Today’s Comic: “Diablo Fan Boys are Hardcore”

July 11, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Diablo Fan Boys are Hardcore”

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Did you guys read about this petition? Pretty crazy if you ask me. From what I saw, DIII looks really dark and awesome, so not sure why the freak out. Here’s the comic.

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  1. David H says:

    I wouldn’t ever go so far as to sign a petition to have it changed, but Diablo 3 surprised me with its variety and intensity of color. I like the revisions.

  2. Slizarus says:

    I don’t understand how people could see it as colorful,
    The details are rich and the colors are truly saturated throughout the screens, but they’re not bright and gay, they’re dark and brooding, Red Blood stains on the wall, Dinghy brown stones, whirls of mist..

    Hell, Diablo two was just as bright and vivid for it’s time, these people need to get real, it’s not Warcraft Esque, it’s fucking Diablo

  3. Don’t a lot of games let you adjust game brightness? Does Diablo III? (I suspect the answer is yes.) How about the monitor adjustments? I’m pretty sure nearly all have brightness and contrast, most have color correction and gamma, some even have multiple custom/user settings that can be saved.

    By the way, I think the colors look fine, if not great, for the most part.

    • Open says:

      Excellent fact sheet! Very attractive with the Pileated Woodpecker photo and the cettonns cover the highlights of Strathgartney Park in a concise manner. People will find this brochure both informative and easily readable. Public awareness of the Strathgartney issue is key and this hand-out will assist in solidifying Islander’s resolve to SAVE STRATHGARTNEY!

  4. VBStrider says:

    The last thing I want is that cartoony look leaking into Diablo 3. It works for Warcraft, and is acceptable in small amounts in Starcraft, but it has NO PLACE in a Diablo game.

    I agree with their example images that things are too bright. Part of the game was the feeling of being down in a dark dungeon and not knowing what would leap out at you next. If you can see all the monsters coming, that removes part of the fun. This might be fixable with Gamma, but that would also darken the area around your player, which isn’t good.

    I hope Blizzard isn’t taking their success with WoW to mean that all their games must look that way. I’ll probably still buy D3 when it comes out, but I may not enjoy it as much if it isn’t as gritty as the previous games.

  5. Chainsawhand says:

    I agree with the original poster. Diablo II had a freaking forest for crying out loud. D1 had that multi colored hell area (Act 4 i think) The whole series is colorful. You’ve seen a few small areas of Diablo III. Good job Blizzard. Keep up the good work on D3

  6. MoonWalker says:

    To be honest, the screenshots at the end of the petition look great. I mean those with the suggested changes, after the corrections. So, although I had nothing against the new art direction, I signed this petition. Because now I see how DIII can be improved.

  7. Byron says:

    THis is, quite frankly, ridiculous. They’ve seen one gameplay preview and they are already making false assumptions. Besides, the opening dungeon was plenty dark. Guys, you’ve seen one colorful area, and it wasn’t even that colorful! It was well light, and you can probably turn the lighting down if it really gives you a wanker’s cramp. And let me ask you this: Does the lighting and graphics really matter that much? The graphics for Diablo 2, while good for that time, sucked balls, but we still played it because it was FUN. So don’t freak out just because the graphics arn’t exactly the same as in Diablo 2, at least from what you’ve seen in the one 10minute video released. The gameplay is really what matters, and I, for one, respect Blizzard enough to trust them that they will make it fun.

  8. MIchael Rawley says:

    Its clear to me that the people who have signed this petition have never played Diablo, or Diablo 2. Diablo 2 especially was varied in how much light, or variance of color there was depending on the location. This leads me to conclude that they have only played the very beginning of the game. Also the game engine is completely new and if they ahd bothered to watch the gameplay trailer the character models are extremely realistic. Also Diablo 3 still had the system where you could choose between only hundreds or thousands of color? Jesus I could go on but, I’m preaching to the choir.

    Diablo 3 looks great I can’t wait, and I hope to god that this petition dies the slow painful embarrassing death it so richly deserves.

