Today’s Comic: “Carlin in Heaven”

June 25, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Carlin in Heaven”

About this comic

My little tribute to George Carlin. Enjoy.

EDIT: For those of you who think this is an affront to Carlin’s atheism, or agnosticism, watch this video…the key is around the one minute mark.

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  1. Scott says:

    just to creep you out

  2. Bearbutt says:

    Some posters here have made it obvious that they don’t actually have a clue about George Carlin. I find that humorous. 🙂

  3. Scott B says:


  4. Wait…You put all the extra effort of redoing it to creep me out?

  5. Scott is quite the controversial cartoonist lately. I guess people can find something wrong with anything and everything.

  6. Scott says:

    The Gastronomic Gamer: Yes.

  7. Scott Abbey says:

    Seriously folks, stop taking yourselves so seriously. You’re arguing semantics. Scott (love the name, btw), it’s a great comic. I’m sure George Carlin would get a kick out of it.

    As for whether George Carlin was an atheist, it sort of depends on what your definition of “atheism” is. This is the subject of much debate in free-thinking circles.

    If you take the literal definition, it means that you lack belief in a god (my preferred definition). There is no faith involved. It is simply not something you consider as a possibility. Some people define this as agnostic, although it is not, really.

    George Carlin’s definition was more profound. He apparently defined it as an affirmative belief that there is no god. He obviously found that too faith-based and, by his definition, I would agree.

    Penn Jilette did an interesting essay on the subject and where he stands for NPR’s “This I Believe.”

  8. Peruchito says:

    SCOTT!! i didn’t know you smoked weed! now we can share everything! we’ll get some weed, home grown, my home, and hit the highway with 12 bottles of illegal cuban rum, a 12×18 sheet of acid, beer, coke, and a pistol and go to vegas!

  9. Jimmy Dean says:

    George Carlin’s thoughts on death:

  10. infernoacid says:

    I do hope that the extralife culture doesnt turn into a flame culture..

  11. mercator says:

    His 7 words is still amazing. His observational humour priceless, and while he got a little crotchety at times (he was crotchety when I saw him live when he played my alma mater in ’91 (Eastern Washington U)), he was still funny. XM has been running a tribute the whole day. He’s a pretty amazing dude. They even went back to his days doing top 40 radio. He definitely leaves a legacy and will be missed.

    I think he’d see that comic and think that was ‘cool, man.’

    Nice tribute Scott.

  12. Sean says:

    Great tribute to a great man!

    • Denise says:

      George made me laugh many times. He had a very quick wit and he had some great insights into our launagge and behavior. In my opinion, George was a thinker and analyst. Like many thinkers and analysts, he seemed to struggle to understand and control his world. Analysis seems to be a powerful tool to solve problems and deal with emotions. Many of us assign a lot of importance to having this skill. Modern society rewards this skill.I have to say that George, especially in his later years, seemed cynical, judgemental and depressed. Sadly, not the picture of a great man.When I watched George\’s shows in his later years, I laughed, but throughout the show I had a bad feeling; an empty feeling that left me, well, depressed. Were George\’s shows a public attempt to express his own feelings of despair? It\’s just a question.I have similar bad feelings when I over-analyze, over-think and try to control things. I want to control things, especially when I\’m afraid.How do I avoid feeling this way? By acknowledging that my perception and thoughts, though valid and real, are not the full story. Letting go of judgement, cynicism and control brings peace and joy. In this state I get wisdom and understanding and realize that my perception, my thoughts, my brain, though valid, are not the full story.Is there intelligence and information in the universe that exists outside of me and is not in the minds of others? It\’s a big universe with lots of energy. It\’s a fun question and one each of us can try to answer for ourselves. Many great minds have answered yes to this question. Emerson and Thoreau are two examples of many.The answer for me is yes . Can I prove it? I think I might be able to and have thought of experiments to try. But I have my own internal proof and that works.

