Today’s Comic: “Disappointment Combo Meal”

August 27, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Disappointment Combo Meal”

About this comic

You can thank Arbys for today’s comic.

UPDATE: Just to be VERY clear about this, the comic has NOTHING to do with my wife, not in the least. Many of you have actually met her, and know two things: She is not this lady, and I worship the ground she walks on. The comic is not always about my life or things I see or do. Just wanted that to be very clear.

35 Responses to Today’s Comic: “Disappointment Combo Meal”

  1. Mike SLC says:

    Oh, that’s funny! Ha! Good one!

  2. TD says:

    And this is why Chick-fil-A is the king of all fast food =D

  3. Kainti says:

    Oh man, that’s funny. Don’t let the wife see this.

  4. bezdomnoi says:

    Oh man, this is easily my favorite extralife strip yet. Has a almost SMBC-like wit to it. Great work.

  5. Gene says:

    Really enjoyed it. Totally awesome.

  6. mmom says:

    Idea from your Arby’s experience? I like this comic.

    And is the fella checking out a postcard of a relative or secret gf?

  7. LucaStefan says:

    “You think you’re getting something wonderful… and you’re getting this”

    The guy is looking at a earlier photo of the chick, and agreeing.

  8. mercator says:

    I hope this isn’t a personal cartoon Scott!

    I won’t let my wife see this. She might feel like that dude…

  9. Propane says:
    This is relevant to your interests!

    “See, this is what I’m talking about! Turn around, look at that. You see what I mean? It’s plump, it’s juicy, it’s three inches thick. Now. Look at this sorry, miserable squashed thing. Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with this picture? Anybody? Anybody at all?”

  10. Gary says:

    This is a Brilliant strip Scott! Very nice way to work in a real life food experience with a comic. 😀

  11. Now that is a funny strip!

    Falling Down! I love that movie.

  12. Jack says:

    i saw this and laughed pretty hard, bravo!

  13. Adam says:

    NO good can come of Chat room hook ups unless you are filming a fantasy movie and need troll extras. Great comic

  14. Labbug says:

    This reminds me of that Saturday Night Live skit, “Lowered Expectations”.
    Funny. 😀

  15. The Mike says:

    One of your best!

  16. Telythugy says:

    So how is sleeping on the sofa been Scott?
    Funny comic, but man I really hope the little lady has a really good sense of humor.
    But really love the comic.

  17. Asterix says:

    Heheh… very clever and funny Scottie boy!

  18. crosscut says:

    Once I found out what the suppossed Roast Beef at Arby’s was…I have not eaten in almost 2 years.

    Ask to see the chunk-o-beef they pass off as “Raost Beef” before they carve it and how it’s gelatanis (spelling?) coating is something out of the X-Files. GROSS!!

  19. BrianD says:



    I one time got RAW chicken strips from a pretty reliable fast food restaurant. Cooked breading, but raw chicken inside. In retrospect, they were getting ALOT of phone calls at that moment at the drive thru window. Perhaps I should have checked the food first.. So next time I’m gonna get a meal from anywhere, I’m gonna check the food at the window instead of driving off.

  20. Yishimoto says:

    BWAHAHA funniest comic i have recently. Nice one Scott.

  21. utahrogue says:

    As always great work Scott

  22. Rususeruru says:

    Today’s comic has been brought to you by Online Dating Service.

  23. NeuroMan42 says:

    Why the need to explain yourself? It is your site and comics… screw the questions of others. 🙂

  24. Isaac says:

    Favorite EL ever

  25. Bearbutt says:

    No explanation needed due to one person who doesn’t get it.

  26. GoofyMonkey says:

    Way to cover your ass with the update Scott… When I first read the comic this morning I instantly thought you might get in a little trouble with this one…

  27. Zorbane says:

    I thought it was poking fun at online dating sites.

  28. Tuss4 says:


  29. Loved it! Great comic and VERY understandable. I think tuesday was “Hose the Customer Day” at Arbys as I had nearly the same experience.

  30. Keefe says:

    It’s funny how after you draw a cartoon person for someone, the vast majority of the time, the first thing they say is “That’s great! Who is it?” And it’s not supposed to be anybody in particular at all…

  31. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    Oh, I LOVE this comic! It easily makes my all-time extra life top 5. That was awesome!

  32. Mark Dell says:

    I’m a little behind on my RSS so I only just caught this comic. As I was looking at it I remembered the twitter you posted when you went to lunch with your wife 🙂
    I know full well that this comic was just a joke and is just a life experience mixed with a funny anecdote, the fact you had to clarify that to the unwashed is as funny as the comic.

  33. LaVaGod says:

    When I read the comic I thought the person on the left was O.

    This is being passed around my office btw. Great comic 🙂

  34. Jaylan says:

    Evenoyre would benefit from reading this post

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