Today’s Comic: “Eye for an Eye”

November 12, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Eye for an Eye”

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As you might have guessed from some of the archives, I am sometimes really into these “what if” scenarios with super heroes, and here is yet another one.

25 Responses to Today’s Comic: “Eye for an Eye”

  1. Sphinkette says:

    Eh? I don’t get it

  2. Cephas says:

    For those of you who don’t get the joke, Logan is Wolverine.

  3. Darth_yoda (UK) says:

    and for those that don’t know who Wolverine is, he is a mutant with three extending claws imbedded into each hand made from adamantium in the X-men series.

  4. Durinn says:

    Ok, granted that during his first incarnation he was sometimes drawn with little metal hoods on his hand, (sometimes they were on his costume, sometimes part of the claws. It just depended on who was drawing him at the time) I thought it was later shown that his skin was cut every time he popped his claws, and then his healing factor closed the cuts as soon as he withdrew them? Or was that only in the movie?

  5. Savage says:

    and for those of you who don’t know what claws are, they’re pointy and they’ll hurt you.

  6. TheChao says:

    Logan’s put on some weight…

  7. Hehe….yay for more Fat Heroes!

  8. Redsword says:


    I love the way the cartoon has a textured look.

    What Photoshop settings did you use? Was is something with the “noise” settings?

    Anyway, this is a great look.

  9. Tonesbroke2 says:

    “Flap type Opening Thing” that is kind of gross…but also hilarious because you know he’s got those.

  10. Scott says:

    Reds: Working with textures and layer settings. 🙂

  11. Novan Leon says:

    Actually, I always assumed that the claws cut his skin open every time he used them and his healing factor healed them up afterward. I always had the impression that there was pain involved in using them.

    • Michael says:

      Great I think I am finally ready to taklce this project and change out my old showerhead to my nice, new, oil-rubbed bronze unit. I am pretty handy, but I was afraid to do it because I did a search and read another plumber’s post about how you can break something in there if you’re not careful but you made it look so easy. Thanks again !

  12. Skyhawk says:

    hehehe wolverine ftw

  13. greg says:

    oh! It’s wolverine! I feel stupid.

  14. Dewd says:

    Fat Wolverine FTW!

    Love it!

  15. Dboy says:

    Ha! I love the title, in that you’ve mixed two cliches together (“eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” and “to have an eye for” something, meaning to be good at noticing).

    I think there’s more humour in the title than anywhere else!

    Very clever.

  16. Scott says:

    Thks, Dboy. 🙂

  17. Eric says:

    I found the textures distracting this time, but it could easily be because it’s new and easy to notice.

    Either way, it’s an interesting touch, and I find it exciting to see artists mixing it up a bit in style. (Style aside, the content in these comics is about as mixed up as a caffeinated frog in a battery-operated blender in a side-loading steam washing machine… which is the the way I think comics that are generally non-serial should be… IOW perfect.)

  18. Scott says:

    Just experimenting.

  19. colin says:

    HaH! Logan is chubby

  20. Nazz says:

    The textured look is great on the background and clothes but it feels slightly too prominent on the skin, still very cool though.

  21. hassiand says:

    now i know its wolverine its sooooo funny =D

  22. tom says:

    i thought this was a joke about how you can form something with yor hands, that looks kind of like a vagina (as perceived by 8years old).

  23. Jeltz says:

    Realy like the textured look too, keep doing it 🙂

  24. rowd says:

    This ones awesome scott!

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