Today’s Comic: “Net Reality”

April 28, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Net Reality”

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Messing about with the web today. Actually did this one Friday night in front of a live audience, and saved the video per usual. You can watch it here. Enjoy.

So I gotta think there are a few of you out there that have no idea what the ‘cheezburger’ thing is all about. I give you this.

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  1. Ron says:

    I really like this comic. You can never have enough of them about how goofy the internet can be sometimes. Way to go Scott!

  2. cooolman says:


  3. mercator says:

    I thought maybe he was going to go on about porn (or rather pr0n), how the students can increase penis size, or get a diploma for $9.95.

  4. PreciousRoy says:

    Ahh…lolcats…my one guilty pleasure.

    My wife saw me looking at them on more than one occasion and now she thinks I have an obsession with looking at pictures of cats.

  5. lolrus says:

    u HaZ my bukkit?

  6. Eric says:

    The Internet is for immaturity. It would be funny if it wasn’t so true. 🙁

    Wait. No.

    It’s still hilarious. 😀

    (If you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, always laugh.)

  7. Racheltopia says:

    Scott- you’ve out-done yourself. I have had more conversations about net neutrality the last couple of days than lolcats posted on my cubicle wall. At least when my brain starts to implode, I can look at those cute little kitteezz! thanks for making me smile- Rache

  8. mcdonalds says:

    you should introduce a lolcat character to your comic cast scott.

  9. Matt says:

    my son’s school is having a career day and i had thought about presenting something about software development but i’m afraid it would end up like this so i’ve refrained from signing up

    great comic

  10. Bearbutt says:

    Was fun to watch this being created. Thanks for choosing that title. 😉

    My wife & I and her friends were sitting around talking about stupid internet things, and the lolcats was one of them. My wife just didn’t get it and kept asking what was funny about cats talking in broken English.


  11. Masterwabbit says:


    Too true, too true…

  12. Eric says:

    (Oh. And click on the left side of the lappy screen after the end — and after waiting a few minutes for the extra blurbs SB throws in there.)

  13. Gamerman says:

    How come this guy look like he works for IBM?…back in the day of course…any reason? or just how it turned out?

    Love the Comic and Podcast and Blog. Keep it up.

  14. Trikorn says:

    Lol i visit that site everyday. Even my facebook has four albums of stuff i get from there. =D

  15. TheChao says:

    The video has such an anti-climatic ending for people that werent there live

    “So i’m going to stop recording…” *video ends*

  16. Juklop says:

    Holy crap! Pendergrass is my last name!

  17. Ah… all the potential of the internet… wasted in fluffy, cute catz with a speach impediment…

  18. Bearbutt says:

    The teacher’s name started out as “Mrs Grass” which is the brand of onion soup mix I like best. But Pendergrass sounds more “teachery”.

  19. James says:

    If I ever met a cat that talked like that I’d be surprised.

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