Today’s Comic: “Diablo Fan Boys are Hardcore”

July 11, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Diablo Fan Boys are Hardcore”

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Did you guys read about this petition? Pretty crazy if you ask me. From what I saw, DIII looks really dark and awesome, so not sure why the freak out. Here’s the comic.

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  1. NSMike says:

    Amazingly, Diablo II was FULL of colorful environments, and even the first Diablo had a pretty good range of colors.

    I’m getting sick of the “make everything gray and brown” design philosophy, and would be more than happy to see Blizzard ignore these people.

  2. Gwil says:

    My sentiments as well. I played through Diablo 2 after the announcement and decided that it wasn’t that much of a change, and that the minuscule change is a good one.

    They claim it looks like a Warcraft style which I can’t see at all.

    Even the icons seem much more gritty than the Warcraft interface.

  3. TheGremlin says:

    I can’t believe they already have 41,000 signatures … I mean, I definitely see the Warcraft influence, but it doesn’t adversely effect the mood. Sometimes those dungeons got too hard to see in, like during the day, though I forgot, gamers only like to play in the pitch black of the night. I dunno, I am holding my opinion back until I start seeing final shots and gameplay, which won’t be for awhile anyhow.

  4. Xengon says:

    Are these people serious? Judging an entire game from the few minutes of gameplay they’ve seen. I’ve shown the game to many people, many who have played Diablo 2, every one of them liked it, though it looked amazing. People need to learn to enjoy things and stop trying to find fault with everything.

    The game is in my opinion, at least a year from completion, give it a chance and stop complaining.

  5. Chuck says:

    What I can’t believe is how people are jumping on this so damn quickly. Blizzard is an icon of modern game development, they’ve proven that what they do is stellar.
    Not to mention that it was JUST announced, and we won’t see it until probably mid-2009 anyway. They’re concentrating on gameplay, balancing, mechanics and more… why bitch about COLORS?!
    Seriously, there was no destructable environments in the first two games, there was no 3D, how much more? That’s IT! I’m starting a petition because those crazies at Blizzard want to raise the resolution past 800×600!!! Who’s with me? aaaaaaaagggghhhhh
    I’m a huge fan of the Diablo series, and am more than willing to play what they put out, regardless of the color scheme. It’s just ridiculous.

  6. Smitehammer says:

    You have to agree the environments are too shinny, though. All kinds of shins and kneecaps just littering the place — unacceptable.

    Misspellings aside, they do have a point. It’s too late in the game to alter anything as big as they’re wanting but I do admit that of these two pictures ( ) , I’d opt for their vision over… is that happy rainbow sunshine meadow land?

    I have to agree with the lighting issue too, but this petition is going nowhere. People who buy the game are going to do so regardless of if they change everything now, so it’s not going to touch what’s been made. In fact, many will be disappointed in deviation from what’s been promised.

  7. RaXha says:

    The only think i can see resembles WC3 is the fact that it’s 3D.. people will love it no matter how it looks, they just like to complain for no reason.. (90% of them are probably a bunch of 14 year olds with nothing better to do..)

  8. Timmy G says:

    What a bunh of whinny lil girls these ppl a game isnt what they want well. i hate to be the beror of bad news but 99% of them if d3 hit today would still buy and play it so they all just need to trus blizz with a game that put them on the map ans shut up!

  9. The Reverend says:

    I wish there was a way to sign against the petition. I remember always putting the gamma slider at least 3/4 of the way up just so I could make stuff out. It seems like all they’d have to do is slide it down a little – problem solved.

  10. Elroho says:

    Quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in at least 13 minutes of dealing with people. Hmmm, trust a company that has a track record of blockbuster hits that last for years…or….allow a bunch of whiny internet fanbois to decide the fate(and content) of a multi-million dollar generating game?
    That’s a real toughy there…

  11. Girkon says:

    A bunch of children, the lot of em. Thats all I can use to describe it. Blizzard gives them what is quite possibly, some of the most fun and entertaining games around. Keeps a majority of online play free. Yet they have the nerve to pull this crap.

    I also support the theory of a majority of those sigs being penned by adolescents who have no idea what they’re talking about. Bah kids these these days.

