Today’s Comic: “The Bleeding Obvious”

June 4, 2008
Today’s Comic: “The Bleeding Obvious”

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So the news is true…the script got leaked. But I had to think, honestly, what could be in that thing that would blow our minds? That he wears fur underwear? Seen it! Anyway, had some fun with this one and I hope you enjoy the comic. I also recorded its creation, chatting with Brian and the chatroom as we went, which you can see and hear HERE.

12 Responses to Today’s Comic: “The Bleeding Obvious”

  1. Chuck says:

    Dude you totally roooned it! And Brian has one hellacious ‘stache.

  2. Craazy says:

    Loved it!

  3. “Why Adam, with that suntan you’re… you’re He-Man!”

  4. Eric says:

    They leaked the script to try to generate interest. It didn’t work.

  5. Bearbutt says:

    It generated this comic! 🙂

  6. ScottyD says:

    Oh mighty leak please tell me their is Skeletor. lol

  7. mercator says:

    According to the script, Skeletor kind off looks like a dude with a skull head! OMG!

  8. mr mr says:


  9. Humble Hobo says:

    I really like the use of negative space between your legs, Scott. Aesthetically, it compliments Brian’s package.

    • Zilora says:

      Guau! Yes. I used to teach pet safety to ltltie kids, and your kitty portrayed at least 4 out 5 “back the eff off” body language examples. Actually more like 6 out of 5.You are an Internet Superstar.

  10. BlueNight says:

    Hm. Initially, I read the first panel as “Hulk”, and thus the script-holding guy was an idiot for a completely different reason.

  11. PapaDom says:

    I was there for this comic! Wooot!

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