Today’s Comic: “One Week Later…”

November 26, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “One Week Later…”

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More commentary when I get a second. For now, here it is.

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  1. Bearbutt says:

    Hehe! My wife’s a vegetarian. Should I send this to her?

    Maybe not.

    The boobs on that girl are… well what I mean is her bra must be… oh never mind.

  2. Savage says:

    Yeah Bearbutt, most guys will focus on that and wonder.

  3. Hoodoo says:

    Yeah… impressive… most impressive… the bra that is.

  4. Matazuma says:

    Reminded me of animal farm.
    I like it Scott 😀

  5. CJMack says:

    I was half expecting it to be WoW-themed…the turkeys seemed to be preparing for a battleground vs. Humans.

  6. hermes says:

    It actually reminds me of Robot dreams.

    Turkey jokes are a classic, Scott… Keep them coming.

  7. Beefmaster says:

    Love the sarcasm. But after reading the comments… There were turkeys in this comic. Cause all I see is the lady

    • Thays says:

      I’m still smiling from lokiong at all your pictures Tiffany! Simply amazing. I can’t get over it all. It’s even more grand than I imagined.To see so many photos of all these bloggy friends makes me feel like I know yall better even though I didn’t get to go.Lea

  8. Eric says:

    Ah. Inevitability. Good thing turkeys respawn or I would have never gotten the achievement in WoW.

  9. dman0001 says:

    I was thinking there should be a Palin joke in there somewhere

  10. CWForney says:

    Your talent at producing fantastic animals knows no bounds, sir.

    I vote for a “56 Animals in the Stylings of Scott Johnson” poster to begin production immediately. Because you have that kind of time, I’m sure.
    As for the comic, this is safely nestled in what I would call dry humour. And dry humour is the bestest kind. Well done.

  11. Merazibah says:

    this reminds me of that thanksgiving episode on South Park, only the turkeys spoke turkey gibberish but still slaughterd by people

  12. Rob Dalton says:

    Kind of morbid.

  13. anyolyna says:

    …thats not a lady.. O.o

  14. Merchenary says:

    This should also serve as a reminder to all of us: Turkeys are the butt-ugliest animals ever.

  15. skyhawk says:

    dude fuckinn shitt man. I am a motherfukking turky you cockksuckker see my gobble thingy. I’m going to fukking rape you’re children in the a$$ and make ’em suck my dickk.

  16. nevets007 says:

    hahaha this reminds me of the fly one where their talking and the car hits them.

  17. Cantokid says:

    And so the Turkey revolution ended before it began….that is until the dawn of the zombie-
    turkey apocolyse. Then things start to get ugly…. 😉

  18. R3bbit says:

    LOOOOL….quite the uprising…..poor revolutionary…their ends are always the same….turkey or man 🙂

    Nice one Mr Johnson

  19. TD says:

    So are they just having turkey, wine, and assorted tiny veggies? Cuz I’d be looking for the mashed potatoes, cream of corn casserole, green beans, rolls, and DESERT!!! (etc. etc.)

  20. KLMay says:

    Hmmm I must be the only one who saw a dark turkey promising change only to have things end up the same as they always do…

    Yeah it must just be me. 😛

  21. mercator says:

    Only 5-6 hours separating me from separating a turkey!

    Zombie Tom will have to go Alien style out ‘my ‘bellay!

  22. Asterix says:

    I like the size of the turkey – there will be leftovers for sure 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving…

  23. Geljamin says:

    Is that purple wine they’re drinking there?

  24. Kor-Neal says:

    I found this comic to have such a profound meaning, that the funny was lost on me. Tradition smothering change and rebellion?
    Even though I didn’t find it funny, it was better for it.

  25. Novan Leon says:

    Actually, the humor was lost with me on this one.

    I guess the moral lesson of the comic is that some people talk big and promise change and then end up in the fryer just like everyone else.

  26. Peruchito says:


    no they end up dead. JFK, Ghandi, RFK, that prime minister of india lady that got blown up. the rest of us are cowards.

    that being said. SCOTT! i see the humor, but twas a shocking comic. you missed the part when they would hang the headless turkey upside down to drain the blood. then boil it to pluck the feathers. after that, they would gut it through its butt to take its insides out, also via the butt (goes into hotdogs! horray!). then they vacuum seal it and freeze it into a ball of turkey meat and fat.

    …. i hope i didn’t ruin anyone’s appetite.

  27. CWForney says:

    I think it was Jim Gaffigan who had this bit: “‘Do you know what they do to those animals!?’ ~ ‘No, but whatever it is, it’s delicious.'”

  28. Pineapple Farmer says:

    The chick looks like a dude, but has a huge rack? WTF

  29. OsakaJack says:

    Your puns are painful. I’m gonna punch the…stuffing…outta you! What? You chicken?

  30. Josh says:

    What is with the woman’s huge inflated boobs?! They are almost a chin rest! At least she won’t spill any cranberry sauce in her lap.

  31. Peruchito says:


    actually now that you mention it. the chick looks like scott in drag

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