  12. Bithan says:

    This is my favorite line in the whole description as a complaint they have:

    “Outside scenarios with vivid colors, beautiful forests with colorful vegetation, shinny and beautiful waterfalls where even rainbows take place”

    OMG not rainbows……they are the death of the game!!!!

    Too much time on their hands…way too much time.

  13. Xengon says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say half of those signatures were repeat signings by someone who’d already signed the stupid petition.

  14. Dont know much about the first too but for a guy whos never played… This new one instantly made me want to try!

  15. Nadmir says:

    It’s some kind of pattern. Don’t you remember the whine after d2 was published? It was less dark and horryfying than the first part. And now the whine is revived and back in action! Gosh i hope this ends soon. Maybe they’ll close the forums or something.

  16. Aroinak says:

    Normally, Scott, I’d agree with you wholeheartedly, for I agree that it looked perfectly dark, but it does look too cartoony. I think it needs to look realistic, not stylized from WoW. Their really messing up there, I’m not gonna lie.

  17. MooSpot says:

    Dear Blizzard,

    If all people can complain about is the use of colors in the game, then I don’t think you have much to worry about.

  18. Offlink says:

    I haven’t seen much footage of the game, as I don’t generally play Blizzard games, and I don’t understand the plot of Diablo, but I could see this just being something at the beginning of the game, and the colour and brightness being a contrast to the second half of the game, when the scene gets darker as the stakes get higher and Diablo gains more power. Blizzard seems like the kind of developer that would do that.

  19. LucaStefan says:

    I think the game looks sweet. Blizzard would be stupid if they listened to these douches.

    If you don’t like the game don’t buy it.

  20. akirath01 says:

    Turn your moniters brightness down if you don’t like it. Freekin fanboys.

  21. Icesnake says:

    This petition is being made as a way to express the disappointment of us, the Diablo fans, about the way the dildoboys who think they know how to design a successful video game, but have never been near a compiler nor a drafting table in their lives, suck up perfectly good oxygen and waste the valuable time of Blizzard employees with stupid petitions complaining about their inability to switch to black-and-white graphics on their PCs…

    Please choke the living $#%* out of anyone who signed that stupid petition today.

  22. Christopher7xii says:


    Seriously though, either
    A) Use your imagination to make the game more “dark” to your setting”, or
    B) Don’t buy their game if you don’t support it.

    Seeing is how I can guarantee all “41,000” on that list will buy the game (anyone that focused on the game won’t let it come out and ignore it) – They should just stop whining. Really tired of this world where everyone expects everything to cater to them. Blizzard will make the game THEY see fit, and if you’re interested – you may purchase it. They’re not required by any means to make a game for you as an individual. They could make a game where you play a knight of the Carebears and attack with rainbows and hugs against the Snuggles bear and call it Diablo 3 if they want. It’s THEIR game.

    /rant off

    Can’t wait for D3!

  23. Christopher7xii says:

    BTW, can’t they just lower their gamme and dim their monitor if they wanted to? That’ll make it dark. In fact, they could turn the monitor off and have it be pitch black. That’s nice and gothic, right?

  24. Novan Leon says:

    This would be easy to fix. Just ask Blizzard to include an in-game desaturation filter as an option, maybe a grain filter too. That should make them happy.

  25. Novan Leon says:

    You have to admit, the Diablo female berserker and WoW female warrior do look similiar:

  26. Diablo says:

    Wow, nice doing yet another trend comic. All artists are making these in response to people who say that it’s crappy that the art direction is different.
    The thing is, I don’t like the look of D3 right now because it’s too cartoony and action rpg-y. I don’t like it (and I think others don’t either) because blizzard is totally making it look like a console game and not the traditional Diablo style that we’ve grown up to love.

  27. Scott says:

    Diablo: Whatever, lord of terror.

