Today’s Comic: “Holy Bat Rejects!”

July 21, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Holy Bat Rejects!”

About this comic

When you see the movie, you will no longer wonder why Batman’s cowl looks different than it did before, and I got to thinking it might be fun to play around with a few rejected designs. Hence the comic.

11 Responses to Today’s Comic: “Holy Bat Rejects!”

  1. Samuel says:

    I’m sorry to be nit-picky, but you have your terminology wrong in this comic. Only females can have a “camel toe”, it has to do with anatomy. Males with their pants crotch built high and tight get a condition known as a “moose knuckle”. True fact, look it up on Wikipedia or something…

  2. Scott says:

    meh…no one ever says moose knuckle.

  3. Cantonkid says:

    Based on the ‘pooch’, I am guessing that is either the stand in, or Adam West Batman. (maybe one in the same?) 😉

  4. mercator says:

    I resemble summer breeze batman and it makes me depressed. I need a cowl to hide my shame.

  5. C-H says:

    Not sure if it was because of a game or cartoon but, I always thought bat guano glowed bright green.

  6. [in Graham Chapman voice]

    Now see here, that sketch was entirely quite too silly!

  7. frisbeeguy49 says:

    I believe the correct term for men is “camel tail”

  8. nope, “moose knuckle” is it.

  9. Colin says:

    Camel Toe huh? thats about as dirty as you get eh scott?

  10. Nepentheia says:

    This is wonderfully silly. I get into such a giggle-fit every time I read this one. Thank you! 😀

  11. Scott says:

    Colin: Yes, Colin. That is indeed just about as dirty as I get.

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