Today’s Comic: “Signs of Indy’s age”

March 10, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Signs of Indy’s age”

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Just having a bit of fun at Harrison Ford’s expense. I really enjoy pretty much anything he does so its all in good fun. Oddly enough, I guess he had a bad back for real on the set of Temple of Doom, so it has to be pretty crappy now, right? 🙂 Anyway, enjoy the comic.


In other news, Day 7 of the Fertastico is here as well! Check out my entry right here. Be watchful for O’s entry tomorrow. He has the job of creating the big finish! So check back tomorrow for that.

16 Responses to Today’s Comic: “Signs of Indy’s age”

  1. Sath31 says:

    Hahaha nice 🙂

  2. MSchmahl says:

    Strange. There was no actual link to the comic today. Usually “enjoy the comic” or words of similar intent are linked to the comic, but not this time.

  3. The Scatman says:

    Uh uh… mmm hmmm… oh now I know you jus didn diss Indy… Oh SNAP! You did? Well Ima have to get loco on yo ass…

  4. Eric says:

    Andy Turkis is playing Harrison Ford??? I did not know that.

    What other roles has he played or is this his break-out introduction role?

    As for (_.-+*^FeRtAsTiCo^*+-_._), it’s FAR too soon to end it now. These forum games usually go on for weeks or months (or years on a few of the slower ones). Then again, the forum games usually also have more participants. Then again, again, this isn’t a forum game despite the uncanny resemblance in content.

    • Meyssa says:

      >I didn’t know about Mimitchi. It’s a Tamagotchi character? Do you mean the fire-character on the muhosrom (it reminds me more of Calcifer from Miyazaki’s movie Howls Moving Castle’)-or- do you mean the one who throws the rainbow?That one looks a little like Mimitchi indeed.

  5. Eric says:

    Oh… wait. Andy’s the little mold-encrusted pewter “idol” that Indy’s trying to pilfer. I wonder if ole’ HF will be wearing a toupée. (I know a general surgeon who goes by the name HF, which is just his first and Middle names, first being Harvey. Darned if I can remember his last name. I keep thinking of construction.)

  6. Eric says:

    Mason! That’s it! HF Mason. He volunteered his time on the coast after Katrina (gratis) and does triathlons.

  7. ScottyD says:

    I had to think about the DC on the guy’s chest for a sec. After I got it It was much funnier to me. A little slow there I guess. So is that the end?

  8. Lifeisaglitch says:

    I don’t get the DC enlighten me!

  9. yoMama says:

    Is it me, or does Dean Cain have this… Chunck Norris-esque thing about him now. Next thing we know we’ll be saying that “Dean Cain took killed a Fel Reaver as a level 1 Nightelf Mohawk. He didn’t even have a computer”

  10. O says:

    The best thing about it, yoMama, is that he did.

  11. Eric says:

    Wow, O! You totally made the comic. The finale and the behind… the scenes… was perfect!

    It was like Scott would try to make an impossible set-up and you’d still manage to counter and he would try again and you’d counter and he’d try again and you’d counter and he’d try one more time and you’d slap his b****-a** to the ground and t**-b** his corpse before going to capture the next control point.

    Wait. What were we talking about?

  12. Lifeisaglitch says:


    Don’t worry i figed it about 5 min after i asked, thnx for the answer anyway though…

  13. Werner says:

    Great job on that Indy funny! Bravo!

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