Today’s Comic: “Regrettable Choice…”

March 21, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Regrettable Choice…”

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Have you ever read YouTube comments? I don’t care what video it is. Its striking how utterly horrible and lame the comments are there. They are like Forum Trolls hopped up on “H” or something. I really hate it. So does Fred.

EDIT: I am aware that the comic RSS is hosed right now. Working on it. 🙂

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  1. Rob says:

    true that.

  2. Energyone says:

    There is alot of idiots out there.

  3. Big T says:

    Dude you should win some awards for your humor sometimes! Ferting hilarious!

    ( i would also like to note i am not being sarcastic, i found this to be comedy gold)

    Keep up the good work Mr. Johnson!

  4. Brooks says:


    YouTube comments make me lose all hope in humanity.

  5. Yorrike says:

    I’ve personally, and foolish, engaged in debate on YouTube, expecting some kind of reasoned discourse. But no, I get complete idiots saying the most insane things and expecting me to roll over and believe them.

    I really want to stop talking to these morons, but I can’t seem to stop. To quote Hank Venture “I can’t stop. It’s maddening!”.

    • Alganesh says:

      enough, I’d say.I do however ctmeleoply agree with you on the tower-spamming. It’s just the opposite of fun tbh. They say you just need to train mass militia to counter. But I agree that that’s not the answer either. Because before your militia reaches the towers they are all killed by enemy archers behind the towers, so in fact they die for nothing. I think there are 2 solutions for this:* put a max on the towers like for instance no more than 10.* Let towers be unable to build right next to each other, like you said with some sort of buildradius.Maybe the stormattack is so much better now that you actually reach the towers, let’s hope so.

  6. Nicci says:

    Yorrike — I have the same problem. I guess its just optimism that maybe, someday, one of those posters will end up having the capacity to engage in an intellectual debate. But no.. its generally “YOUR MOM IS [insert previous topic here]” or such.

  7. Precious_Roy says:

    It is like having an argument with a rock.


  8. leloup says:

    @precious_roy: great comic, but I’m wondering if those are copy/pasted comments from youtube because I don’t think Lous Armstrong would really have much to say about the moon landing. That particular aspect just strikes me as hilarious.

  9. MadJo says:

    Youtube has comments? O_O
    I never look at those.

  10. MadJo says:

    @leloup, that’s why it’s added, the Space Shuttle also hasn’t landed on the moon, contrary to one of the comments in that comic. 🙂

  11. TypicalYouTubeCommenter says:

    FAKE!! Obviously photoshopped: look at how the shadow doesn’t match up. Also, I wrote this EXACT same comic six years ago, and you STOLE it from me!!!

  12. Jeff S says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

  13. mercator says:

    Says it all. Not really something for work though, so be warned.

    The gist of it…

    Normal person + anonymity + Audience = your average youtube flamer.

    • Julio says:

      The translation of the dpiircetson is roughly this: [Americans have reached civilization only by blowing over culture, in every human there is a barbarian if you seek it, but for an American, the external layer of civility is the thinnest. (that is: it\’s easier to find the \”barbarian\” in any American). Americans are the least remorseful of their actions committed in the form of barbarians.] Fact is, regular Americans don\’t mainly agree with war and should not be subject to such generalizations.

  14. Hawkito says:

    Fake! Clearly this comic is fake. (-;

  15. Drew says:

    Great comic, but it’s spelled “descent”, not “decent”. Yes, I know, Grammar Nazi, but it made the comic look weird…to my overly critical eyes. SORRY SCOTT I STILL LOVE YOU.

  16. BeardedBaby says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Whenever I try to make a mental picture of what some of those individuals might look like all I can imagine is the crack heads and insane hobos from the game “Condemned”.

  17. Crazycanuck says:

    I enjoy the comments on the youtube videos that pretend to be full anime episodes! There filled with so much hate! hehe.

  18. binaryspiral says:

    I think YouTube (aka Google) would be better off turning of the comments and just let people reply in video.

    Trolls abound on that site and really makes it a place I won’t let my kids go to directly.

  19. Shaymus22 says:

    I didn’t hear this from anyone so I found out the hard way, but the most bizzare comments are those on … they’re all in lolcat speech. [shudder]

  20. Mopp says:

    Why would you read youtube comments in the first place anyways? As far as looking for more info about the video your watching, it’s prety much the worst place you can look at.

  21. Jeff S. says:

    Is his name Fred because he’s got that ‘Flintstone’ style 5-o’-clock shadow?

    Obviously this comic is just a ripoff of all the other comics ever.

  22. Lifeisaglitch says:

    Theres an XKCD for every occasion

  23. Diego S. says:

    I used to bother myself to answer… only thing u got is actually getting more pissed off xD

    • Mohamed says:

      I like it when my enemy starts snpimmag towers right next to each other, It gives me an advantage and I normally win because he has no area for his crossbowmen to defend from, all they can do is just stand behind the towers while i have one group of archers attack the towers and another group defending the attacking group.Yes it takes longer to destroy the tower, but not that long! Patience is a virtue in war.

  24. TheBlunderbuss says:

    Vote the comments down, if you don’t like them.

  25. Scott W says:

    @Yorrike – just for you:

  26. da soc says:

    Youtube comments are like “Gamefaq forums mini”

  27. SteC says:

    Yep, I whole-heartedly understand the joke here.

  28. Shaun D says:

    I have a youtube video up that has over a million views and I stopped reading the comments on it about 6 months ago. It’s just mostly spam and hate.

  29. Dan says:

    A few Weeks ago Veronica had a great comment. When Pakistan basically killed Youtube for a day…those commenters had to go somewhere else. Sort of like how rats go next door when a building is demolished.

  30. JoPiss says:

    speaking of insanity, how’s that minicity thing doing?

  31. Greyfire says:

    It makes me sad to read youtube comments they make your eyes burns

  32. Nerf the gnome says:

    Gnomes FTW>>>>

  33. Kal says:

    So it’s true, insanity does breed insanity..

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