Today’s Comic: “True Colors”

May 14, 2008
Today’s Comic: “True Colors”

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What’s this? A cheap joke at the expense of Jack Thompson? Yet another chance at free exposure for everyone’s favorite game hating lawyer?

Yeah. I guess it is those things, and perhaps more. Deal with it.

Oh, and for the patient among you, I recorded it’s creation.

21 Responses to Today’s Comic: “True Colors”

  1. Rususeruru says:

    I only wish I could hear JT try to sound like a woman…

  2. Norbert says:

    Haha, this reminded me of GTA4 and how some of the radio shows keep blaming stuff on “VIDEO GAMES”. Funny stuff! I just wish JT would be included.

  3. kitzkar says:

    You have a little text error: “mother of three on the on the line”

  4. James says:

    Love it! I’ll tell ya… I’d be a lot more understanding of ol Jack if he were just trying to keep violent games out of kid’s hands. But trying to tell grown people what they can and can’t play is out of the question.

    I have my own convictions thank you very much. I don’t need a silver-haired big brother calling wolf every time I purchase a game.

    BTW, your ‘skills of an artist’ are improving so much! I blame the daily sketches… wish they were still part of the main feed. 🙁

  5. Precious_Roy says:

    Watch out for ‘Cease and Desist’ e-mails! This might hurt poor Jack’s feelings like the photoshop contest a while back did.

  6. tEh wAvEaTtAcK says:


  7. Eric says:

    Sometimes… just sometimes, I wonder if JT is actually TRYING to get these games into kids’ hands. What better way to make kids want something than to make a fuss about it? It either A) appeals to kids’ insatiable curiosity (which most of them have) or B) appeals to some kinds incurable desire to be annoying (but in the latter case, if it wasn’t the games, they’d find another, probably more desperate and destructive, way to get attention). Perhaps, JT is trying to get those B kids off the streets and on the consoles.

    Nah. He’s just a dip$#!+.

  8. Lord Zeon says:

    Yay, more abuse heaped on JT! Some people just need a swift kick in the pants to tell them to get their crap together. Unfortunately JT has received thousands and still hasn’t gotten the picture. I hope all those kicks have made him sterile, ’cause god knows that doesn’t need to procreate.

  9. binaryspiral says:

    It’s natural to want to mock Jack… he deserves it. If he actually had something meaningful to say, I’d listen – but even the courts shut him up because they’re tired of his blathering rants.

    another good comic, Scott. 🙂

  10. Scott says:

    Whoops! Thanks, kitzkar. Fixed it! 🙂

  11. Zer says:

    Hey, cool comic as usual.
    Could someone tell me what the songs are from the creation video?
    Much appreciation.

  12. Chuck says:

    Giggled out loud here at work… poop and JT, always funny.

  13. Bearbutt says:

    FYI- KBRW is a small station in Barrow Alaska. This doesn’t mean they are isolated. Even they have streaming audio – which I listened to last night after watching the strip creation. The show that was on at the time had a host saying “Welcome to birthday show.” Then someone would list out who they wanted to wish happy birthday to. There were large chunks of dead air, bad timing, and the host sounded like some random eskimo that they dragged in from the nearest ice fishing hole. I couldn’t decide if it was funny or sad.

  14. adam h says:

    That “Oh Snap” Click! at the end made it for me.

  15. Love this strip!


    “poop and JT”

    Oh, but you repeat yourself

  16. Jack Hater says:

    Loved watching this live-draw, as usual!! One minor thing – the first and third panes are the same point of view, but the “On Air” sign is missing in the third one.

  17. Steve says:

    What was the bands name that is playing in the background of the video? Thanks. Great comic, I loved it.

  18. Steve says:

    I guess I should’ve mentioned the bands name that was playing at the beginning of the video, DOH!

  19. Pottsie says:

    YEAHHHH!!!! I finally made it into the Comics…nice job Scott…Thank You Very Much…The Strip Now Hangs in My Recording Studio!

  20. Colin says:

    Somebody should get a copy of GTA4 and shove it up his A** sideways!

  21. Humble Hobo says:

    Awesome swrily chin. That’s why he’s in Radio, not Television.

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