Today’s Comic: “I Just Wanted To Play It Again”

May 26, 2008
Today’s Comic: “I Just Wanted To Play It Again”

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This really happened to me, though not quite as hardcore as this. I got this incredible hankering to play Diablo II and its expansion again. It had been years, obviously, and I never could find my old disks. Played this game back when it came out in 2000 or whatever it was, and I loved every mouse click.

Lately, I have been so into classic Blizzard titles, that I just had to play this one again and see how well it holds up. (For the record, it holds up great!) But the dude at the store acted like I was coming from another time and place, asking for a relic from the past to be dusted off and examined by experts. So, it inspired this bit of comic.

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  1. Dedhed says:

    Fry’s had a Diablo II Battle Chest with all the expansions for $20-25…

  2. I dunno if you know this, but they still sell Diablo II-It’s an a collection with a couple of expansions called “Diablo Battle Chest”. Clearly the clerk is just a fucking moron. My Best Buy carries it, but I live in Seattle, I have no idea if it’ll be the same where you live, but you can get it online pretty easily.

  3. Scott says:

    yeah..thats what I bought.

  4. Soedoica says:

    What Eric said. The Battle Chest is readily available, and I assume that’s what you picked up, if you did pick it up.

    Also, the clerk was a moron. I only wish people would ask for good games like Diablo and stop asking for Carnival Games.

  5. Rex Hondo says:

    Heh… Kids these days…

    Kinda makes me want to re-install it. I think I still have my saved characters here somewhere.

  6. Yit says:

    Well, you own it. You can legally torrent it.

  7. Mark says:

    Just started playing again, too! Man, that game has eaten up so much time over the past 5 years. So good!!! Gimme D3 now!

  8. hermit says:

    you should have sent indiana jones, that’s right up his alley, looking for old artifact and all.

    but i’m right with you, i installed it last week. this game got me through college man, procrastnating oni t instead of doing my homeworks

  9. Precious_Roy says:

    Ahh…good old Diablo 2. That was the First time I had a girl dump me over a video game. I mean, she ALWAYS wanted to talk to me…what’s up with that?!?

    Just kidding, it was the only time a girl dumped me over a game. And I was done with the relationship anyway so I just gave her a reason to end it too. : )

    (BTW Happily married for 5 years now to a gamer chick. Woot!)

  10. Garfunkle says:

    I don’t even know him and I hate that kid.

  11. Ploff says:

    be careful “Hell” is friggin hard with 1.11 😀

  12. Jorge O. says:

    Well, there is always the new blizzard direct download option. Course, you don’t get the strategy guide, but they’ve made so many updates and tweaks to the game that thing is practically worthless now. Then again, one should never overlook a source of emergency TP.

  13. veXer says:

    enjoy the “stunning 800×600 resolution” that you get with the expansion. 🙂

  14. Slayeric says:

    Wanna get a game of Diablo II going sometimes, Scott? I never beat the game, but I have it.
    In fact, I just may make a topic about playing this with other Extralifers in the Gaming Forum…

    hmmm… to the bat-mobile!

  15. vampyr says:

    Heh, I’m just playing through Diablo II right now… working my way through Kurast at the moment. Speaking of a retro mood though, I just finished Diablo (the first one, vintage 1996) a couple of months ago. Now that’s a hardcore game because running is clearly for sissies!

    • Lhyn says:

      we use fire storm because our swpneieg wind will still hit enemies when we cast inner scantuary. So in principle we can hit them whilst standing in scantuary but they can\’t hit us. Another reason why i suggested fire storm is because it promotes build diversity. As any martial artist will tell us, we carve your own way, the way of no ways

  16. Mark says:

    Just started a lightning Sorceress, lvl 20 at the moment, just got to the Canyon of the Magi, Act II. Good times!

  17. mercator says:

    Saw hello to Wirt for me…

    I still have my orginal copies of Diablo and Diablo II and expansions. They are still very good games.

    If the clerk was kind of rude, that’s his meltdown. IMHO it isn’t the vintage of the game, its the enjoyment that counts. I was thinking about firing up a few old games now that finals are over. NWN1, Diablo, Morrowind, AOE… All very enjoyable, and if you upgraded your PC, you can play it all on the highest settings, something I couldn’t do with some of the games when they came out – hehe

    Get one of those new and trendy little minipc’s and its those old games that work on it.

    I’ll bet that clerk has games on his cellphone that Diablo puts to shame.

    Is battlenet still up for diablo / diablo II?

