Today’s Comic: “So Here’s The Thing…”

July 2, 2008
Today’s Comic: “So Here’s The Thing…”

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hehe…someone in the fantastic four left a doody. πŸ™‚ The silliness here.

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  1. mercator says:


  2. mercator says:

    So the other ones make invisible doodies, charcoal briquettes, and rubber bands, right?

  3. Dread says:

    When you see it, you’ll shit bricks.

  4. Naldo says:


  5. Robert says:

    Does Spiderman poop webs?

  6. Leo says:


  7. Yit says:

    Looks like cheese…

  8. anatomist says:

    hate to be a spoilsport, but the guns should be the other way round in the holsters – and no, i don’t mean with the muzzle up…

  9. w0m says:

    Technically; spiderman should poo webs; that’s where the spinnerets should be if he were “anatomically” correct.

  10. Dan says:

    The Thing or Bender.

  11. Chuck says:

    Laughed out loud (or LOL for you others out there) at this… not good when my boss’s boss is in town.

  12. Valek says:

    hmmm, i guess shitting for the thing is a rocky experience. I mean when i says “it feels like i just shat a brick” hes being literal. I mean thats some heavy shit!!!


  13. Darth_yoda (UK) says:

    Scott Johnson sir… your silliness knows no bounds!

  14. ChrisS says:

    One of your all-time best, Scottypants

  15. Asterix says:

    Ok – I get it Scott but overall sorry guys but I am freaking sick and tired of the comic book – video – cartoon adaptation by now. It is so worn out like a freaking village bicycle. That is something that amazes me about America – the same shit never gets old to people… If there as an idea – people will go over it for as long as they can…

    Scott my comment is not aimed at your cartoon but at the entertainment industry as a whole…

  16. Scott says:

    Asterix: Why are you sick of it?

    • Anthony says:

      The Fearless Sewist\’s Toolbelt A Mug Rug for Carson Taking the Leap: Understanding Sewing Patterns – Part 2, Cutting out the fabric pecies

  17. Asterix says:

    With the exception of the upcoming movie Dark Knight I think that the flicks iin general have become prone to having shallow stories and there seems to be a complete lack of fresh ideas when it comes to entertainment in general. It is as if artists and studios are afraid to take chances on creating completely new top level franchises?

    Be it Grand Theft Auto IV or Metal Gear Solid IV or Mario this and Diablo 3 that and well you get the idea… I am not saying – stop the sequals because I will keep buying them since I like the brand but I am getting tired of forcing myself to go thru the same old experince again yet this time it is 1080p… Oh boy!

  18. Asterix says:

    Sorry for the typos and my grammar. Is there any way that we can edit a post once it gets posted?

  19. Silvadream says:


  20. Clive says:

    Asterix: People ask for adaptations and sequels so they get made. That’s business: give the people what they want.

    There is plenty of new stuff coming out as well if you look for it. Image comics comes out with several new miniseries every month, along with the countless small name comic books that are released. There’s tons of new movies that have no franchise released (though not always in theaters).

    In short, there’s so many choices available in entertainment, why complain?

  21. Clive says:

    Oh, also I like the comic Scott πŸ™‚

  22. binaryspiral says:

    That’s a great comic, Scott. And, I disagree with * , I like the adaptations and sequels… it gives us a chance to experience the same story but in a different way – sometimes better than the original, sometimes more fun, and sometimes worse… but I thought the new Superman was a great remake, along with Dark Knight, Transformers, and (I Hope) GI Joe.

  23. Scott says:

    Asterix: Interesting thoughts. My guess is if people did not fork over so much money for sequels, they would not make them as much.

  24. LaVaGod says:

    Scott has a good point. These movies are made because people go to see them and usually more than once.

    Numbers start to drop and so do the movies.

  25. Asterix says:

    Aside from the tv show Heroes are there any new super heroes out there that someone can recommend? As far as video games go I look forward to Spore…

    The sequals make tons of money so that party will go on for as long as all of us keep putting money into it. I for one do look forward to Fallout 3 but at the same token I am really excited about id’s Rage which is a completely new franchise.

    My main point is that there are far more sequals and adaptations out there than original ideas.

    • Mohammed says:

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  26. Scott says:

    In the case of gaming, NORMALLY a sequel means more of the same goodness, plus some new great things…so its even a safer bet than say TV or film.

  27. Asterix says:

    Good point. Final Fantasy games come to mind as they are all stories to themselves…

    As far as TV/Film industry goes I can think of Battlestar Galactica as the finest way of taking an old franchise and completely reinventing it. Sadly, there are plenty other examples where the only motivation was to milk the fan base…

  28. Me says:


    Are you from the United States? If not where are you from?

