Today’s Comic: “Bugged”

August 1, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Bugged”

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Ok, this one is hard for me to explain. I got chased by a bunch of bees the other day while I tried to kill a nest that had settled into a dumpster handle thing. And the experience just stuck with me. Hence, a comic was born.

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  1. gaudemaus says:

    Are you sure they weren’t CG flies from the movie Rambo?

  2. Bomber X says:

    Tell the truth Scott, you wanted to save some money by stealing the honey of the little bees instead of buying it 😀

  3. PurrNaK says:

    Not a good comic for me today. I found out last night that a hive had moved into my apartments roof. Which if they do the right thing lets them into my bedroom.

    Waking up to bees above my head every morning does not make for a good sleep. :'( zzz has a whole new meaning for me now.

  4. Scott says:

    PurrNaK: GAH!!!! That sucks, dude! I hate that sort of thing, and when they get in the house, its like a horror movie.

  5. Cantonkid says:

    Soooo…that is where all the bees have been dissapearing too. That’s one X-file solved 😉

  6. Zorbane says:

    Nice comic Scott. I like how he kinda has second thoughts in the second panel.

    PurrNaK I have a wasp nest inside our house. It’s not so bad now but a few years ago occasionally I’d find a wasp or two taking a shower with me…not a fun experience. Bees are probably noisier though 🙁

  7. Steve H says:

    It’s the bee power from Bioshock! Flee from the stinging of my horrible bees!!!!

  8. Labbug says:

    Since my last name is Bugbee (no lie) I have a great fondness for honey bees. 🙂

    It’s the damn yellowjackets I loathe. As a child I was stung over 100 times when a friend and I, playing hide and seek, decided a great hiding place would be the dead tree in the back yard. Little did we know it was home to a HUGE nest of yellowjackets. I don’t think I’ve ever run so fast in my life.

  9. Labbug says:

    Oh and my mom had a honey bee colony move in two years ago(same house where I grew up). Every time I visited I’d finding bees flying around bouncing off windows, buzzing around the ceiling, etc.. Upon further inspection we discovered they had chewed through the drywall into the family room. When the exterminator removed the wall he found something like 10 lbs of honeycomb. Luckily no one was stung but you can imagine it made my mom nervous! 😀

  10. Eons_past says:

    I was sitting outside one day talking on the phone when I looked up and saw a few wasps building a nest on my patio roof. That kinda freaked me out. I was happy I had wasp killer on hand.

  11. Lord Zeon says:

    Yeah, bees, wasps, and yellowjackets are not fun. In California you get used to them being all over the place outside, but colonies are NOT good.

  12. Javadoggy says:

    Dude that stinks! Make sure you have a can of Raid around the house bro.

  13. CDRaff says:

    I need a box of bees to send to my neighbor. 🙂

  14. Masterwabbit says:

    Any insect that is Black and Yellow is enough to frighten me. Wasps, Bees, Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Taxis, Leopards, Roadsigns, you name it, I’m probably running from it.

  15. Rob says:

    I personally think a good name for the comic would have been “Beegone”

    • Lilia says:

      Thanks so much for letting me know. It`s great to have the rerawd of no dragonflies!I worked hard at it to get to the Holiday Level for month of December and I got there!I love the colors and sounds on the levels. I did, however, think the music for the Holiday Level would have been more lively, especially getting to that Level.

  16. Julias says:

    Reminds me of Aqua Teen. Bees Bitch! If you haven’t seen the episode, you should.

  17. Lord Zeon says:

    Sadly the best way to keep bees calm is to burn some hemp in a smoker and cover them in the smoke… Apparently marijuana is a fairly universal CNS depressant.

    • Nona says:

      Oui … mais dommage que ce soit en clilaboratoon avec Kellog’s ….. c’est eux tout de meme qui ont verse des milliards de dollars recememnt pour voter contre la proposition 37 en Californie pour le labelling des aliments OGM sur les produits alimentaires … donc ils essaient peut-etre de faire du marketing pour faire oublier tout ca ….. le cancer et les problemes alimentaires ….

  18. Sean says:

    That happened to me kinda, we had a nest in the siding of our house, and my girlfriend and I fell asleep in my room one night, and when I took her to the car, I put the light on in the front room and the whole ceiling was covered in bees. So I flipped the light off and we took off out. Strange thing, next morning. No sign of bees.

  19. MMO Moogle says:

    My dad also had problems with bees that started hiving on the “armpits” of our roof (if that makes sense). We have the typical pentagon shaped house and the roof kinda extends past the walls leaving an underside all around, and that’s where the bees settled.

    Anyway, to get rid of them, he just took a hose and sprayed the honeycomb colonies down and ran away.

    It’s funny though, the combs drop flat onto the ground and the bees just migrate back to it, onto the ground.

    Another semi off-topic story concerning bees:
    I was in my elementary school days. I was running home and a big black bee just crashed onto my forehead. I thought someone threw a rock at me because the impact was strong and knocked my head back. But I looked around and saw a black bee stumbling away.

  20. Jeff S says:

    I Love it!! I assume this is in reference to Neil from Jawbone? I’m crazy as a box of bees. Am I using it right?

  21. DannyBoy says:

    I have similar problems but with the occasional Wasp nest showing up outside the house. You know that Raid wasp spray? It says it’s powerful – they’re not kidding, you can get a 15-foot jet of directed wasp-killery with that stuff. No fogger or spritzing, it’s seriously the beam-cannon of dead wasps.

    It’s nice when a bug spray gives you a freakin’ head start running your butt back to the house. 🙂

  22. DannyBoy says:

    @the Reverend

    There need to be more Arrested Development quoters out there. 🙂

  23. Bearbutt says:

    This gave me my very first LOL moment since returning from vacation. This is one of my favorites. I like seeing people do stupid things and experience the terrible events that they themselves set in motion. 😉

    Not referring to you, Scott, of course.

  24. Dan says:

    That looks nothing like Nicholas Cage.

    • Cansin says:

      I have a very fruity video link for you this week Diana et al. If you’ve never seen it berofe I think you’ll find it very funny. And, if you have seen it berofe – bet you’ll just love watching it again!! Pure comedy genius.May this weekend bee filled with beeutiful things for all you honeys!Sweet Saturday to you!

  25. Colin says:

    i got 2 words for you:

    BB Gun.

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