Today’s Comic: “Third Time is the Charm”

June 30, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Third Time is the Charm”

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You all know by now that I am incredibly excited about a new Diablo game. I have really fond memories of the first two games, and a third is just what the doctor ordered. It’s also a nice excuse for a comic.

Oh, and I taped its creation.

25 Responses to Today’s Comic: “Third Time is the Charm”

  1. Aticus says:

    Most excellent. Diablo smoking a pipe cracks me up. 😀

  2. I can’t wait for the new diablo. 🙂 Too bad my computer as-of-now probably can’t handle it. :/

  3. Kainti says:

    Lord of Terror to you, sir.

  4. Franky2toes says:

    Lol good job. Love it. And god I was so excited when they announced it. Oh man so happy it was Diablo3. And probably gonna be buying D2 again in acouple days.

  5. Valkyrie says:

    Is it wrong for me to see a little bit of Scott in Diablo’s face within this comic??

    DAMNIT Scott…I just KNEW you were the Lord of Terror!

    Shame I killed you a few years back, oh yeah, and then you took over my physical body… yada yada yada. 🙂

  6. TFR says:

    Just downloaded 1 and 2 with their expansions. I’ve been missing out. Got a lot of catching up to do.

    3 looks great. Can’t wait to play it wif friends.

  7. Kalakov says:

    Diablo 3 announced for the very first time by Michael Morhaime.

    Filmed by me, also the one who screams “FU*K YEAH”

    Dint see Patrick there :/

  8. Printon says:

    Too bad that the old Diablo crew doesn’t work for Blizzard anymore, which gives me a lot of doubt about these news.
    Flagship Studios should be the rightful owner of the Diablo license imo. I really hope that they don’t screw this one up.

  9. GoofyMonkey says:

    Isn’t Blizzard Canadian?

  10. Valek says:


    anyone got a dalorian??(i probably butchered that spelling)

  11. Bithan says:

    I personally like the pink smoking jacket he is wearing. It shows he does have a sensitive side to him that was not seen in the video game. 🙂

    Great work Scott!

    • Rosie says:

      Too many copntimemls too little space, thanks!

    • Lucas says:

      I don\’t think that going hostile would be nacrsseey with the PvP arena especially with custom games available for those looking for an unranked environment. The only appeal that I can see for wanting to go hostile in the regular game environment would be to grief players or to abuse the local wildlife which has nothing to do with how good your character is built. I want to open my games up to the public to play cooperatively with anyone that may join without having to worry about jerks.

  12. Eric says:

    It’s the reading glasses and the My Extra(?) newspaper he’s reading. He’s 11 years older now; old age setting in.

    • Luciano says:

      IMHO there is good reason for htolise option. The most obvious one: people don’t like when their freedom of choice is taken away. I if want to sit next to a town’s exit trying to abuse everyone with fireballs,please let me do it.This makes gaming experience more non-linear,even thought less comfortable,but more fun (It is a game remember?) And what if I think I am uber leet and I can handle 5 people at once? can Arena give me that ? A simple button from the times of D2 sure can

  13. Eric says:

    And the pinky. Can’t forget the pinky.

    • Ekrem says:

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  14. Pup says:

    It’s just what the WITCH DOCTOR ordered! OH!


  15. Some Guy in an office in Oakland says:

    I think you could read two levels of humor into this. First is the Diablo reference, but then you could say the second is Blizzard selling their souls a third time after creating WoW and StarCraft2. =) Just a geek’s view.

  16. mercator says:

    I hope it doesn’t suck. I know (or at least hope) my current PC isn’t powerful enough to run it, so that the graphics are on par with other products in 2010 or 2011, whenever it is coming out.

    I should crank up my D2 cds sometime. A blast from the past.

  17. Dan says:

    My excitement was some what tempered by the realization that another 3-4 years of waiting are there for us.

  18. Makes me think of Batman.

  19. JDW says:


    Did you by any chance get to play Hellgate:london? Flagship lost the rights to make anything Diablo related.

    God I think I’m going to go put my copy in the microwave and set it and forget it.

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