  9. Bex says:

    These people have probably never walked outside their front door, or they would know real isn’t brown. Too many current-gen games make the mistake of having everything be “gunmetal grey and dogshit brown”. Bring on the color, bring on the smooth lines, bring on the change, because change is good. Admittedly though, I could do without the hugeass shoulderpads. Didn’t like them in warcraft, and I don’t like them now.

    Furthermore, the story takes place in a fully recovered world, where evil is just beginning to take root. So, it’s likely that the world will start out colorful(walk outside, there’s color out there) and get worse as time goes on. Once again, people are flipping out over what? One, two areas? Get a grip.

    To the petitioners: If you want Diablo 2 resubmitted to you, then just play Diablo 2. The rest of us will be happy with our awesome game.

  10. MoonWalker says:

    Dudes, again, at first glance this deal sounds really dumb. Especially if it’s presented that way, but…


    Some of these are great. And they don’t make color obsolete, they make it more like Diablo 2 and Diablo 1. They make it less cartoonish, more climatic AND there still is plenty of colors.

    Just read the whole thing and look at their examples.

    I hate when people comment before they even look into the problem.

  11. VBStrider says:

    I completely agree with you, MoonWalker.

  12. Michael says:


    I looked at the screen shots at the end of the petition before I commented. All that was done was a desaturation of color and a decreasing of brightness. You obviously want this game to look like Gears of War or Call of Duty. Unfortunately some of us have been gaming for a bit longer and remember why Diablo and Diablo II did not have many colors. It was because or computers couldn’t process them.

    While I would love to live in your world where color didn’t exist and we all had guns with chainsaws. Diablo just isn’t that game. You have to realize that you are a minority. An oddity, a group of merely 50,000 people who will buy the game regardless of what it looks like and then complain about every meager detail on the forums. You are not the Diablo fanbase. In fact I doubt most of you were old enough to play the original games to conclusion.

    The silent majority of us are quite happy with the look of the game thus far and are confident that Blizzard has a clear vision for what they want the game to look like.

    Here’s hoping you actually READ my post. Not just look at pretty pictures.

    (gems his armor so that its now colored purple)

  13. MoonWalker says:

    First of all, don’t tell me what I want and what I don’t want. I’d love to live in your world where we could insult each other all day. But since I don’t have time for this I’ll ignore your blatant ad hominem attacks and get to the point. It’s not simple desaturation, and you must be blind to say otherwise. For example in this picture you can observe correction of the whole color palette, as well as slight modification of contrast:
    Overall effect is excellent, and it’s similar with these:
    Note that light sources are actually brighter and more vivid in the corrected versions. Color is there where it should be and overall feel of the scenes definitely more diablo’ish.

  14. Bex says:

    I did look at the screenshots. Like I said, too many current-gen games look like that: brown, brown, brown. It’s boring, it’s stupid, and once again, not realistic. Real is color.

    Kudos Michael. Color or no, the game’s going to be awesome. So the naysayers can whine all they want, they aren’t going to change anything.

  15. MoonWalker says:

    Realistic? Do an experiment: go to your basement with a candle or a hand lamp. Do you see spooky blue glow coming out of every corner?

    “Brown is stupid”. Yeah dude, great argument.

    In my opinion people like the authors of this petition are extremely valuable to the community. They have their suggestions, they dedicate their time trying to improve the continuation of their favorite game. And the suggestions are never a bad thing. In my opinion it’s you guys who are the real nay-sayers here. To satisfy everyone it would be best if there was an option to switch between cartoonish and mature look of the game.

    On the lighter note: I also think that the game is going to rock and I loved it from the moment I saw the gameplay video. But I appreciate and support the effort of people who try to make it even better.

  16. Michael says:

    “The people who are trying to make it better.”

    Why is it that they know what’s best for the game rather than the people who helped create the first one?

    If you could answer me this question than your argument would have some credence. As for suggestions never being a bad thing what if I suggested you give me all your money. Just leave me your account info here.

    Being passionate about something does not qualify you to be the one to make decisions Moon.

