Today’s Comic: “More Rejected Events”

August 15, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “More Rejected Events”

About this comic

This is the second of two comics, the first was here. The second, as in this one, was inspired by YOU guys! Gotta give specific credit to mercator and kal. It was your ideas that made me want to do this again! Today’s installment.

32 Responses to Today’s Comic: “More Rejected Events”

  1. Eeek_the_Kat says:

    I so want to participate in the cat washing…wait does the cat have to be alive afterward?

  2. jevon says:

    yknow im not sure … ill have to check the rulebook of rejected sports, im mean cat washing is a prestiges sport afterall

  3. Rob says:

    Other suggestion: diaper changing

  4. Sean says:

    Razor blade swimming.

    • Novinho says:

      You should make a quilt top and use this to back it. Really, you know you could do it! You could swap sides when you waentd a change. It’s the most scrummy fabric I’ve seen in ages!

  5. Precious Roy says:

    lol…love the cat washing!

  6. TheBlunderbuss says:


    Rob: Diaper _wearing_

  7. Heh. I was joking about “Speed Sleeping” the other night at work. It goes with being a hotel night auditor, but…


    I’d pay to see that.

  8. El Fnord says:

    What sound does the cat make? The cat makes ‘mowe’!


  9. Labbug says:

    Oh these are good!! XD

  10. Zsuiram says:

    hahaha.. the competitive sleeping is great!

    brainstorm ideas:

    -staring at eachother without laughing
    -who can dance his name the best
    -which stormtrooper can shoot at least one target

    now my brain’s empty xD

  11. Bishop says:

    BWAHAHAHA Competitive Sleep. Peed a little on that one. Thanks for the morning laugh.

  12. wonder6oy says:

    Cat washing FTW!!

  13. Cantonkid says:

    Competitive Sleeping, that is great! 🙂

    If that were truly an Olympic sport, I would make the Olympic team for sur.zzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ


  14. GoofyMonkey says:

    Tin Foil Chewing

  15. Tennessee Taylor says:

    A few others I’e heard tossed around in my time: Atheletic Decathalon for Chain Smokers, Gladitorial Dwarf Basketbal, Pipe Bomb Hot Potato, Intergalactic Flaming Lawn Darts, The Labyrinth (as is in mythology) and a special event for the Beijing Games only…Competative One-on-One Game of Chicken Against a Tank.

  16. Gary says:

    I absolutely love the cat washing contest idea. It’s just so random!

  17. Yidoc says:


    Im really enjoying these types of comics.

    how about: Tanning

  18. Bearbutt says:

    The sleeping thing was on a gameshow once about half a century ago. 🙂

  19. Bearbutt says:

    The sport I’ve seen played with cats is similar to boxing, but instead of gloves, the fighters have cats strapped to their fists… so every punch is a bloody one.

  20. Zorbane says:

    What about cannonball diving?

    It’s already a national event in Canada. Bring it up to the Olympics!!

  21. Rob says:

    Zorbane: What about catching a cannon ball _while diving_?

  22. digisam says:

    I spy a new poster 🙂

  23. Bomber X says:

    Competitive sleep 😀

  24. mercator says:

    You made my day Scott! 😀

  25. Thedeadmonky says:

    guitar hero championships =D
    wii tennis
    catching fish with bare hands
    viking battles
    tractor pull

  26. RoguePeashooter says:

    shaving using a butter knife! Least cuts and lowest time wins… of course there would be beard lengths for several legues as it were… of course how about competitive soup can sorting. or maybe otter juggling… or like… bowling dodge ball….

    of course i like competitive sleeping… for length of solid sleep state without suffering from deprivation i went 27 hours no kidding… on a chair… in my living room, with the curtains open… dunno how… i woke up a calender day and 2 hours later… really hungry 😀

  27. Lord Zeon says:

    I must agree with digisam: I think this would make an excellent new 56 Geeks poster. Community brainstorm!

  28. The One Meter Powdered Milk Snort!

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