Today’s Comic: “This Never Happens”

December 5, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “This Never Happens”

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  1. Peruchito says:

    as a senior designer/teacher, i have to say… considering how some companies hire, this is true. sad but true.

  2. Security says:

    Peruchito just waved as the sarcasm train passed him by.

  3. Crap, no wonder I get laughed out the door at all my interviews…

  4. Welcome to Mississippi…..

  5. TheBlunderbuss says:

    Ah, but if you can be truly amazing with MSPaint, there is an amazing thing!

  6. mercator says:

    So I need to remove my “Microsoft Notepad expert” notation from my resume?

    On a sad but true note, one of our project managers graces his email signature with MCSE, A+, Network+… The MCSE was in NT4, and the A+/N+ certs were earned at that same time, 10+ years ago.

  7. mercator says:

    Not amazing with MS Paint, Curtis, he is just proficient.

  8. Pinapple Farmer says:

    I can’t afford photoshop or Quark, so I have to settle for paint. Oh man, my dreams of designing are ruined!

  9. wolfgang says:

    hehehe 😀

  10. Redsword says:

    I’m pretty good with Lotus 123, WordPerfect, dBase and Tunnels of Doom.

  11. Peruchito says:

    @ security.

    thats how much it depresses me.

    especially when somehow they get a better paying position than you….

  12. Beefmaster says:

    wow that brought back memories of when you zoom in and could play with the pixels, bored at school type of stuff

  13. Eric says:

    Ha! Curtis doesn’t know that MS means Microsoft!

  14. Joe says:

    Not to sound like a jerk, but you can honestly make some really cool stuff just using paint.

  15. VBStrider says:

    I’m part of a team that develops games, and our lead artist works exclusively in MS Paint when drawing sprites, tiles, icons, GUI, etc. If you know what you are doing, MS Paint is an excellent tool because of how simple it is.

    That being said, I get that you meant poor graphic talent in general and not just the tool. Funny comic 🙂

  16. Then there’s the blank looks as one says, “Proficient in gimp,” followed by the blank looks as one tries to explain the idea of free and open source software and how any company wouldn’t have to spend a dime on software if they used it.

  17. Bonnyface says:

    OMG…I just hired someone today, and you just summarized one of the committee members discussion. That was a tough conversation to keep a straight face through. Good news is that wisdom prevailed. Bad news is…we had the discussion.

    • Dubo says:

      When I see there is a new post up here, I actually get snkacs before I sit down to read it. I never even read KERF before I came across this. What is wrong with me?

  18. BlueNight says:

    But seriously? Without all that time spent using MSPaint, and IrfanView, on images from the Internet, I wouldn’t be a large-scale reprographer today.

    Yep. Nothing screams competence like being able to turn vector PDFs in any conceivable page format and color depth into 9600×14400 b&w TIFFs while maintaining a small filesize for emailing.

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