Today’s Comic: “Evolution is hard…”

September 22, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Evolution is hard…”

About this comic

Been playing Spore. Enjoying it quite a bit. My kids REALLY love it. Seems Will Wright knows what people like them wanna play. Either way, I thought I would spoiler the final stage after space in today’s comic.

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  1. Hah. Durrr…

    One of your better ones. 🙂

  2. outlawed says:

    Ya know, I’ve heard a lot of flak from people about Spore since it came out, but I just don’t see it. I remember reading a post someone made (I forget where) that said something to the effect of “Some people just don’t understand that Spore is a space RTS with a fun 9 hour customization feature.” I think that wraps it up–sort of.

    On the Totally Rad Show, they mentioned how since they’ve experienced the ‘best of’ the 5 games within Spore (flOw, Civilization 4, StarCraft) that it lessens the experience as a whole, which I can kinda see.

    I had a completely different experience with the game. The whole time I had just an extreme amount of wonder and appreciation for the world around me as I literally evolved from a cell to a galactic empire. When I started the Space stage I felt completely over-burdened, in a good way. The moment I zoomed out and saw this entire universe, and then discover that I could actually travel to each and every single one of those solar systems was an astounding feeling to me and it really made me realize the impact of the game.

    I just remember all the things I hold near and dear to me (sci-fi wise, that is): Firefly, Star Wars, Star Trek, many other things, and it really puts those in more of a perspective, especially Firefly. After I had built a small empire, in probably 1% of the total space of the universe in the game, mind you, I tried something different. I ventured out in space and just tried to see what would happen. I brought with me some of the money in the game and stuff to make 1 or 2 colonies and I just explored. It felt so freeing and fun to let loose of the conventional ways I usually play games and explore a seemingly endless universe. I unknowingly started wars, made allies, founded new colonies on planets far away from my home. Just…amazing.

    I’m glad you and your family are enjoying the game. Creating creatures, buildings, and empires never seems to get old in the game. I truly don’t think I’ll ever forget my experience(s) with Spore and I think Will Wright did an amazing job at creating a game that shows us how far we’ve come and how far we can aspire.

  3. Sal says:

    Haha, I’m as hooked as you guys are. My friend doesn’t have a copy of it, and he spent at least 3 hours playing a few days ago.
    Also, I wish I could get that kind of face for the cell stage. Durr…

  4. Yoggi says:

    Hilarious, even for a French guy 🙂

  5. Grammar Nazi says:

    The “court’s” attention? 😉

  6. NeuroMan42 says:

    Now that I have played Spore some more, in between the fun that is Warhammer Online. I enjoy it for short playtimes, otherwise the the “Sims-effect” occurs and it is mind-numbing boring.

  7. drew says:

    That was hilarious Scott!

    • Alejandra says:

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  8. Kitfox says:


  9. Hawkito says:

    The only problem Scott is that you have him evolving into a lawyer- which is actually devolving if I’m not mistaken….Zing!

    • Shaka says:

      Hi Bianca: same problem here. I mleiad them about it and got a standard reply. Just to be on the safe side I reserved a copy at Bart Smit as well. If comes through with what I ordered I will be a happy person, if not that’s a big downer.

  10. TheChao says:

    i just played that game for the first time last night… for 8 hours…. i need sleep…

  11. *laughs*

    I am both humored and a little scared by the possibility that litigation attorneys are part of the evolutionary process on Earth.

  12. mercator says:

    Isn’t a lawyer a devolution?

  13. Pineapple Farmer says:

    All I do is make giant death machines with the vehicle creator. Nothing better than a giant cube loaded with guns and wagon wheels!

  14. adam h says:

    One of the best web comics anywhere, anytime. Love it.

  15. Lord Zeon says:

    Definitely one of your best, Scott. 😀

    I found Spore to be too simple, especially in the Space stage, where it’s simple and unbalanced. I’ve discovered the technique to destroy enemy cities without taking a shot (except for perhaps the occasional turret). You have to trade every friggin piece of cargo yourself (Anybody heard of a merchant?). After you get all the upgrades and take so many planets, what’s the point? Take more? Woo. I’ll just get more spice then, which I can’t get rid of at a decent price anyways!

    Bottom line: Spore is fun until you realize what you’re doing.

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  16. Cantonkid says:

    I am enjoying the game. Not too far into the Space Stage yet… My gf loves the cell stage and the creature stage, but she does not like the Tribal stage (she prefers the individual creature design and interaction).

    Maybe Spore 2 could have an afterlife stage (design your own Heaven and Hells ha ha) 😉

  17. Jezza says:

    The Space stage is INITIALLY awesome and I still find it great fun. But it does end up feeling like you’re some Galactic babysitter, as if you are the soul individual capable of fixing EVERYTHING.

    Making it more “civilisation” like, with your empire making money (Yes, you can still place colonies etc, influence its direction and attitude etc) starting wars, expanding (albeit slower than if you were taking DIRECT intervention) would take the pressure off a tad.

    I think that you should be given the option to become TOTALLY independant in Space stage and just BECOME the godlike entity you are elevating towards 😉 But maybe thats a later expansion pack.

    Regardless, I still enjoy it and love the customisability. Just it’d be nice if the Galaxy was a little more… organic (I wanted to create a Tyranid/zerg/xenmorph swarm, for goodness sake…) with fleets and Sins of a Solar Empire level of interaction… but with the added level of interaction that Spore gives.

    But that’s potentially Spore 2 😉 I stand by statement that, for a first step, this is an awesome game with good ambitions. That, and blowing up planets of empires who are rude to you is just funny.

  18. Joonas says:

    Spore – Space = awesome (minus the micromanagement).
    Otherwise, you should get Kristine (don’t remember the name, sorry) on more often. Also, what happened to Kurt Schilling?

  19. Merazibah says:

    HA! Durrrr. Then Durrrh. then at the final stafe, a fancy way of saying Durrrrrrrhhh!

  20. Eric says:

    Names! I want names. Northman72!

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