  28. Beorinn says:

    Ok, of the years I’ve read this comic, this is my first comment ever cause…well…that has to be the most ridiculous(If I spelled that word right.) thing ever.
    1) Did they even think that maybe that’s the starting region where evil is JUST now taking root and that’s why the forest seems alive? I’m sure later on in the game you’ll be in zones where evil has already been there for a while and the place is pretty much dead man’s land…You can’t just see the first act’s vivid atmosphere and just ASSUME all the art is going to resemble that.
    2) The way they argue…so repetitive! If you want to make a good arguement, don’t use the phrase “Clean and Shiny” twice in the SAME sentence, my college English professor would give anyone an F on an arguement like that…not many will enjoy a dull, repeating paper.
    3) The lighting – Seriously…I kinda like being able to see what’s going on or may be approaching from afar. If you want bad lighting games, go play Doom…
    4) Be thankful we are even GETTING a Diablo 3 – Blizzard has that new WoW expansion, SC2, and NOW D3 all in developement…they can’t spend all their time into one project just for ‘better’ visuals. They have to space out their designers for each project to get them done on time if possible. I even see Hiring ads for the Blizzard team every site they have so that even shows they lack the human resources. Give the guys some slack, they are trying the best they can. They can’t spend every waking hour into the game developments, they got families and lives too.

    That’s my thoughts.

  29. Xengon says:

    I’ve played Diablo 2, and seeing Diablo 3, immediately reminded me of the feel of Diablo 2. I don’t see how this isn’t realistic enough. It seems to follow the trend of the last diablo game, don’t see any valid arguments here whatsoever.

  30. Rob says:

    I think blizzard knows how to make Diablo better than a bunch of Fanboys. I will probably get Diablo 3 and maybe the others.

  31. Peruchito says:

    scott can you start a diablo 3 – LEAVE THE COLOUR THE WAY IT IS petition? i just want to see if we can get more signatures.

  32. Abisian says:

    So, what these people on the petition are asking is for a rehash of DII exactly, and more importantly do not want to have anything to do with anything new. But in my opinion change is good.

  33. jack says:

    “… obviously, we have to petition Blizzard to fix this evil which hath been wroght upon us.”

    “You could just turn the brightness on your monitor down.”

    “BLASPHEMER! I shalt cast ‘remove from friends’ level 2 upon thine myspace, casting thee into darkness.”

    “Whatever, I’ve got a date.”

  34. Cerno says:

    Well actually I didn’t like the transition in visuals from D1 to D2 when it came out and I still stand by that. The graphics were too grainy, as if they had been rendered in high resolution and then downscaled in indexed color space. This didn’t change anything about D2 being an awesome and addicting experience, but I still believe it could be even better with cleaner graphics.

    Likewise I agree that the transition from D2 to D3 also has some visual issues (especially dungeon lighting). That being as it is, I firmly believe that no matter how the game will look, it will be an awesome experience in any case, as has always been true for Blizzard games.

    So, personally I would be excited about a darker 300-esque dungeon look in D3 (as has been presented by different people in the petition), just as I would have been happier with a more clean, less pixelated look in D2.

    Blizzard does awesome work but for my personal taste, the visuals could have been a tad better to make the whole experience even more remarkable than it already is.

    My 2 Euro cents,

  35. Bruce says:

    I consider myself to be a huge fan of the Diablo series and I can’t wait for the new game. More colorful? It sure is, but why should that be an issue? As long as it has the same secret sauce of cool loot and great game play, I really don’t care.

  36. Noir says:

    While i don’t agree on most of their points(i thought the game looked gorgeous when i saw the gameplay trailer) i am worried about the armors :\
    There is an excellent thread about it on the official forum somewhere, but to tired to dig it out, only gonna say that at least the female barbarians armor with those gigantic shoulder guards looks like crap 😛
    still a quite minor issue, need to see allot more different armors before i judge the armor design xD

  37. mercator says:

    The only trait I might not like too much is if they do the oversized shoulder thing that is in WoW. Of course, I liked the Necro, so he was thin and frail looking… Add the uber pads more than they already did, and he will look like he’ll fall over.

    I’m cool with it so long as all the characters don’t go the way of the original Star Wars action figures turned into the new Star Wars steroidal action figures.

    Skip that, and I am happy, colors and all! Hell (pun intended), I’ll probably buy it even with steroidal looking characters because IT IS FREAKING DIABLO! hehe

  38. mercator says:

    Oh and no, I didn’t and won’t sign the petition -_-

    Keep icesnake away from me!