  18. Mark says: is still up, however, there are chat-bots that will enter your game and advertise “” or some such nonsense… It angers me, but you learn to mute the level 1 characters named “ldafjddkdrf2” that enter your game 😉 Nevertheless, it’s still an awesome game.

  19. DB says:

    there *is* a cow level!

    Anyway, our stores even have the original games (and the battlechest as well). But for some reason WAY overpriced. 20 euros for the first part and another 20 for the expansion. like wtf.

  20. wicked says:

    Every few years I get that desire to play it again. It never holds me as long as it used to though (r.i.p. my lvl 98 assassin called “Hemorrhoid”, a real pain in the a… I still remember you like it was yesterday).


  21. That guy in the corner. says:

    I need to get a new copy too :(…. I used to own the box set that came out, but I was foolish enough to loan it to somebody and when it came back, the disks weren’t in working condition…

  22. Kainti says:

    Shame on your Scott. You should have beaten him into unconsciousness, kidnapped him, and then forced him to watch you play Diablo II.

    He would have appreciated it, this world needs more proper learning.

  23. P.i.R.h.o. says:

    Heh, reminds me of the fact that I still have Baldurs Gate lying around, and that I still have to finish Starcraft II.

    I know, I know, shame on me.

  24. Dewin says:

    WUT?!!! Diablo 2?
    Stop with these excuses to level your hunter to 70 mister!
    Right, login to WoW and getting leveling! Stat!

  25. shadowtalon says:

    every store i go to that sells games has diablo 2 being sold
    for around $50 aussie dollar, about $47.83 USD according to google

  26. Ryan says:

    I’ve been feeling the same way, but with Starcraft. Thinking of going to target to pick it up today.

  27. Scott B says:

    Diablo II = sweeeeeet

    I’ve been feeling the same way about Warcraft II & III. I wanna play em all till my head explodes again!

  28. The Reverend says:

    It’s strange that you had this hankering around the same time I did. I still have my old discs but for some reason they froze my laptop when I inserted them.

  29. Rico says:

    A good place to check for some older games and great deals:

  30. Davad says:

    I reinstalled it a few months ago as well. Funny stuff Scott.

  31. TheGremlin says:

    Wow, I’ve had Diablo II installed on my computer for the last five years … We found a CD crack back in the day, so we don’t need the discs anymore. I’ve played so many characters, over and over, trying different methods of beating it, it’s awesome. My personal favs are the barbarian and sorceress.

    Oh, and we finally bought a legal copy back when GameStop or EB was having this crazy get rid of like everything sale. The original and expansion were on sale separately for like ten bucks each or the battle chest was like 30 bucks. If you need any strategy, check out the Arreat Summit on Blizzard’s site. (

  32. Jim R says:

    Funny, I recently re-installed Diablo II as well, Battle Chest of course. It’s been such a long time, and you can really see where many elements in WoW were borrowed from. I had nearly forgotten.

    Shame the game has video problems running in OpenGL mode on an Intel-based Mac. So it’s 256-color Software mode for me (still looks good even for 800×600 on a modern widescreen). Hopefully Blizzard will fix that at some later date. They have a really good reputation of continuing to patch their older titles years and years after the game peaked.

  33. leloup says:

    Good old Diablo, my wife and I routinely play this. There’s just something about it that no other game (that I’ve found) has been able to copy in the way of fun.

  34. Eric Covington says:

    I think if i was an associate at that store, i would praise anyone who was hankering to buy a classic. Especially if it was some youngster who probly wasnt even old enough to play on his parents computer when the game came out.

    Hehe i think its kinda amusing though. It sort of is like an old lost relic, even if it is available in just about every electronic store known to man.

  35. Serveck says:

    wow, me and my friends were seriously talking about re-installing diablo 2 the other day. however, i cannot find my install disk anywhere 🙁

  36. Brian B says:

    This is really funny. I was just in the local EB and overheard a guy ask for Diablo 2. Poor clerk looks in his computer, sees he has a copy, then spends about 10 minutes trying to find it in the mess of PC games at the store 🙂

  37. Cornstalk says:

    This is actually a little freaky to read this morning. I work at a GameStop in Sacramento, CA, and just yesterday (Sunday) I checked the customer hold drawer and saw the collectors set of Diablo II staring up at me. Apparently someone had called earlier and asked us to hold it. I don’t think they ever showed up, but it still feels like strange timing that today I read this comic.

