Today’s Comic: “JLA Minus One”

June 9, 2008
Today’s Comic: “JLA Minus One”

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Ahh…poor Aquaman. Suck a dork. Dork of the sea. And now, he is no more.

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  1. Sokkratez says:

    Why the hate 🙁 It’s not his fault he can’t survive out of water! And have you ever tried to throw a punch under water? It’s frickin’ hard, dude! Somebody’s gotta keep Black Manta in check!

    I think you’re Habitatist, dude.

  2. Turtlepants says:

    My goodness, that looks really painful for the fish

  3. dennis says:

    Does that fish have both a blow hole and gills? It is evolution in progress clearly, getting ready to leave life at sea for a lush L.A. condo on land.

    • govand says:

      I’m new to podcasts, but I’ve liteensd to all three of your Who’s Who shows over the last couple of days and have really enjoyed them. Who’s Who is one of my all-time favourite comic books and, as a kid, I read it so much that I’ve had to buy a whole new set over the years because my originals are so dog-eared. I still remember spending a holiday in Wales drawing up Who’s Who style entries for my own superheroes.Over here in the UK during the 80s the availability of DC and Marvel comics was pretty sketchy. Lots of newsagents sold them, but you could never be guaranteed to find the same comic each month, and several titles just didn’t make it over here (including Who’s Who). Eventually, I learned that there were actual Comic Shops and eventually tracked one down. At the store I found my first copy of Who’s Who (#15) and over the next few years managed to pick up the complete series. The book remains one of the treasured possessions in my collection, and always keep it to hand almost 30 years later.I definitely agree about the art on Who’s Who compared to the Marvel Universe stuff. The Who’s Who panels are by far the best and resulted in some gorgeous, creative art from such a variety of great artists. Saying that, I always wished the entries were longer as felt we missed quite a lot from some characters’ long histories. Anyway, listening to you two has been a great excuse to dig out the old issues and I’ve been flilcking through them as you go along. You two obviously know you stuff. I’m not entirely convinced this isn’t a secret Christopher Guest project, coz every now and then you get a bit Best In Show with your banter and thats making listening all the more enjoyable.I’ve subscribed via iTunes, and I’m hoping I’ll still be listening in a couple of years when we start flicking through the loose leaf series!

  4. IronYam says:

    I’m still waiting for an Aquaman movie.

    *fingers crossed for next summer’s superhero smash hit*

  5. Agent Eggroll says:

    Any chance we can get a wallpaper of the comic, Scott?

  6. wolfgang says:

    Suck a dork? Didn’t some ELR establish the fact that a dork is a wale penis? *awwwkward*

  7. dman0001 says:

    That could be a whole series- lame superheroes meeting their demise in lame fashion

    As far as the water heroes goes – Namor FTW

  8. Alex says:

    How come you love drawing fish so much Scott?

  9. Offlink says:

    I was totally just talking to my friend about how much Aquaman sucks.

  10. Salvitore says:

    I really don’t want to know why his underwear is laying on the ground there.

  11. Valek says:

    OH NO!!! someone peed in the ocean!!

    *cue hero music*


    yeah…some hero….

    “say whats your powers”
    “” I can breath underwater and talk to fish “”
    “*blink blink* yeah…next!!!”

  12. Davad says:

    Bwaahhahaahaa….I love it. The fish looks especially smug. The hand…snicker….love the hand too.

  13. James P. says:

    I LOVE the look on the fishes face. Thank you, my friend, you are a hero for ridding us of that vile Aquaman!

  14. Flabob says:

    It’s about time!

  15. Telythugy says:

    Problems is not that we have to deal with the fact that Aqualad is the NEW Aquaman.
    Stupid fish missed one 😛

  16. Icesnake says:

    @ wolfgang: “Whale.” Not wale. I’m pretty sure “wale” is the bumps in corduroy. Or part of the country of Wales.

  17. Tlalock says:

    Hahaha @ Wolfgang, my thoughts exactly.

    One of these days your spelling errors will get you into trouble, Scott! 😛

    Anyway, agreed about Aquaman. Lamest. Superhero. Ever.

  18. Crosshare says:

    “You’re gaying up the ocean in that thing.”

  19. Ryan Johnson says:

    Who wants to suck a dork?

  20. CDRaff says:

    What I want to know is who took off Aquaman’s Speedo. Really the fish could not have done it. Just think about it.

    Poor fish…

  21. I agree with dman0001
    a “heroes meeting their demise” series would be terrific, scott!

  22. Tyler says:

    Suck a dork? That made me laugh harder than the comic.

  23. mercator says:

    I agree the typo ‘suck a dork’ is pretty funny. I never got the whole point of aquaman. He seemed like a “oh wait, we need a water superhero to meet our quota’ kind of addition. Never made much sense. A movie of him would go over as well as speed racer’s did…

  24. Virginia says:

    Great job, fellas! I never colelcted these Who\’s Who issues, and listening to your podcast takes all of the effort out of looking characters up on wikipedia. You know, much like how a Dim Sum restaurant takes the effort out of eating at a buffet. I never realized there was so much to know about Brother Power the Geek, like his existence, for example, and now I can\’t un-know this.I agree with Frank\’s comment above that Bronze Tiger, given the right support and guidance, could be DC\’s most prominent and exciting African American character. Book\’s like Marvel\’s recent Immortal Iron Fist showed there is a market for this type of character and story, without shoehorning him into the latest version of Suicide Squad .B\’wana Beast is AWESOME! His potential is limited only by the imagination of the writer working with him. An Aquaman fan should sympathize.Also, don\’t over think it: call the award the Whoozy and move on.

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