Today’s Comic: “Modern Hobo”

September 5, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Modern Hobo”

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WARNING: Today’s comic requires at least some knowledge of the MMO genre. That being out of the way, enjoy.

24 Responses to Today’s Comic: “Modern Hobo”

  1. Craazy says:

    This hobo should have been Chinese in race, other than that it’s great!

  2. DaveP says:

    I have a large Pizza with the works if he can get my warrior to 70 for me!

  3. Matt says:

    he’ll probably use the gold he earned and buy “in-game” alcohol. ^^;

  4. Starman says:

    I saw that guy in NYC. 😀

  5. darkumbra says:

    Hehe… I’m enjoying this more than most. LOL

  6. Telythugy says:

    Sad part is with the way the economy and jobless rates going up, this comic could be a vision of the future… oh you might just be like Isaac from Heroes and be able to draw the future.
    Mind blowing.

  7. Bearbutt says:

    Oh crap, it’s me.

  8. Yit says:

    Heehee. I liked this comic more than most.

  9. khan says:

    I’ve never encountered the term ‘toon’ much, personally. In my circle we always used words like ‘alt’ and whatnot.

    Toon sounds pretty dorky.

  10. Ron says:

    Great comic as usual, but for some reason I really love that cityscape in the background. Excellent.

  11. No its MY extra life... says:

    One of your best recently, Scott! Both the joke and the art. They’re always good, but it seems like there were a few lately that were “phoned in” as you are fond of saying. =) No disrepect meant, just sayin…. But this one rocks the cat box. The cityscape in the back, and the detail in the hobo. Very very well done!

  12. Utahrogue says:

    Great comic as usual, you never disappoint

  13. Eric says:

    Poignant and funny? Who knew? 😛 Do you also do stand-up comedy?

  14. Eric says:

    (If not, you might wanna try it. These panel comics have the right timing for it.)

  15. mercator says:

    Great. And thanks Scott for NOT making the hobo Chinese.

    @Craazy read SECOND comment in reply to the first.

    见鬼无知 (to hell with ignorance)

  16. mercator says:

    @ khan

    We always said ‘mule.’ I have heard toon enough though.

  17. Craazy says:


    Sorry I read it, and I don’t see why you wanted me to read it.

  18. LucaStefan says:

    mule is generally (for me at least) the alt you keep in a large city (IF) that manages your trading and banking and such. Essentially carrying all the items you’re not using, thus mule.

  19. Travis says:

    I had my own goldfarmer for a while, traded a pack of cigarettes for 200g in WOW

  20. Travis says:

    WAY.. Pre-TBC though

  21. AtroxChobatsu says:

    Well, there is a Toontown MMO

  22. Ilia Chentsov says:

    >Well, there is a Toontown MMO

    Thought of it too.

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