Today’s Comic: “The Bigger The Shark”

September 19, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “The Bigger The Shark”

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Season one of Prison Break was awesome, season 2 was a dip but sort of made sense, and I sort of got into the Panama prison thing in season 3. But this new one…season 4…it’s downright HIDEOUS! It is REALLY bad. I guess you’d have to see it to appreciate it. But oh man…craptastic, and shark jump-o-rama. Hence the comic.

25 Responses to Today’s Comic: “The Bigger The Shark”

  1. GoofyMonkey says:

    I was a big fan of seasons 1 & 2, but I gave up 2 episodes in to season 3… I just think the premise wasn’t designed for the long term and they lacked a sufficient story to carry the show past 2 seasons.

  2. Patrick says:

    Haha, great strip.
    And as GoofyMonkey said, it would have worked for S3 already…

  3. Brian Welch says:

    There aren’t many things that the BBC can teach us but one of those things is being okay with 1 season shows! I loved the first season, enjoyed the second and couldn’t get through the third

  4. Chris says:

    Season 1 rocked, it jumped the shark after season 2 when they admitted it was only supposed to last 2 seasons but prolonged it because of greed.

    I never watched another episode, until season 4 premiere. I got through 3 minutes at shut it off because it was absurd and the acting was hilarious.

  5. Tom says:

    Haha, nice one. 🙂

  6. Morpheus says:

    I guess I am in the minority. I loved season 1, but season 2 and 3 were boring. I am liking this season b/c it kind of feels like the old Mission Impossible series.

    And it is still better than Lost!

  7. Davad says:

    Gotta agree with Brian here on the British way of running a series for only as long as they have real story. This is especially true of serialized shows that have a central theme. How long can these guys break out of prison? How long can the Lost crew have flashbacks and flashforwards? I am glad they are wrapping up BSG with this final season, before it too, gets to that stale point. Some already think it has to be sure.

  8. So what’s with the black and white comics these days? You probably already answered that question, but I can’t seem to find it.

  9. Keefe says:

    I thought UPN was famous for one season shows….OOoooh you meant 1 season on purpose.

  10. CWForney says:

    While it makes sense to jump the shark in the context of this joke, I am disappointed with the abandonment of the “Nuke the fridge” movement. Of which I am a staunch supporter.

  11. Scott says:

    Jonathan Franzone – Nothing. Just messing about with different stuff here and there. Does not spell the end of color comics. There have been two in the last year, including this one. 🙂

    • Halithakan says:

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  12. Gaudemaus says:

    So season 4 has O jumping over a shark? Interesting, I’m going to have to check it out. That shark better watch out for O’s Pee-pee de fuego.

  13. Gaudemaus says:

    Edit: Oh, I get has to do with International talk like a pirate day.. Woot September 19th. Oh, I mean…RRrrrrr, it’s driving me nuts.

  14. Vincent says:

    I’m dissapointed they couldn’t have casted something better than Michael Rapaport, he really annoys me

  15. mercator says:

    Season2-4 are like Heroes 2+

    Whale sharks

  16. Grand comic. That running right to left thing had me looking over it again to make sure I read it right

  17. it’s always been “craptastic” you’re just coming to your senses

  18. shaun d says:

    I actually like this season. I’ll admit I check my brain out at the door but have fun with it from a suspense, excitement point of view. Forget about all the extreme coincidences of everybody being together and such and just watch it for fun.

  19. Esben Karlsen says:

    2:OK, for about half the season. Got to “Cliffhangey”
    3:Watched the first ep. then realized it was S01 all over again but this time put through the CSI: Miami school of color-balance.
    4: Real good so far.

  20. missiondeep says:

    I love that shark. You should do more strips about sharks.

  21. Pineapple Farmer says:

    Why does the running guy look like Dr. Scratchansniff from Animaniacs?

  22. Steve G says:

    I like the comic.
    Did the show ‘Jump the Shark’ or did it ‘Nuke the Fridge’?

  23. Travis says:

    I designed the Scylla card… Yay me… ok so yeah.

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