Today’s Comic: “Damage Done”

April 16, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Damage Done”

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There is just something I like about James.

12 Responses to Today’s Comic: “Damage Done”

  1. Felix says:

    That is the first in a long row of comics I really lol’d to. Sorry but I didn’t like the “sad” comics. This one is gold, though 😀

  2. Zorbane says:

    Hahaha this is great

  3. Bearbutt says:

    Whew… good thing we send out for taxes now.

  4. HECTORtheTURTLE says:

    😀 Hitting a little close to home on that one! I thought it was great, but why did my wife just roll her eyes?

  5. SaL says:

    i live the intensity on his face 🙂

  6. Eric says:

    I see he’s using the new iPear iKea-Edition All-in-1 My-First-PC. 🙂

  7. Slizarus says:

    My name’s James.. and I also own an IMac
    And I didn’t get my taxes done either… *Cry*

  8. Nibu says:

    uhm, not to sound harsh or anything, but shouldn’t it be “Netherdrake” instead of “Netherwhelp”?

    Whelps are small, mostly pets in the game, while drake’s are the ridable ones… just a small correction.

    Otherwise, yep I lol’ed :p great comic

  9. Scott says:

    I know…I just thought Netherwhelp sounded funnier.

  10. LOL! Love the comic dude! I have been there in person and over the phone many many times.

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