Today’s Comic: “Scout For Life”

March 26, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Scout For Life”

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Man I hate the scout. He is a video game brat. Runs like a cheetah, plays smack-a-mole with his stupid bat, and says “bonk” after every emote he utters. Oh well, good fodder for a comic, yes?

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  1. Kainti says:

    Well, I love the scout, BONK. Thanks DAWK. Oh, I ought to be on a baseball cawd, BONK.

  2. slaverstrike says:

    The best sound in TF2 Is KA-BLOOOOOOOOOOEEEEEE!

  3. Jake says:

    i <3 scout. Um, if there’s any TF2 players our there that are wise enough to be playing it on PC, my steam name is “rabidoyster”, feel free to add. Anyone out there?

    • Roy says:

      I think it would be fun to do.Yeah, I was SO tired when I got home . . . part way into the falafel prosecs, I wondered why I had decided to make dinner . . . crazy for sure .

  4. Jake says:

    Oh, and I find this comic particularly great, as I frequently am forcing myself to go to bed at 3 in the morning thanks to freaking TF2. Nice one, Scott.

  5. CBuster says:


    Need A Comic Here

  6. Felix says:

    Need a Scout Johnson here! Need a Scout Johnson here! Need a Scout Johnson here! Need a Scout Johnson here! Need a Scout Johnson here!

    I love the Scout. Best class right after Medic! OKTOBERFEEEST!

  7. Yit says:




  8. Eric says:

    Could be worse:
    “BAAAaaawwwnnnnnggguh!” -Jay (“Bong!” by Jason Mewes)

  9. Rob Dalton says:

    Is that you, Scott? Or is Jeff your alter-ego?

    I can’t seem to find the cast page anymore. Maybe O objected to the Madonna bra!

  10. Scott says:

    He is indeed, my alter ego. If that is the right term.

  11. TPNDrew says:

    I don’t play scouts, but I do enjoy leveling them with my Heavy. BONK!

  12. Spenser says:

    We need another EL TF2 night I say. WOO!

  13. TheKeck says:

    Ha ha, I really liked that one. Good old TF2. I love it.

  14. Gildron says:

    Yes! We do need a Team fortress 2 night, it is a great game, and I missed the last one. (Do it on a Saturday. I am always around on Saturdays.)

    Or maybe I’ll just try to set up a smaller game on the forum, who knows?

    • Fatma says:

      We will be vigilantly priayng for Scout and your family! Our son Jonathan spent the first five months of his life in the NICU, he had to have major surgery to connect his esophagus to his stomach at 8 weeks old. It was an 11 hour surgery and thanks to God, against all odds it was successful. Like Scout, his lungs collapsed after surgery and he got pnuemonia. Those days following surgery were full of setbacks. Prayers went out all over FB, and I KNOW they helped!! Our little Jonathan is such a joy and inspiration to us, and I know Scout is the same for you! My heart just went out to you and your family, it took me right back to our hospital days! Thanks for keeping us updated, and we will pray, pray, pray!! 17 months later, Jonathan continues to improve and get stronger everyday, I Know Scout will too!!

  15. WizePapaSmurf says:

    I’m game for tonight, TF2 night revival…

    BTW, I’m a Scout main…BONK!

  16. WizePapaSmurf says:

    Steam ID: yWizePapaSmurfy

    Should show up as WizePapaSmurf on your list.

    Who want’s some tonight?

  17. Blades144 says:

    I got it! I got it! I got it! HATE the scout, but sometimes playing a scout is the only way to level that bastage, BONK! I play Pyro mainly so Scouts usually don’t bother me much, those that try usually fry.

  18. Lyskan says:


  19. binaryspiral says:

    True dat, but when there’s a sniper dug in someplace nobody else can get to – being the scout that clubs that headshootin’ #%$^’er to death is almost as good as sex.

  20. Blades144 says:

    WORD! I like to do the same but with Pyro, nothing like burning up a medic and two snipers off the battlements and then running away.

  21. Deano says:

    Last weekend I was up until the early hours of dawn on TF2. Then I went on Army of Two XD

    What class do you play Scott?

  22. Scott says:

    mostly demoman

  23. Iason says:



  24. Jeff says:


    tf2 IS awesome!

  25. Yidoc says:

    the only scouts that don’t suck are dead scouts

  26. LucaStefan says:

    Spy all the way baby.

    Personal best: 6 kills in one flurry of backstabs + 2 random snipers + sentry + dispenser + assisted capture point … before some damned pyro killed me.

  27. Freddy says:

    Scott’s alter-ego should have crooked glasses like the real Scott (I’m referring to an old youtube video he posted which I randomly saw earlier).

    Just kidding =P

  28. Esta says:

    Love the scout, all TF2 characters are gold.

    “I’m running circles around you, BONK!”

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