Today’s Comic: “Medicine Sucks”

April 18, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Medicine Sucks”

About this comic

Inspiration for this one comes from the horrible antibiotics they gave Kim for her weird ear infection thing that flared up this week. Kim NEVER gets sick, but something about this flu season seems to have a surprise for everyone in its evil little bag. The pills they gave her are making her more sick than she was in the first place. Lame.

Anyway, got me to thinking and here was the result.

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  1. Bryan says:

    Being able to watch as you drew it was cool, it was interesting to see the comic shape out 🙂

  2. Scott says:

    I’ll do that more. Did it a lot a year or so ago, but since the rest of the webcomics world is acting like they just discovered it, I may as well get back to doing what I was already doing.

  3. Samantha Jane says:

    *hugs for Kim* you guys aren’t doing well with the sickness this year … more OJ for you!

  4. Radeus says:

    i had the russian orphan version of MRSA when i was 10, 14 days in the hospital and then they gave me the strongest antibiotic they had, but the only sideeffect was that it turned my poo yellow…

  5. Quegon says:

    Hope ya’ll get better soon. I’m on anti-depresents myself and know what it is like to take drugs that have dire affects on your mental/physical state in relation to working machinery etc its danmed annoying not have good hand-eye coordination or something along those lines.

    Easiest way I found to get around it though is to drink some tea and relax for awhile cause most times by the time your done the effects wear off 😛

  6. wolfgang says:

    Ah, love Star Wars references like that 🙂
    Yeah this flu season is rough. Flu had me down for 2 weeks this year, and I was not sick for at least 5 years.
    But it only made me stronger baby.

  7. CDRaff says:

    It was awesome watching you work today Scott, nice to see it back. When I saw that Kurtz, and Gabe started doing theirs I wondered if you would get back into it.

    Anyway great comic. I had Benign Positional Vertigo aka sudden spouts of extreme dizziness lasting like a day or so. Before I went to the doctor I would just lay in bed and let it pass. Then the doctor prescribed pills that recommended that I lay in bed for about 12 after taking them. So I guess we were at a stalemate in bed all day either way.

  8. alex says:

    nice one……

    thumps up to scott

  9. wolfgang says:

    Watching Scott work? What? Where? I guess I am in the wrong timezone again 🙁

  10. Eric says:

    There is an analgesic that touts itself as a headache cure when one of the more common possible side effects is severe headache. I’ll have to find it if time allows today at work (and if I remember).

  11. Eric says:

    Heh! Almost forgot about Ibuprofen. You’re only supposed to take one because it can create a stomach environment that typically causes ulcers. Everyone I know takes two regardless. (You can, however, take two during the first dosage time period, but only one afterwards. Even one has the common side-effect of ulcers.)

    Headache or uclers? Headache or ulcers? Tough choice. No?

    That reminds me of Lithium. You can’t take Lithium and have anything with Magnesium in it. (So no Dasani for you seizure-prone or bipolar people on Lithium.) That combination also creates a situation that’s perfect for causing ulcers.

  12. Eric says:

    And another thing about Lithium: You have to take enough to where it’s almost poisonous for it to have any effect. It flushes and is flushed by Sodium in your system, so you have to keep your Sodium level in the right balance. Too much Sodium and too much Lithium is removed from the body and no longer effective. Not enough Sodium and Lithium can rise above the poisonous levels. (And all it really does is change the pH in your spinal column, which in turn, changes a lot of other things. You’d think there was a better way.)

  13. DahCheet says:

    This has definitely been a bad year for the flu. Stupid flu shot didn’t do a damn thing. I’m fighting a cold right now too and of course the weather finally decides to get real nice now.

  14. C-H says:

    got infected when i had a root canal done, those antibiotics made me sick too.
    fun high school experience 🙁

  15. binaryspiral says:

    Another great comic… thanks, Scott!

  16. Mr.Wizard says:

    Hey, is there any chance we could get a big version of the third panel as a wallpaper?

  17. Bearbutt says:

    I caught the very end of the drawing process and it was fun to see it in realtime rather than the recorded time-lapse videos (although they are good in their own way).

    The audio recording and editing process is not so dissimilar! Draw a circle… like it? Nope. Do it again.

    Fun stuff. As long as you don’t mind doing the live camera thing, I’ll enjoy watching it!

  18. Molly says:

    Ear aches hurt a lot! I really feel for her in that kind of pain, but to also have to take antibiotics. That sucks. Hope she gets well soon.

  19. Vorguees says:

    Sorry for Kim, I’m a Doctor if there sanything I can help, just ask… Great comic!

  20. Rico says:

    Typically if you have a bad reaction to a certain antibiotic it means you are allergic to it. Usually they will just prescribe a new one.

  21. Dan says:

    Kim got sick? Is she aware that moms are forbidden, by law, to get sick? The very fabric of time and space depends on moms never getting sick. Who is to provide chicken soup or songs to lull children to sleep? Dads? Ah, the mere mention of a horrible earth where dads provide soup and song causes the bile to well in my throat.

  22. scc says:

    almost laughedmy butt off! :)))

    i also like to draw… this is my blog:

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