Today’s Comic: “I Just Wanted To Play It Again”

May 26, 2008
Today’s Comic: “I Just Wanted To Play It Again”

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This really happened to me, though not quite as hardcore as this. I got this incredible hankering to play Diablo II and its expansion again. It had been years, obviously, and I never could find my old disks. Played this game back when it came out in 2000 or whatever it was, and I loved every mouse click.

Lately, I have been so into classic Blizzard titles, that I just had to play this one again and see how well it holds up. (For the record, it holds up great!) But the dude at the store acted like I was coming from another time and place, asking for a relic from the past to be dusted off and examined by experts. So, it inspired this bit of comic.

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  1. StrangelyBrown says:

    I remember wasting many months to both Diablo 1 and 2 plus expansions back in my day. All the grind of an MMORPG hoping that the final part of a set would drop even though it was now too weak to use in the game. I still have nightmares about extra strong triple shot lightning enchanted bosses.

    If you still need that sort of fix get Titan Quest and its expansion off Steam. It might as well have been called Diablo 2.5.

  2. ElvisKungFu says:

    Diablo 2 – Classic that has to be picked up and played every once in a while.

  3. BigVF says:

    Don’t forget to click the purple gem until you get the “Mooo!” in your chat window. You’re supposed to get better drops.. or more elites.. or more gold. You’re supposed to get -something-, right?!

    But seriously now, one of my favorite games. Possibly the one I spent the most time playing. Here’s to my fellow hardcore players!

  4. Rudeboy says:

    Heh… I thought I was the only one that still played this game. But the fact that so many still play it now and then is just a testament to how great this game is. I just wish there was a way to push the rez a bit higher. It would rock if I could play it at the native rez on my 20″ widescreen LCD.

    I’m actually currently working a lvl 73 Bowazon through Act 3 of Hell difficulty. Lemme know when you’re playing and I’d be happy to run you through a few boss battles Scott. 🙂

  5. Icesnake says:

    Keep in mind that the store clerks are paid about minimum wage, and have to sell buttloads of pre-orders and “extended warranty packages” (aka extra money tacked onto the price that the customer will most likely never benefit from) jsut to keep their crappy jobs. On top of that, the usual soccer mom types will drop the kids off at the game store to get free babysitting while they go shoe-shopping, or have their nooner with the cute tennis pro. Considering what the poor jerks at the store have to put up with, it’s only amazing that they don’t start shooting everything and everyone in sight.

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