  13. PLJack says:

    Loved Carlin’s humor.
    Love Scott’s humor.

    I salute you both.

  14. Fett101 says:

    So according to the video he’s not atheist of agnostic, but he does not think there is a god. That makes as much sense as those who shop at hot topic so they can be rebels.

    And yes, George Carlin is the last person who would feel insulted by any joke. I just wish the joke was funner in this comic. That’s more personal opinion though as I don’t usually jive with Scott’s style of humor.

  15. Asterix says:

    God just spoke to me and said there is no smoking in heaven. If you need to smoke there is always hell.

  16. fed says:

    it seems that a crazy strain of glaucoma is affecting the heaven community. more details at 10

  17. Rolando says:

    last time i am going to read this site, worst “tribute” ever.

  18. Xalver says:

    Great comic Scott!

  19. Alecmicah says:

    Funny comic. Full of irony too. I love ironic comics.

    Lighten up guys. God has a sense of humor, ever seen a platypus? God is funny.

  20. Carlin has been an influence on my life ever since one of my older sisters bought me his Class Clown album when I was fourteen. Many of his brilliant quotes have found their way into my speech over the years.

    Scott, that is a wonderful tribute, and I have to put that on my Weird Item of the Day Page (with full credits and a link of course.) It brought me a good laugh this night. Thanks!

    It’s too bad he didn’t make it to 94 like he said during his interview on Art Bell’s radio show a few years back. I recently heard him talking about being 70. Imagine what he would have come up with at 80!

  21. con_troll says:

    Atheism is just the lack of belief in a god or gods. He was an atheist no matter whether he labelled himself one or not (since he repeatedly said “there is no God”). He definitely wasn’t a theist, hence he was an atheist (or maybe be a deist, but then it’s not really the “common” God). People read a lot more into atheism than the word really stands for.

    An other genius gone… Good comic Scott.

  22. Scott says:

    Rolando: later dude

  23. Zeppo says:

    Doesn’t matter what he said, if he didn’t believe in Jesus Christ he is burning in Hell right now.
    You can’t just believe in some being that might judge you and let you in because you are a good person.
    Without Jesus, there is no Way.

  24. Valek says:

    ok zeppo, coming from a fellow christian, who are YOU to say hes in hell, isnt there only one person/deity to decide that, or are you claiming to be god and KNOW where GC is? hmm, who are you to judge his ending place, how do you know in his last few moments he didnt make peace with the lord? hmm?

    Judge lest yet be judged, what did you just do, judged that he is in hell!!

    Im not one of those holier than thou christians, so i admit my mistakes, but the post you just made, makes me hate holier than thou christians, those pretentious pricks who think if someone doesnt act holy, boom, they are sentenced to hell, who are we to say where someone is going??

    Think before opening your mouth boy!

    on that note, knowing how we as people love agitation, im sure this post will start some flamage, so let me get some marshmallows and wieners

  25. Eric says:

    Wow. Just… wow. 😯

    According to Zeppo:
    Jesus says “If you don’t believe in me, then $@&# you!”

    That doesn’t sound like the Jesus I was taught.

  26. Jaramide says:

    “I think he’s down there now. Screaming up at us”

    George Carlin was my greatest hero. One of my big regrets now in life is that I never got to see him live or meet him in person. I will sorely miss him.

  27. Stuart says:

    Wow, some people just don’t know what a joke is huh? I love the comic and will always keep reading. I have read the comic for I think well over 3 years now.

  28. Zeppo says:

    Eric, read the Bible, that is exactly what Jesus says.
    John 14:6
    No One Comes To the Father, But Through Me.

    And for you, Valek, I never said that he was definitely in Hell.
    Go back and read again.
    I said IF he didn’t believe, then he is in Hell.
    See that word?
    Good boy.
    Not going to respond to the rest of your post except for “Think before opening your mouth” indeed.

  29. Mamon says:

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