    • Wei says:

      there arent many guides aruond, the game is still in beta phase, but if you are having so much difficulty playing the game you can check this list of some of the best Diablo 3 Guides created so far: i would advise you to wait until the game comes out to get better guides or join a Diablo 3 Premium website that basicly is a forum where the best hardcore Diablo 3 players share their thoughts about the game and Diablo 3 Strategies; i think this is a better than buying a Diablo 3 guide that will be outdated when the game comes out, anyway good luck and happy gaming!

  38. Peruchito says:


    i was thinking of busting my old blizzard games too. but since i had OS9 disks (/windows) i will have to install them on a windows-bootcamp mac mini. i didn’t know was still up! let us oldschoolers know when you reach up!

  39. Mark says:

    The Lord of Terror will never die!!!

    Also, check out the newly revamped and (formerly, but the domain was recently bought out by Blizzard… what does that tell you? *holds breath*)

  40. thom says:

    that same jerk that was making fun of the fact you wanted to play a great game from 2000 or so probably has a mame/emulator machine so he can play all the great 1984 nes games…….

  41. Gildrax says:

    I know where your coming from on this. I still play the old fallout games (1,2 and BOS) every couple of years. Its doesn’t matter how old a game is, its the gameplay that’s important.

  42. Pete says:

    lol, i live in iceland and i was just looking at a copy of diablo 2 going for peanuts and wondering if it was as good as i remembered. god this gave me a fun 3 days one summer…

  43. Jerowaka says:

    indeed, its the gameplay that counts.
    and i know a lil trick for diablo 2, in case you can still remeber your old account name/pass on battlenet, but you find your chars expired? there are 3 simple steps to get your chars back
    1: just try to log in as if it were a regular char
    2: if that fails, put the clock on your pc back a few years, and try again, should work this time arround
    3: if it fails to find it, then you lastused it before they cleaned the expired accounts sometime back, then go sit in a corner, turn emo, and cry

    • Kelsey says:

      You should be able to play Diablo w/ the Hellfire exaosnipn pack on Windows XP with little to no problems.HOWEVER, if some problems to occur, you should try compatibility mode to see if it\’s just an XP thing. To access compatibility mode, just follow these steps.1) Right-click on the game\’s icon (shortcuts are OK) & go to \”Properties\”2) Click on the \”Compatibility\” Tab3) Check on the \”Compatibility Mode\” & select \”Windows 98/ME\” from the select box (as Windows 98 is the closest OS available when the game was released).4) Hit OK & try the game again!If that doesn\’t work, visit Blizzard\’s website ( ) for help. You\’ll most likely will need to install the latest updates for the game, which should remedy most problems.If problems still exist, contact Blizzard (at the address above) for tech support.

  44. Darin says:

    Sounds similar to an experience I had when I went to find the Platinum Edition of Everquest in my favorite Gamestop. I couldn’t believe the grief I got. “Do they still have servers up for that game”, “Hey Grandpa, we don’t sell older than 5 years and nothing USED”. So I left that Gamestop, and went to another nearby….SAME COMMENTS!! It was funnier when I found 4 copies on the shelf.

  45. NeuroMan42 says:

    It happens here too… the EBs in the area are manned by complete assholes, and ones that do not even give decent information to customers either.

  46. CodeMonkey says:

    I used to love Diablo2, I stopped playing after my level 50+ Barbarian got wiped because I hadn’t played in a few months (I generally only played online). Haven’t been back since. I play Guild Wars now, but it’s not the same.
    For me, the best part of Diablo2 was playing with a friend of mine, if my girlfriend was working a late shift, I’d call him up, we’d both connect up and talk on our mobiles while we organised which game to join, then play till I needed to pick her my GF up from the station. This was all on a 56K modem of course. Went through the full set of levels on the first difficulty, but then burned out about the time we reached the second set of levels the second time through.

  47. Hypnotoad says:

    Know the feeling. After my exams a few weeks ago my friends and I (5 of us) Went on a Diablo 2 Marathon running through Acts 1-5 in one session. Took us 14 hours 5 pizzas and and order of crazy bread.

  48. gahal says:

    Yit Said,
    “Well, you own it. You can legally torrent it.”
    Sadly, no you can’t.

  49. Dutch JaFO says:

    It’s a damn shame how quickly games (and software in general) disappear from the shelves once it is ‘old’.
    At least you have a chance of finding stuff like Diablo 2, but I doubt you can find anything that was made in the same year …

  50. Devilbob says:

    That’s when you tell the kid the game might be a little scary and let him know it’s ok to ask a grown up to get it if he’s afraid. If the kid knew about games at all he should’ve been raving about how much fun Diablo was/is; that’s why the game is still available at a lot of stores. Then tell him Guitar Hero is just DDR for people who can’t dance.

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