Today’s Comic: “Just Walk Away”

April 11, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Just Walk Away”

About this comic

Just screwing around a bit with the stereotype. Enjoy.

22 Responses to Today’s Comic: “Just Walk Away”

  1. Sath31 says:

    More like run for your life! 🙂

  2. Dora says:

    Lol, love the comic Scott!

  3. Suzerain17 says:

    Did you get hit 70? You doing kara yet?

  4. brian_d says:

    Heh.. I would have gone with:
    Panel 1 : “So… you want to go level up your priest to 70?”
    Panel 2 : “The guild I’m in is trying to recruit new members.”
    Panel 3 : “What? Don’t worry, my mom will make us Kool-Aid while we play!”

  5. Felix says:

    I like is chin

    • Mihail says:

      Well, I’m a snail’ that curls up in bed leaving plntey of room for my wife to stretch out, if she happens to (usually it’s only because she wants to subconsciously snuggle up to her little pot-bellied stove’ ) most of the time she’ll stick to her half as well. however, I AM a blanket hog; when curling up I’ll somehow snag the edge of the blanket. I invariably wake up to find her still covered, but all the extra’ is over on my side *blush*

  6. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    Priceless. I seriously think this might be my favorite comic so far. The concept, the look of the character, & the presentation are all spot-on. Nice work and thanks for the true laugh out loud!

  7. Eric says:

    At least Jake Rentz’s mom lets him play WoW instead of getting a real job and a place of his own. That’s good. No?



  8. Molly says:

    You could have made this comic about my friend!

  9. Evulsheep says:

    Awesome comic tbh, just had to comment to show appreciation ^^

    It’s just so perfect in every way, thanks for doing the comics, they really make certain times of the week a hell lot brighter 😀

  10. Sk1nnyman says:


    That hit a bit close to home…..

  11. Keefe says:

    LOL, that really made me laugh…

  12. RuntCake says:

    Poker Diva Jennifer “Jennicide” Leigh might take him up on it. Apparently, she is coping with splitting her schedule between poker, mass WoW raids and spreads in Playboy.

    Was that the sound of a thousand geek tents pitching at once?

  13. John says:

    Best comic of this year so far !

  14. Doughboy says:

    Ha ha ha…loved it! I’ve gotta agree with John with the whole best comic so far!

  15. Bearbutt says:

    LOL along with the rest of ya!

  16. Bearbutt says:

    …but I feel kinda sorry for poor Jake Rentz now. :'(

  17. mercator says:

    Where did you get my photo?

  18. Ray says:

    Wow. Do you have a cameraman following me? 🙂

  19. Gene says:

    I feel like Scott is trying to make it on the WoW Insider comic post by Sunday. =D

    Still awesomely funny.

  20. Kainti says:

    No wonder she left…

    Karazhan is for fucking noobs.

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