Today’s Comic: “Shattrath is a ghost town”

November 14, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Shattrath is a ghost town”

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I get why, and this is how it goes with expansions like this, but it’s downright weird to be in some of these old places for the last couple days. Even more so than when BC was out. Creepy.

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  1. Telythugy says:

    I ran around yelling MARCO in old world stuff last night… no one called back.
    I feel so cold and alone now.

  2. Rezlow says:

    Yeah, try questing in the Blasted Lands near the Dark Portal… asshats abound.

  3. Peruchito says:

    … and i was just starting to go to outlands… so much for finding help to do anything.

  4. Scott says:

    Oh don’t you worry…there will be wall to wall Death Knights at your beck and call. 🙂

  5. Heh…reminds me of going back and trying to play some Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast after it had been out for about 5 years. Server crickets everywhere….

    Hey, isn’t it about time someone created an EL Buzz! Quiz TV quiz??? Or maybe an ELR one? Someone get on that, stat!

  6. Bearbutt says:

    Reminds me when I once took a free server transfer to an empty realm. It was awful. Every place was the same level of deadness.

    Take a server xfer, and that’s what you have everywhere you go. Even Northrend. And the AH. Never again will I take a free server xfer.

  7. Robert says:

    I went to Shattrath, and there was a lone Deathknight, weeping along side A’dal. I felt so sad for him, so I kicked him in the jimmies and ran. :p

  8. Silvermist says:

    Dead in Shattrath and the old world cities – that’s just how expansions are, busy as all heck in Northrend, the Acherus, and in Hellfire Penninsula. Ahhh… BURNING CRUSADE 2: Revenge of the Fel Reaver! >.<

  9. idogis1 says:

    Yet another expansion and I’m only lvl50. this is going to be great, maybe i SHOULD quit WoW.

  10. Hadgi says:

    Everyone that isn’t a DK, on the ARgent Dawn server, HATES Dk. its so lonely and mean… even though there are about a bajillion DK 🙂

  11. Cantonkid says:

    Hey idogis1, don’t get discouraged. My main is only now just past 60 and while i bought the expansion 2 days ago, I still don’t have time to load it and sit down to really start playing. With work and the holiday schedule, I probably won’t be able to do so till after Thanksgiving…blah… But take your time. you’ll get there eventually. Casual gamers do exist in WoW 😉 we are not a myth.

  12. Techgeekgirl says:

    I started a Death Knight, I admit it. I also started my 70s on opposite ends of Northrend. I want to see all of it, or at least do as much as possible. As enthusiastic as I am about my DK and the fantastic job Blizz did with their starting area, they really are embarrassingly overpowered when they hit the OL.

  13. BrianD says:

    I was finishing up my Death Knight quest chain at the Light’s hope “instance”. And there were maybe 30 DK’s there waiting around for the event to start. People covered the NPC’s… player emotes and horse summonings covered the voice acted sequence. It was VERY annoying. But the whole class introduction quest chain was awesome. It felt as if your own viewpoint wasn’t being controlled by the other players trying to do the quests. The world evolved around your own advancement.

    I see that as the next evolution of the MMO. Where the world content revolves around you and those at your rate of getting content.

  14. Roja says:

    Had a 70 hunter, and I was stupid/smart enough to keep track of developer posts. I took some deep considering on how the game wasn’t something for me, and now I know what fresh air smells like. Did you know they have puppies and kitties outside? It’s totally awesome.

  15. NeuroMan42 says:

    The ONLY reason I have come back to WOW was to try out a DK. Otherwise the game is just a huge snorefest. Hopefully my DK will keep me interested otherwise I am so done for good, and on to better things. Plus, I like dudes. 🙂

  16. Proboklok says:

    Too bad i cant play WOTLK until the 20th or so but now that i hear that Shat is a ghost town i remeber how
    hard it was to quest in Hellfire when BC came out it was so hard to find a hellboar everyone was doing the
    same quests etc… i waited a hole week and leveled my alts instead and waited for the place to clear out . So
    in the end i hope not playing it for a week will prevent that from happening again . The abundance of DK
    scares me a little too like BE pallys when BC came out .

  17. P.i.R.h.o. says:

    Another downside: yesterday I had to wait in the login queue (of 600+ people)… The last time I had to wait in line to log on was a year ago, at least!
    Bastards :-p

  18. Gene says:

    I haven’t checked out Shatt since I got WotLK on my characters so I really couldn’t tell you. However, on Earthen Ring Vengeance Landing was packed wall to wall with people same on Gul’dan but not as bad as ER.

  19. Pineapple Farmer says:

    I don’t get it, so you’re saying WoW has nothing original in it?! Haha! That’s such a burn! I’m with you, WoW is dumb.

  20. Topso says:

    Why dont they do so all can make chars att lvl 58 and start in outland, take away that dead space from lvl 1-58. More would be in outland and the old zone have no point anymore. DK starts at 50 in a own zone, why not just make a starting area for all classes to start at lvl 50 and do as the DK? More ppl would get to see the new zones, and they chould make a great story from the old world were you chould travel back there from an expation from lvl 80-90 or something. Its not impossible, just saying.

  21. Lis says:

    Had this problem myself. It was super creepy to be in a capital city and no chatter whatsoever coming in on General and Trade. The silence was deafening.

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