Today’s Comic: “…Stays in Vegas”

August 18, 2008
Today’s Comic: “…Stays in Vegas”

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Yep…that about sums up my trip right there. The comic.

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  1. mmom says:

    I like the roach.

    The perspective of the toilet paper roll in relation to the toilet angle seems to be wrong, though.

    Could’ve used some more variation to an old idea. Maybe have Mario in the toilet saying “Mama-mia!” or something. You know, give it the ExtraLife charm.

  2. farcyde says:

    Everyone’s a critic. If you can do it better start a website and do it better. Scott busts his hump to entertain us and make us laugh everyday, and this is the respect you give him? come on people its a comic not the cure for cancer does it really need to be perfect if its funny?

    sorry the first post just bugged me a little.

  3. Scott says:

    i think the first poster thought I was shooting for something more high concept. nope. That was literally me in Vegas. He probably should have accused me of self indulgence instead.

  4. Nahtoth says:

    Sorry to hear your trip sucked dude. Nothing like looking forward to getting away, and then having it crash down around your ears. Being sick on top of all of it is the worst. From your tweets it looks like you’ve got some good perspective on the whole thing, though, so kudos to you for making some good from the bad. The cockroach is great, almost looks like the one from Wall-e. Never thought a bug could look that cute. 😀

  5. Axel says:

    Just know there are those of us who still love everything you touch, Scott 😉 The roach looks like the one from Wall-E…

  6. mmom says:

    Farcyde: Take it easy, buddy.

    I like Scott’s work. In fact, I come here everyday because I like his comics and fun posts.

    There is nothing wrong with a little criticism, however. This isn’t elementary school where we have to be forcefully nice and only give positive feedback. If people didn’t criticize, artists never improve and we would be reading nothing-but-stellar reviews on movies, comics, music, etc. in the newspaper everyday. And I don’t understand this whole “if you don’t like it then go make your own stuff” mentality. Just because one gives criticisms doesn’t mean that the person doesn’t like the content. If you didn’t like a certain scene or character in The Dark Knight, I’m not going to tell you to make your own Batman movie. :/

    If Scott really wanted to portray this as an anectdote, then that’s fine, too. Honestly, it never occurred to me that this comic had anything to do with you, Scott. I couldn’t imagine a nice family man puking in Vegas. I assumed more of a random drunk fellow puking in a bar bathroom.

    I did remember from previous posts that you were going to Vegas, so I did kind of think the comic could be about you… but from watching your live Instance recording sessions, you look nothing like the guy in the comic, imo. But I guess it’s fine to have a different character to represent yourself. I now learn today that you do that sort of thing.

    Good job on the comic, though. I do admire your work.

  7. hermit says:

    scott, you need to explain in details what happened. maybe on ELR.

  8. Ziggro says:

    Is the cockroach a small tribute to Heroes or Wall-E?

  9. hermit says:

    btw, where are the pictures with patrick.

  10. hermit says:

    the cockroach look like the bug in Bone

  11. Blackwood says:

    Get well soon.

  12. Chilli says:

    I think that’s a common experience in Vegas but, likely, for different reasons.

  13. mercator says:

    Now I remember why I get queasy when I think of Vegas…


  14. campaigner says:

    You didn’t drink… alcohol? Did you, Scott?

  15. Cantonkid says:

    I don’t drink alcohol, but I was last in Vegas for a summer conference 2 years ago and I had a day like this.

    It’s that summer heat that just knocks the peanut butter and jelly out of you to the point that just walking the strip is like being in a microwave…

    PS: love the booty-crack, nice touch. 🙂

  16. Mad_gerbil says:

    Good comic. Cool idea to summarize your trip in a comic. Sorry to hear though, that it was over shrouded.

    P.S. Did you use a tire as the background? Don’t see it as a bad thing, just curious.

  17. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    Love it. Just what I needed on a too-early monday morning. Feel better, scott!

  18. Alex says:

    Aye the heat is a killer was there my self in July/August, your best bet is to buy a big bottle of water or that poweraid stuff and try not to get dehydrated walking about.

  19. Eric says:

    Yeah. Saw on Twitter how EVERYONE was having fun (except my rocking communist ninja Hispanic cousin who was out headhunting for himself).

    Yes. I have a cousin who’s Hispanic (like I’m supposed to be), a ninja (Budo-taijutsu instructor), a communist (believes it’s what your country can do for you and not what you can do for your country) and a rocker (records his own stuff in-house).

    Other than that, he’s a cool guy.

  20. NSMike says:

    Scott, you’re a saint for putting up with some of these comments. It’s not even that they’re particularly bad or negative comments, it just amazes me that people have the gall to suggest what you should do with your own work. I can understand now why you considered shutting them down before.

  21. Gene says:

    Hope you enjoyed yourself despite the fact that you’re not feeling well. Hopefully you feel better and that you left the bad stuff back in Vegas!

    Feel better!

  22. Glader says:

    I thought you didn’t drink anything with alcohol??? did you get sick in vegas???? I can’t think of a worst place on earth to get sick… It’s just like getting sick at Disneyland if your a Kid…

  23. Gaudemaus says:

    Did those gals at the Spearment Rhino or the Bunny Ranch wear ya out? Hope you feel better Scott.

  24. Scott says:

    I don’t drink at all.

    Got sick from other nefarious means it would seem.

  25. Utahrogue says:

    Glad your home safe, hope you get feeling better love the comic

  26. Bearbutt says:

    That’s no fun. Sounds like it was something that had been building for a few days beforehand.

    Be gone, illness!

  27. Mike SLC says:

    Well Scott, maybe you need to start drinking! Maybe some alcohol in your system would have killed whatever bug you picked up! 😛 just kidding!

    hope yer feeling better!

  28. Tuss4 says:

    sometimes the silent panels are the best!

  29. Abdelbasset says:

    Hokay, so, you should never meet my cat. She’s benyod the need for Valium. Bald on one half of her body and has serious anger management issues. Had to have her declawed when the baby was born… Too scary. Chased an A/C repair man out my the bedroom window. BIG old redneck, too. Climbs legs, attacks with crazy kitty paws, etc… I think it’s because she wasn’t breastfed….

  30. Fernando says:

    Guau! Yes. I used to teach pet safety to liltte kids, and your kitty portrayed at least 4 out 5 “back the eff off” body language examples. Actually more like 6 out of 5.You are an Internet Superstar.

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