as art alone, it is shirt-worthy. If THAT makes any sense!

  13. binaryspiral says:

    If you do get this on a shirt, don’t complain when the TSA tackles you in the airport and hauls you off to some back room for a cavity search with a big handed guard.

  14. Numan1617 says:

    @binaryspiral – Its a sacrifice I am willing to take for advertising ELR based geekdom =D

  15. Tillman says:

    so whatever happened to the diary bits you used to do scott, those were my favorite thing to listen to because they seemed like you were talking directly to the listener. bummer that they havent been around lately
    : (

  16. Scott says:

    its only been a couple weeks, Tilman. They are not going away.

  17. Jake says:

    Too bad ScottC, has been going for over a year. 😛

  18. Scott says:

    i guess there’s nothing new under the sun.

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