  29. Scott says:

    Asterix: Very true. Maybe there should be a time limit or something. πŸ™‚

  30. Smitehammer says:

    Suggestions of non-remake showness? Venture Brothers has lots of superheroesque stuff. It’s the best thing out there as far as entertainment.

  31. Valek says:

    Asterix, you said not many NEW superheroes are appearing. Well, theres Hancock, dont remember reading a comic about him, a tv show called Alter Ego, which doesnt air anymore, it had about a year airtime. Forever Knight, a vampire who lives his life fighting crime as a new york detective (it came on when i was a teenager). theres a lot of new superhero stuff out there, sure they aint wearing flamboyant spandex and throw out corny catch phrases, but they are out there, and they may not be awesome out of this world powers, but they are heroes nonetheless, you just gotta look. As for good movies coming around thats not sequel related or original, lets see….
    Tell No One (murder mystery about a guys wife dying, several years later he gets sent a video clip suggesting shes still alive and leaves the message “Tell No One”.) Eagle Eye(Two strangers become the pawns of a mysterious woman they have never met, but who seems to know their every move. Realizing they are being used to further her diabolical plot, they must work together to outwit the woman before she has them killed. )

    thats just the tip of the iceberg, so please look around before you get the “movies and tvs unoriginal” attitude. I agree that SOMEtimes sequels are a lil tiring, but if you were running a business, would you keep ordering products consumers DONT buy??

    • Veelanny says:

      Hey Gordo, When my kids were younger I used to buy them all the time. The kids got the chtlocaoe and the toy, but I was the one who got to put the toys together. I think I enjoyed them more than the kids did.

  32. Asterix says:

    Me: I live in Houston. I came to the U.S. in 1991 (when I was 16) from Montenegro (former Yugoslavia). I have spent half of my life in both countries so I tend to point things out that people who have lived in America all their lives maybe don’t consider odd. Sequels are something that I have seen increase almost exponentially since I came to the U.S. I am not sure if that is a combination of heavy marketing, genuine greed to milk the fan base or honest desire of various studios to breathe new life into the old characters. Some sequels are done well, others plainly suck and damage the originals.

    I know that generalizations are not the best approach. All I am saying is that we need more fresh and original ideas in the entertainment industry. By the isn’t another Harry Potter book in the works? πŸ™‚ You get my point…

    Valek: Thanks for letting me know about “Tell No One” and “Eagle Eye”. The story lines that you described sound very intriguing and original.

    Thank you all on a good discussion. Case closed. πŸ™‚

  33. Me says:


    I agree to a certain point. There are a lot of sequels out there and yes some do suck. But when you say America and Americans it sort of strikes a nerve because I don’t see a whole lot of super heroes and “sequels” coming from other countries. your quote: “That is something that amazes me about America – the same shit never gets old to people… If there as an idea – people will go over it for as long as they can…” Let me know when El Hombre gigante tres comes out from Mexico will you? I’m looking forward to that one. Oh, and I believe Harry Potter originated in England. Go ahead and be frustrated with all the entertainment America has provided if you want but just remember it is America that gave you and you aren’t getting it from anywhere else.

  34. Asterix says:


    I don’t think that we should confuse patriotism with entertainment. I should have mentioned Japan and the U.K. and equally offend them too based on things like Resident Evil 12 – The Collapse of Umbrella Corporation and Harry Potter 16 – Harry’s Mid Life Crisis… πŸ™‚

    We need fresh ideas and sometimes we should let a classic be just that. Thank God that nobody has decided to make a sequel to Blade Runner!

    I think that sequels for the most part (if done bad) water down the original experience…

  35. Smitehammer says:

    The old trilogies were exceptions. Back to the Future and Starwars and the Godfathers and Indiana Jones and Lord of the Rings (though the movies aren’t that old). But new tacked on movies to those? Yeah, they dampen it. Like the new Indy or the second trilogy of Star Wars. Animated series based on movies tend to do the same thing. Although, if they ever have a kid-friendly animated Godfather series it might be good.

    I can’t knock Harry Potter for the sequel thing, though. It was a series set from the beginning to have 7 books and was an original concept from the author. It’s just gotten too much exposure over the years like good pop music that everyone starts to hate because it’s played too much on the radio.

  36. Wungy says:

    I had gotten it into my head you were referring to John Carpenter’s The Thing, so it made no sense to me until I read the caption. Maybe I didn’t get enough sleep last night…

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