  39. Matt B says:

    As others have said, there’s always going to be qq’ing over new things in a game that aren’t exactly what people were expecting or desiring in a game.

    However, having read the petition, I want to know how the person who started it expects to be taken seriously when there are many spelling and grammar errors throughout the entire thing. I’m fairly certain that each sentence in their list of points has one. This might seem a little nitpicky, but let’s be honest – if you want to be given credibility for something that really concerns you, it’s got to be well put together.

    *shrugs* Whether it’s too cartoony or not, I didn’t play D2, but might have to pick up a copy of D3. It looks pretty good and even if it’s influenced by WoW, we’re just going to have to deal.

  40. LostSoul says:

    I get where they are coming from. It does have a lot brighter and more vibrant colors (which is the cartoon style WoW influence others speak of). However, to me it’s just a minor detail of no major impact. The true grit will ultimately be measured in how dark the game actually is.

    Call me a rebel, but for a dark game, Diablo 1 is up there. I mean…how games do you play only to have the hero turn into the evil S.O.B. you set out to kill? And not just evil, but twisted…you put the village of tristram to ashes in your wake. As for visuals? Hello racks of impaled corpses, dismembered body parts, and flaming crucifixion?

    Whether or not Diablo 3 lives up to that is something that won’t be seen until much later in development, but I got hopes (unlike the ever diminishing hopes for Fallout 3).

  41. mario66 says:

    wow. and i thought I was a geek

  42. dorgol says:

    I’m guessing the people signing the petition have done so many Baal runs they’ve forgotten what Diablo II looked like. The deserts around Lut Golein were NOT dark and gothic.

    Oh, and there were more than a few occasions where I found D2 to be too dark. So much so that I had to increase my gamma to see things.

    Bring on the happy rainbow land with legions of evil creatures.

  43. Sir Richfield says:

    There’s a nice comment about that on, including a comparison of D2’s LOD first bossfight with Baal (When he’s spawning his minions) and a screen from the D3 Trailer…

    Seeing that and remembering the “hell” levels of D1, oh boy is D3 dark already…

    But well, let ’em whine. D2 was bashed because of it’s inferior resolution (640 x 480 anyone?) and it’s color and still being 2D an whatnot.
    And see how much it hurt the sales!

  44. Kukawaki says:

    Style has changed substantially, from medieval fantasy to generic fantasy.
    Take architecture for example or even the armor.
    How is it that most of you are missing this is beyond me.
    Also, Titan Quest had better gfx than D3 has now and its a 3 year old game. It even had Havok. As it stand TQ is right now more Diablo-like than D3. Hence the petition.

  45. Mark says:

    probably after the fuzzy pink everyones on drugs land of the burning crusade. I mean outland was supposed to be dark, gritty evil… you step in Zanger and there’s freaking purple giant mushrooms glowing with little cute mushroom men.

    Hit nagrand, and you have to turn down your gamma less you be blinded by the vibrant colours.

    -shudders- Blizzard have lost their edge, everything seems to cute.. and kiddy like with everything they do. It’s kinda scary… they singlehandly managed to take out the War in Warcraft.

    Gotta say i’m looking more forward to Dawn of War 2, than i am starcraft 2… again with the bright vibrant colours. Plus starcraft was a rip off 40k anyway.

  46. jehuty says:

    It is hard to take any petition seriously when its creators don’t even proof ready the thing. Seriously, they want the D3 team to ‘ear’ their complaints.

  47. Tizril says:

    They do realize that if Blizz *does* go and redo it all to make it darker and more “realistic” for them, the game will be delayed and delayed and delayed…. but then they’ll complain about that too.

    Maybe that’s what they want, then they won’t have to strain their brains to find anything else to complain about for the near future. Job security for whiners?

  48. Asterix says:

    D3 looks great to me… Some people need to get a life…

  49. Rodalli says:

    I read the whole petition, but all i got out of it was “Rah, blah, blah, we hate World of WarCraft and can’t shut up about it, blah, blah, Diablo 3.”

    Do these people realize the rest of the internet is laughing at them? Seriously, this is an epic waste of time and energy, even by computer nerd standards.

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