Today’s Comic: “The top of your game”

October 13, 2008
Today’s Comic: “The top of your game”

About this comic

Playing about with strange images and weird concepts lately. If I were to be totally true with myself, I’d find that these kinds of comics are definitely at the core of what makes me tick. Enjoy.

EDIT: FYI, that is a white DS lite for those wondering. Looks more like a letter or something. Hmmm…maybe it is!

25 Responses to Today’s Comic: “The top of your game”

  1. Scott Harvey says:

    What is he holding? Is it a letter? Why is he sad looking? I hope to never reach my game. I’ll keep on getting better and better with age.

  2. Bearbutt says:

    At first I thought he was being fired (the layoff notice is the letter) while at the top of his game. But I read into it experiences from my life.

    One needs only read the letters “DS” to know what’s going on.

  3. Bearbutt says:

    …except that I can’t read the “DS” cuz it’s too small.

  4. wolfgang says:

    As I have said many a time, I dig those.
    Though I also thought it was an envelope at first πŸ™‚

  5. Savage says:

    I thought it was a “Dear John” or a layoff notice at first too. Too much of that is happening lately.

  6. Hoodoo says:

    I personally thought the DS was obvious, especially given the title. Just my 2 pennies.

  7. disciple83 says:

    well, in any case, I recognized the DS straight off, when told in context of “top of your game”. I am totally into these prolific concepts. Great comic! Keep it up Scott!

  8. Chilli says:

    I thought it was Shatner reading a letter when I looked at is last night. I was really confused.

  9. Cool comic, makes me feel kind of sad though.

  10. Guillermo says:

    Whatever floats your boat! What does it mean to you? (the comic, not the “boat” thing…)

  11. Mar says:

    Didn’t make the DS connection. Thought it was an invitation to hell, but realized that ironically, he was already there.

    Either that or this is Scott’s attempt to illustrate that it’s lonely at the top? Cool, but not funny.

  12. Anonymouse says:

    I actually really like the artwork in this comic, especially in the last two frames. Keep it up Scott!

  13. John Scottson says:

    So a star trek guy playing a DS on top of a thing in the middle of nowhere. . . I don’t get it. Sorry.

  14. Doctorsoul says:

    I’ll have this on my studio wall anytime!

  15. jawbonerforlife says:

    it kind of looks like kirk hmmm maybe it is

  16. Crimson Fox says:

    I love these concept ones, like this and the balloon creature above the spikes.

    These comics would make great large scale posters. Kind of like those inspiration photos.

    Maybe if you did some inspirational ones, rather than the dark thoughts in the back of your subconscious about loneliness or how you feel you might burst at any second.

    I love them all though πŸ™‚

  17. Alkey29 says:

    you’re pillars remind me of the mortal kombat pillars in single player mode πŸ™‚

  18. Melanie1001 says:

    I really enjoy these deep comics…they are so subject to the interpretation of the viewer…transcends a comic and becomes art…and a grand piece of art it is πŸ™‚

    Keep it up Scotty πŸ™‚

  19. davetheknave613 says:

    your comics just keep getting more and more existentialist lately. i like.

  20. MoonWalker says:

    I like the strip, however I accidentally noticed a problem with the new layout.

    I normally work in 1680×1050 resolution, but I had to switch to my old monitor for a while and in 1024×768 things got a little messy:

    I don’t know if this is by design or not, but I felt like I should let you know.

    There also seems to be a problem with posting comments. I’m trying to leave this reply for the third time now.

  21. Blackwood says:

    Scott has some serious problems with himself… But then again, I smell weird.

  22. Blackwood says:

    Very funny Scott to edit my comment, and even donΒ΄t give it a comment from your side. Poor boy.

  23. RPGeno says:

    Remember when Scott’s comics were funny? I miss those days…

  24. Farlander29 says:

    RPGeno – Agreed, in general, but I’d like this one more if it made any f’ing sense.. “game” being he’s on a DS and “top of” being that he’s way up on a pole.. uh.. hmm.. ok.

    This is more like a “Bu-dump-pish!” eye-roller than anything else.

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