Today’s Comic: “One out of five”

April 9, 2008
Today’s Comic: “One out of five”

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Was feeling a little…oh let’s say…sad late last night. No particular reason. Just one of those days where society sort of ticks you off. The comic today just sort of materialized from that mood. Not really even sure it means anything. There you go.

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  1. Eric says:

    Yeah. I was trying to figure out 1 of 5 what?

    Some things I found: 1 of 5 have tumors. 1 of 5 is homosexual. 1 of 5 plans to work until death. 1 of 5 is happy where they are in life. 1 of 5 wears overalls and a spiked helmet.

  2. Eric says:

    Hey. Whadya know. I posted 5. Perhaps each one is one. (Though I doubt any of those “statistics” were from any real research.)

  3. Mark Frazer says:

    Big hug Scott………..

    GROUP HUG EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Darth_yoda (UK) says:

    hehe, how very theraputic of u Scott, great comic as always. 🙂

  5. Felix says:

    *hug* 🙂

  6. Doctorsoul says:

    ***blows nose***
    so true, so true…

  7. mcdonalds says:

    i do like beans indeed.


    i think what scott was aiming for is that these are the types of people that “society” deems ugly. i think he is saying that is dumb because everyone actually is the same, human, male or female being. am i right or wrong? o.O

    either way, well done

  8. Mark Dell says:

    Emo Scott is emo

  9. Molly says:

    I feel weird about once a month for some reason…

  10. DarkElf says:

    *joins Mark Frazer and Felix* **hugs** poor scott… i have the same kind of depression sometimes… the only comfort i can offer is that it will pass soon… that and you are a much loved person, not just were you are but intentionally…


  11. Lifeisaglitch says:

    One in five will get this comic?

  12. Blades144 says:

    One in five wear a helmet to work.

  13. Bearbutt says:

    We all get the blahs from time to time. When I get the blahs, I come check out your comics and they give me a boost. : ) Wish I could return the favor somehow.

    One out of five of these is happy.
    One out of five is skinny.

    Ok done.

  14. Dol says:

    One out of five is farting in the comic. Care to guess what one?

  15. Labbug says:

    One out if five is happy and views life as a glass mostly full rather than as a glass partly empty.

  16. Eric says:

    It’s not bad to feel sad every now and then, makes the better days even better :). Chin up Scott !

    btw very nice comic, everybody can interpret for themselves what 1 of 5 means and who is what etc !

  17. Mattzilla says:

    I see one guy smiling with his eyes closed, maybe dreaming, while the other four just stare blankly and bleakly.
    You’re usually that guy smiling Scott, at least that’s the part you show us. But you can’t appreciate the good feelings without occasionally feeling bad. So hey, it’s a screwed up world, so the best you casn do is make your own little piece of it the best it can be for you and those you care about.

    And you do that here every day, so remember that next time the world gets you down. You’ve already made more of an impact than a lot of folks ever will.

  18. techgeekgirl says:

    Is the first guy The Shoveler from Mystery Men? I actually like that movie…shameful, I know.

    Don’t worry Scott, I think if you didn’t feel kind of down once in awhile you’d actually be some kind of freak. Then we’d have to dissect you in the name of science. I bet playing some Smash Brothers with the kids would probably have you feeling better in no time (unless they beat you, lousy kids).

  19. mercator says:

    1 out of 5 dentists does not choose crest.

  20. ThePriest says:

    Whoah! That comic confused me something rotten, since the only pertinent one-in-five stat that came to mind was the thoroughly discredited but apparently widely-repeated “one in five children are approached by a sexual predator online” (see Is there some new study out about low levels of happiness in kids or something?

    On a lighter note, I suppose if the comic referenced one-in-ten Scott would have been drawing for twice as long and I’d be sat here trying to figure out what monkey wrenches have to do with anything.

  21. Samantha Jane says:

    *hugs for Scottypants* we luv you Scott =)

  22. Dave says:

    The Final 5 Cylons. . . Which one is the last? It has to be Scott.

  23. Lifeisaglitch says:


    Mystery Men is the single greatest superhero movie ever made! (Cept for Unbreakable and Batman Begins) and don’t you ever doubt its greatness.

  24. Renato says:

    Hey Scott,

    Hope you feel better. Tauren Hug for you.

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