Today’s Comic: “It’s The Small Things”

May 12, 2008
Today’s Comic: “It’s The Small Things”

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You know that when it happens, it won’t happen all at once….it will be this slow process, and the signs will be there, but will we be smart enough to spot them before it’s too late? I wonder, in comic form.

22 Responses to Today’s Comic: “It’s The Small Things”

  1. Wolfshade says:

    Simple and funny. I loved it.

  2. konfusion says:

    I’d say that the refrigerators would be the next step – the ones that can tell how much food is inside. 😀
    Funny comic ^^

  3. Icesnake says:

    I for one welcome our new cybernetic overlords. Heaven knows they can’t screw things up much worse than our human overlords have!

  4. Bearbutt says:

    Oh crap. My stapler jammed this morning. It has started!!! Panic in the streets!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. NSMike says:

    Is your art style changing there, Scott? This one looks different somehow, yet I can’t pin it down.

  6. Dol says:

    Idea for next comic!: the toaster’s role in the robot revolution. Maybe it chasing the guy around or something

  7. Bearbutt says:

    NSMike: Usually the background is faded, undetailed and generalized. In this one, the background is the star, so it’s up front and fully colored. Also, all that’s needed is a single panel. Other than that, looks like the same style to me.

  8. chris says:

    @ Bearbutt

    yes, from this stark reversal in artisitc style the artist is trying to communicate the vivid reality of the cybernetic revoltuion, that not only is it a threat to ourselves, but that threat comes from the very world around us that we created. What once was the background is not frighteningly real.

    I love pseudo-art-critic rants…….

  9. Michael says:

    Konfusion: I can already see that happening. The fridges will lie to you and say you have enough food in the fridge…….and then one day…..when you think you are safe to have another burger from the fridge….its empty and you starve and die!

    but serious, we all know that the most deadly technological development is going to be:

    nanomachines……and SecuROM

    If you are not online once every couple of days, your blood is going to eat your liver

  10. Eric says:

    Technology is revolting.

    Actually, nothing man-made is inherently good or bad. It just exists. What’s done with it makes all the difference. When someone welds two plates of iron together, it’s fine. When someone insists that everyone else pay $$$ to either look at it or buy it, it’s down right evil. An a-bomb is harmless until someone pushes the button.

    In “Maximum Overdrive” (the first movie version of SK’s short story, “Trucks”), it did start small. (SK got called an a-hole by an ATM machine.)

  11. Sebastiaan says:

    rofl.. that is funny.. no and’s if’s or butts’s about it.

  12. Alter Ego says:

    That was such a simple and direct way to deliver a joke Scott, it was awesome.

  13. mr mr says:


  14. Toby says:

    I’m programming a robot to follow people around for a uni course.

    The other day it seemed to of stalled so I turned away to look at the computer screen,
    it promptly ran over my foot.

    Not only are they turning against us, they’re being cheeky about it.

  15. Mr. Dou says:

    I think I laughed a full ten minutes at this… It’s funny because it’s true!

  16. chris says:

    its also realiastic, imagine who gets more job satifaction, the military kill-bot or the toaster? talk about an exciting job marginally heating bread day afte day, that thing is going to get pissed off quickly.

    that or the bomb defusal robots, they can’t get much job satisfaction either.

  17. BRizzle says:

    This one is awesome Scott. Took me a second, then it just hit me. I like it.

  18. Benoit says:

    So simple, but soooo funny! That one was really great!!! 🙂 Keep up the the good work Scott!

    – A guy from Montreal (Quebec)

  19. Scott says:

    lol! what comes around stays around…or something like that. 🙂

    Man I sucked back in 2001…

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