Today’s Comic: “Final Santa Boss Fight”

December 15, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Final Santa Boss Fight”

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Had a lot of fun with this one. Christmas and boss fights…two of my favorite things working together. Check it.

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  1. Alkey29 says:

    hehe i like this one 🙂 the face on the guy… ^^

  2. jawbonerforlife says:

    your wife or kids isn’t one of you favorite things.

  3. Roastbeef says:

    Jaw, you need to reread the comment. He didnt say “my two favorite things”. He said “two of my favorite things”. As in, there are more than these two. Guessing Kim and the kids wouldnt really fit the theme, hence they are left out of the comic.

  4. PreciousRoy says:

    Best part…Santa is a cyclops.

  5. Kip Oneil says:

    That is by far the creepiest Santa ever…which is saying a lot as he’s already a pretty creepy fake person.

  6. Samantha Jane says:

    Awesome sauce!

  7. Badgersmasher says:

    I was really hoping for a speech bubble from Santa saying “Oatmeal raisin my ass!”, but the little dude is better 😀

  8. mercator says:

    HO HO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-rwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwrrrrrr

  9. Dan says:

    That is fantastic.

    • Vipul says:

      You should try to get the PSA poelpe to air this. Maybe some other poor child will be spared the pain of cat scratches. I only have one finger that is scar-free. The rest were marred by the cats we had when I was small.

  10. Mikey says:

    Okay this is sweet.

  11. Fangy says:

    Awesome comic 🙂

    Something else tho… your Comic RSS is the same as your main RSS… I’m subscribed to the comic one, but I get an entry in my reader for every post put onto the site (this happened when Experience Points got its own RSS)…

  12. digisam says:

    i miss colour 🙁

    EDIT BY SCOTT: I miss Futurama.

  13. Eric says:

    I like traditions. Color will return soon enough.

    “YOU SHOT RUDOLPH!!!!!! NOW, YOU DIE!!!!!!”

    (This reminds me of WoW just outside Westfall Brigade where a hunter shoots ‘Mother of Bambina’ and Bambina gets super enraged, grows 4x its size and turns red, gains 2000% damage and one-hits the hunter. Of course, this rarely happens as the four critters are usually nuked by a bored player before they even make one circuit.)

    (and the obvious)
    ‘Twas the Instance Before Christmas,
    And all through the zone,
    All the guildies were logged in
    For this instance to pwn.
    They cleared all the rooms
    Of trash mobs with care
    For a major boss fight
    Would soon be there.
    When all through the froom
    There came such a sound:
    An elite level ?? mob
    Arose through the ground.
    Though they fought tirelessly
    Before the end was done,
    All of them died…
    All except one:
    It killed Pwnr, killed Krowner,
    Killed Iamthemister,
    Killed Mocksyu, killed Roxu,
    Killed Gnomerogue and Blister.
    When Dehunter was faced
    With this horrible sight,
    He got disconnected
    And called it a night.

  14. Northorn says:

    This one’s great! Keep it up!

  15. TheChao says:

    thats classic

  16. grimphoenix88 says:

    First thing that popped into my head when I saw this was “you’ll shoot your eye out kid”.

  17. Davad says:

    I gotta agree with the above sentiment that the cyclops look is pure win.

  18. Gene says:

    This is awesome. Now there needs to be some kinda first person shooter game with a Santa last boss.

  19. Bearbutt says:

    I hear that when he reaches 3% he spawns 8 tiny reindeer. I bet they’re a real pain in the ass.

  20. If I was a Quake mod writer…

    I gotta say, Scott, today’s trip through abstraction alley gave me an out-loud laugh. Great work!

  21. Hoodoo says:

    The sketches are nice, something different is always good, but the updated color version, while still keeping the sketch texture, is brilliant. Thanks Scott.

  22. Scott says:

    Hoodoo might be on to something. 😉 Just saying…

  23. BlackguardSpork says:

    Yet one more thing to make me smile. thanks Scott.

  24. Zorbane says:

    Most epic santa ever

  25. digisam says:

    YAY colour, or color for you Scott.

    Put the tree up today and feeling festive.

    • Kost says:

      Happy birthday, Tony! I hope you have a great party today and can revvie quickly enough to be ready for the Christmas festivities to come. Craig Shutt

  26. LostSoul says:

    I’m seeing a potential series springing from this idea. Days of Christmas meets Shadow of the Colossus sorta deal…

  27. idogis1 says:

    hurray! Color! gray scale be gettin me down.

  28. Lorigga says:

    I think you’re on to something very important,. Considering the discussion Scott had on ELR a while back with Brian and O regarding the need for something “new” for the world of online comics, it’s interesting to see Scott develop something new.

    I’m listening to the Diary right now and checking out this comic. I LOVE the style and format, Scott’s passion comes out…you know, as long as you feel good doing what you’re doing then I’m sure it’s the way to go!

    Anyways, I love the new spin. This one is awesome. The gritty style adds to the overall feel of unexpected danger…and that dude’s expression is priceless. I wonder if the expression comes from the new style…

  29. TheChao says:

    now in technicolor!

  30. ScottyD says:

    I liked it B&W but the color adds some nice flavor flav.

  31. Mick says:

    Dude, after seeing this comic in color, this style is so much better then your old one. Don’t switch back!

  32. BrianD says:


    Bah… you people and your color addiction! Both are just as awesome. I hope that guy has a rocket launcher, and is able to circle strafe. Otherwise, he’s going to be a bunch of jolly Christmas goo on the landscape.

  33. Ognawk says:

    Haha I love it! Just the look on the guy’s face! “Ohhhh golly!”

    (He’s probably saying something a lot less child friendly!)

  34. mercator says:

    %Santaclops is coming to town…

    He’s making a list checking it twice gonna kill all if naughty or nice

    santaclops is coming to towwwnnnn….%

  35. Pineapple Farmer says:

    Um… lolwut?!

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