Today’s Comic: “The Long Tail…”

July 14, 2008
Today’s Comic: “The Long Tail…”

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This is less of a parody of current events in gadgets and more of a personal venting about my line experience last Friday. Enjoy.

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  1. Chris says:

    iPhone 3G launch == Epic Fail

  2. cameron says:

    thats awesome. And true

  3. Samantha Jane says:


    So true!

  4. “it’s not rocket science” has never been quite so eloquent… dopey astronaut.

  5. Fat_Santa54 says:

    you should have gotten there at 5am to get yours(like me an about 100 others), I drove by the store saturday at 8am an hour before they opened and there were probably 50 some people in line already..

  6. Yit says:

    Heh. Thank goodness I’m not a mac fan. Bah. I use my phone to call people. Like a REAL phone.

  7. Paul says:

    Thats’s funny.

    Ironically, over here in China (Hong Kong) the one provider of the phones (a company called ‘3’ won’t let us line up for the i-phone.

    Rather we have to register online and wait for a shop to contact us based on a registration number that we get after signing up. Of course I have no idea what postion I am in or when/if they will contact me.

    With no one to share my frustration with, it kinda makes me miss the social aspect of lining up.

  8. hahaha dont worry scott, it wasnt just you… Apple really dropped the ball on this one… not quite sure how the expect to take over the world if they cant distribute there mind control machines properly.

  9. mercator says:

    I heard not only are there shortages, but that the software is having issues as well.

    Tell me M$ isn’t snickering like crazy under their breaths!

  10. Me says:

    It’s amazing how nobody cared about the first iPhone but the hype machine started rolling and now everyone wants the new iPhone

  11. w0m says:


    Nobody cared about the first iPhone? I happen to recall riots and people being mugged in line for the first iPhone… lol

  12. TheGremlin says:

    Wasn’t just the AT&T store, the Apple store at the mall had a queue actually set up outside the store. I walk over and say that I just want to buy a MacBook and the employee dude’s like, “Gotta get in line.” So I go to the end of a monstrous line, and another employee’s like, “What are you here for? Oh, let me get you into the store and not wait in line.”

    Seriously, no one needs the phone explained to them, let people buy the thing and move on with their lives …

  13. ScottC says:

    @ Me – I don’t know where you were last year, but the frenzy was far worse. Hell, I remember someone trying to steal one from a reporter on the air.

  14. Wolfshade says:


  15. Bonnie says:

    I can’t argue against a PR disaster for Apple in this case. They can do & have done better. I was able to purchase & activate my phone by 9:30 am on launch day, so I feel quite fortunate.

    Scott, are you still planning on getting an iphone after your experience? Just curious.

  16. Scott says:

    oh for sure…no question about it. Just hate the early adoption phase.

  17. Me says:

    Why is my comment with links to the low lines for the first iphone not showing up?

  18. Me says:

    Here’s the reporter video:
    Not reaching for the phone. Notice the lackluster line behind them

  19. Scott says:

    Me: There were no lines because you could just buy it and take it home. They forced activation in store this time. Nor could you buy the phone online this time around.

    I know you seem to enjoy your conspiracy theories, but you might wanna read up a little.

  20. Scott says:

    Oh, and if you ever wonder why your posts don’t show up, it will usually be because the spam filter will nab you if you put a ton of links in your post. I approve them when that happens, but it can take a little time.

    As for lines being a figment of my imagination, whatever…I stood in a 400 person line last Friday morning. I can only speak for me.

  21. Me says:

    There are lines this time around no doubt I’m not saying they are a figment

  22. Peruchito says:

    i’m picking one up this weekend. i saw this hassle coming a mile a way. always wait for the second week 🙂

  23. Icesnake says:

    @ Fat_Santa54: “you should have gotten there at 5am to get yours(like me…”

    No, you should have bought a real phone that isn’t tied to the Death Star. You wouldn’t have had to be at the store at 5 AM; you could go during the normal business day, like a human being, instead of a lemming. You wouldn’t be locked into a proprietary updater on your PC that fool-installs Safari if you don’t happen to ntoice that the “yes, I am an idiot” box is checked by default. You wouldn’t be locked into a proprietary music format that has more Technology User Rights Denial Systems (TURDS) built-in than Sony’s Blu-Ray, either.

    Oh, well. It’s your money to toss into the toilet. Enjoy.

  24. Scott says:

    meh…do what you want…let everyone else do the same.

  25. Icesnake says:

    Oh, *NOW* I understand why all you guys want iPhones:

  26. Bearbutt says:

    I’m pretty sure the spacial representation is in reality, a hidden comment on the polical climate in Uganda and how the userpation of the exempliture in the cross-factional array has decreased the functional interdependence within most semi-rational torrids. I mean like duh.

  27. Jackson Broadus MacGregor says:


  28. Morithra says:

    @Me: The pre-launch day lines for the iPhone may not have had the same hype as last year, but there were absolutely long lines. Since you love the Engadget links, here’s their lineblog post.

    @Scott: I’ve had an iPhone since I stood in a huge line last year (twice! the first store sold out) to get one and I love it. I use it every day. I look forward to reading your opinions once you’ve got one in your hands.

  29. Me says:

    Yeah those lines are 10 people long. 20 where it’s crowded

  30. Stu says:

    Just can’t admit when you’re completely and totally wrong, can you?

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