Today’s Comic: “Insult to Injury”

April 14, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Insult to Injury”

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Having fun again today with the down and out among us. Happy times for this guy.

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  1. Mark Frazer says:

    Thanks Scott

    Love the comic, wife and I thinks its hilarious!


    • Josh says:

      I lived with a cat like that for years and could never quite figure out the folly of my ways until I saw this cat satefy message. Sometimes you just have to hear it from an authority figure!Say…something in me wants that “THE” “END.” at the end to come as three beats:”THE”and then”END”and then”.”The period coming separate, and last.That’s not by any means a criticism of the decision made, though! Effective as is.

  2. Jake says:

    I’ve been going through a similar thing portrayed by this comic, and I did not think it was at all funny. Thats the last time I visit the site or listen to ELR.

  3. Ron says:

    Way to go Scott! You’ve been on fire as of late, keep up the hilarious work!

    • Shrikant says:

      I was going to kill myself today. Then I read your post on becyclis, and watched the video of the cat. I feel less like killing myself now. I just wanted to say thanks.LolaP.S. I love your blog. I wish I knew you when I was in highschool. Something tells me that we would’ve had fun together. <3

  4. George says:

    I just found out I didn’t get into college and don’t know what’s going to happen to me now.
    so this is comparatively funny.

    • Jonathan says:

      Can definitely raelte to this. The time the cat bit my eyebrow because I was trying to snuggle her and didn’t realize she’d been to the vet — it probably looked exactly like the part of this vid where the cat is attached to your face. we had a grey cat also. Oh, and I didn’t even have the excuse of being a kid when this happened to me! Anyway, thanks for the laugh.

  5. Felix says:

    That is so sad… ;-(

  6. Colin says:

    poor guy

    • Atcharaporn says:

      I hate THE SHIT out of cats! They are sneaky bdsaarts with, as you so aptly put, sharp parts. You never know what they are thinking and even when they are “playing” with you, they are hurting you. I just don’t have time for that. Like with a dog, you can throw shit and they will run after it and bring it back to you. That’s awesome. But cats? Cats think its fun to crawl up your leg using their SHARP ASS claws. And if they are pissed off at you, you don’t know it until you are BLEEDING. I’m sorry this turned out to be more of a rant than a comment, but I really hate THE SHIT out of cats. Oh and good job on the video, I loved it. Except the part with the meanmonsterdemon cat.

    • Ehsaan says:

      Ah, Zebra, your love for you iPad is touching. And I’m dehligted you visited the blog. I thought you’d be playing Angry Birds HD for at least a week.David, as ever, thank you for your penetrating political analysis. ;o)

  7. elenawing says:

    pretty funny Scott ^_^ though your comics have been a little sad orentated as of late, you ok???

  8. Mark Frazer says:

    One thought occurs though Scott but you were not to know….my teddy is called ‘Grawp’.

    Youngest daughter thought you ought to know

  9. Franky2toes says:

    LOL Good comic man I like these darker comics. Keep them coming!

    But it sucks that these people will come in here saying that they don’t like it and saying you shouldn’t joke about it because they are going through it. 🙁 sucks that they will miss out on a good comic because they can’t take a joke.

  10. Steve F. says:

    ‘I’ve been going through a similar thing portrayed by this comic, and I did not think it was at all funny. Thats the last time I visit the site or listen to ELR’.

    Jake… please oh please tell me you’re not for real!!? Jeez.

  11. Noir says:

    Hehe loved the comic, made me laugh on an otherwise horrible day 😛

  12. Telythugy says:

    What a sad start to a Monday. Funny… but sad.

  13. Agent Mulder says:

    Jake, your stuffed animal can walk!!!

  14. Eric says:

    His girlfriend left him: Probably his fault.
    His D&D group kicked him: Probably his fault.
    His library card was revoked: Most likely his fault.
    His heat was turned off: A slight chance it was his fault.

    The stuffed toy leaving: God’s trying to tell him somthing.

    If he doesn’t understand the message, that’s his fault.

    No sympathy from me.

  15. Aticus says:

    It’s so sad… but so good… I’m torn!

  16. Bearbutt says:

    Don’t worry about Jake. I’m sure the teddy just went to get him some bourbon or something.