    I think there is a strong misconception about how games are made. You do not just sit around all day, critiquing the games you play and then spend a few hours working on a game. There are people at Blizzard who work their butts off night and day to make great games. It is no simple task to go and overhaul all the textures/lighting/geometry so that a vocal minority who is not putting forth nearly as much of an effort might be satisfied.

    At the end of the day though you might pay to play the game it is not yours. You did not create it and you do not own it. If you don’t like something about it that’s fine there are plenty of other games that will cater to your tastes.

    The developmental team are the ones busting their backs to make the game great. I would ask you to think about that next time you state your admiration for the “hard” work the people behind this petition are putting forth.

    If you really want the graphics to be “dark”. I suggest you turn the gamma and saturation down on your computer, because that’s the only thing being done in those screen shots.

    (gems his weapon turning it orange)

  17. MoonWalker says:

    “Why is it that they know what’s best for the game rather than the people who helped create the first one?”

    This is false dichotomy. People who created previous games know where they want to go with the new one, and people who will actually play it and pay for it know what they want to see on their screens. They both have a strong position in the “knowing what’s best” department.

    “As for suggestions never being a bad thing what if I suggested you give me all your money.”

    I kindly thank you for your suggestion. I’ll take it under consideration when I’ll see that you put some creative effort in it. It will also help if you can show me how I will benefit from this.

    “Being passionate about something does not qualify you to be the one to make decisions.”

    Do the authors of this petition are in power to make decisions? Heck no. They are making suggestions and they are sending the message.

    Again, I don’t criticize people at Blizzard. I think they are doing a great job, but it’s nothing wrong with saying: “hey guys, maybe you could add a little bit of that to the mix”.

    “You state your admiration for the “hard” work the people behind this petition.”

    Well, now I’ve got a task for you. Show me where I called their work hard. The fact of the matter is that the guys at Blizzard are well paid to do what they do. Fans on the other hand have to spend their extra time on it and they do it for free.

    “I suggest you turn the gamma and saturation down on your computer, because that’s the only thing being done in those screen shots.”

    Again, either (a) you have something wrong with your eyes, or (b) your thought processes are not working correctly, because you are unable to deduce what changes were introduced to the screenshots (even when I pointed out those changes to you).

  18. Johny 5 says:

    @Michael: “turn the gamma and saturation down on your computer”.

    Darker rainbows will still be rainbows…
    You are completely missing the point of this initiative.

  19. Michael says:

    Johny 5 and MoonWalker:

    Please look up what saturation is and get back to me.

  20. Michael says:


    I worked in graphic arts for a few years myself. I know exactly what is being done in the screenshots and I don’t need it to be pointed out to me. If you’d like I can give a list of the tools used to make the changes. Also I’m sure you are aware fooling around with something in photoshop is a far cry from going back into the game and reworking the engine. If Blizzard actually listened to the ill-informed albeit eloquent petition that you decided to sign. They would be setting development back not by months, but by years. They would also lose any investment made in the game thus far.

    You still haven’t answered my question as to why the people who have created the petition know better than blizzard. Which is what you have been asserting here. You say that you are not criticize the people at Blizzard and in the same breath you go onto say that they are doing there best. Which is it?

    You also asserted that the people who play games have strong positions as to who is more knowledgeable about game development. Which is what we are talking about here.

    Here’s an analogy. Scorsese has finished working on his latest film. Its a family comedy. The trailer is released most people are elated. We’ll say about 5,000,000 or so people (the number is random). Meanwhile 100,000 or so people who are going to see the movie regardless begin a petition stating that Scorsese should only make movies like The Departed, and that he should go back and reshoot whatever he’s done so far to accommodate them.

    What do you think he should do?

  21. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar says:

    “What do you think he should do?”

    Maybe he shouldn’t call his family comedy film “Departed II” then?

  22. Michael says:

    You are confusing analogy with allegory.

  23. DiabloFan says:

    Nothing to big here. EMOs like to get all bent out of shape over the littlest things. If it wasn’t this they’d be cutting themselves. Diablo 3 will be a freaking amazing game and I can’t wait to play it…all the emo whiners will try their best to complain and attention whore while waiting for it come out but they will all be unhappily playing it when it releases guaranteed. Its just in their nature to be this way.

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