  17. Labbug says:

    not a good morning for us…my cousin passed from pancreatic cancer last night. the comic gave me a chuckle…at least my teddy hasn’t left me!

  18. Humble Hobo says:

    You know, not every nerd has a life like the last two comics.

    There’s this wonderful show called “The Instance”, where none other than Curt Shillings had an interview. It’s just a nice reminder that games aren’t just for the socially inept.


  19. @ Eric

    And what would that message be? Should he kill himself? Is that the message God is trying to send? Really?

    You are a horrible, horrible person, Eric.


  20. Sushi Ninja 2.0 says:

    geeze scott, steeling ‘s depressing comic week eh? 🙂

    Funny comic!

  21. Eric says:

    @ Void Munashii: Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of “You need to change.” Now, who’s the horrible, horrible person for suggesting he should kill himself? Huh ❓

    Nyah! 😛


  22. Jake says:

    Sorry for whining, but this really did offend me. I am a loyal EL fan but this one made me mad. It seemed like the only point of this comic was to hatefully make fun of people who have hit rock bottom such as myself. It wasn’t funny (which I understand is a matter of personal preference) and it was pointless and insensitive. With that said-Scott, I know you are a smart and decent person and I hope you take me seriously.

  23. /\

    Are you kidding, its a web comic about a purple bear and a dork. Maybe you should look at yourself and find out why you are pushing people away.

  24. @ Eric

    I’m sorry for the emotional outburst, it’s just that my teddy bear once left me for a Furby.

    @ Jake

    I am a strong beleiver in the idea that all humour comes from misfortune, and I have trouble thinking of anything that is particularly funny that is not at the expense of someone being mocked or having bad things happen to them. the fact that I can identify with a character like this to a degree is exactly why I found this particular strip to be absurdly funny.

    I sincerely hope that whatever is going on in your life gets better.

  25. Scott says:

    Jake: Drop me an email…lets chat about it. myextralife at gmail dot com.

  26. Eric says:

    While I can sympathize to some degree with this comic (I can say I have felt my life to be even lower than what was represented here more than once), my callousness comes from learning that it was my own fault. It was a hard lesson at first because the truth only hurts those who lie to themselves. But I learned and moved on with great difficulty on my own (as nobody was telling me anything I needed to hear — sympathy was only fueling the pity-party).

    Now, I’m calloused about people’s misfortunes if it’s laid upon them by themselves. For every action there is a consequence, whether good or bad. Deal with the bad yourself and change. Blame (as Jake has done) does nothing except make just another lie out of one’s life. If what has happened to him was not his fault, blame here makes no sense as the comic shows the results of what was likely someone’s own actions.

    Correction: I’m not calloused about it, actually. I get angry. All the time, I see people throwing off responsibility for their own actions and trying to make others feel bad about it for them. (I work at a University in a small Southern town, after all.)

  27. @ Eric

    I’m not going to go into where I work, but I do deal with people who put themselves in bad situations, repeatedly do things to keep themselves in those situations, and won’t take the help offered them to get out of those situations as it means still doing some work themselves. They usually want someone to do it for them, and don’t follow through on opportunities presented to them.

    If I did not make myself a bit calloused about what I do, I would burn out rather quickly. I regularly put on my Vogon face, and do what I need to do regardless of how sad the situation may be, or how rude the person may be when they realize I do not do all the work for them. This is not to say that the mask does not come off sometimes behind the scenes.

    I do sincerely hope that things get better for Jake, whatever the cause and whatever the necessary remedy, as I do with the people I deal with daily. If a person is in a place that a comic like this actually offends them, then they are not in a good place.

  28. Asterix says:

    Ring, ring… Suicide Hotline. Can you please hold?

  29. How did you know? 😉

  30. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    I like this comic and I appreciate the absurdity of it all! I’ve had a rotten week, but I know I’m not REALLY in trouble until master chief & optimus prime decide to quit hanging out on my desk. Heck, I called my dad yesterday and we both had a chance to gripe a little about work (we’re in related fields). It was awesome to have someone to turn to, because Prime & the Chief aren’t very good at giving practical advice…

    @ Jake – Hang in there, man. I have no clue what you’re up against, but I suspect that it’s bound to pass sooner or later. Best wishes.

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