Today’s Comic: “Black, Black Friday…”

November 28, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Black, Black Friday…”

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My wife got up at 4:30 this morning, and in her yearly tradition, took my daughter, one of her friends, and two of my daughters cousins shopping on Black Friday. I did the thing I always do, which is sleep through all of that. I HATE the idea of getting up that early just to clash with crowds and freak shows. But they have fun, have breakfast, buy slippers, etc. Total chick bonding stuff. Nick and I will play MK vs DC instead.

The comic.

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  1. Alkey29 says:

    i slept through black friday too 🙂 i hate crowds of crazy people and never want to deal with them . Hoped you and your family had a great thanksgiving!

  2. NeuroMan42 says:

    Slept till 8am, and then did some homework,a nd played some WOW. I have never gotten up early for any Black Friday, nor will I ever. Shopping crowds act like animals, and all that for like $10 off a pair of crappy headphone or etc. 🙂

  3. indiejones says:

    Here in Canada we have Boxing Day, which is the same deal, but it’s the day after Christmas so it totally makes no sense. I’ve worked electronics retail on Boxing Day and it’s not pretty; this year my girlfriend will be working the big day at Pottery Barn (which is already crap to begin with) while I sleep, presumably with a big smile on my face.

    • Antoine says:

      Flott fanget og enpsokert.Har du glemt e5 f8ke s400 i det siste bilde ? Det er litt uskarpt hos meg.Godt Nytte5r til deg og dine.

  4. Roastbeef says:

    I was tempted this year. I saw a blu-ray player on sale for 5 hours at $128… And a Sony 32″ 1080p LCD for $499. But I came to my senses. That person that got killed at Wal*Mart in the crowd coulda been ME! haha…

  5. Savage says:

    I braved the crowds just to browse the bargains. I usually don’t buy much, but it’s fun getting out in the hordes.

  6. TD says:

    I was up at 4:30 this morning, got some noise reducing headphones for 30, a bluetooth headset for 10, Left 4 Dead brand new for 50, and 2 chicken biscuits at a buck each xD

  7. Antonio says:

    Your style is getting better and better. How about a little short animated cartoons in this style?

  8. Roastbeef says:

    I should say I didnt mean to laugh at the person who got killed… I dunno why I tacked that on at the end. Cant edit comments tho. 🙁

  9. Matthew says:

    This was my first year working at a store on black Friday. All I can say is that I’d rather be a shopper on every Black Friday for the rest of my life then work retail for one more.

  10. I did the “Walmart at 4:30am” thing this morning to get a $97 Garmin. Well worth it. Plenty of them available, no pushing/shoving. Thank you Rochester, Minnesota!

  11. Skip says:

    haha i wish i had those stuff here in japan… being a foreiner sucks…… all we have is like calpis and bad japanese candy

  12. Bex says:

    I work in retail and I hate every one of you that goes to the store at 4 am. >:( It was an utter mobscene at Kohl’s today.

  13. Roastbeef says:

    Bex… I feel your pain, I’ve been there. But you gotta remember, in this economy you’d probably better be grateful for a crazy black friday. Without those crazy shoppers there will be a LOT of layoffs come January.

  14. Precious Roy says:

    Never…never. Saving a few bucks on something is not worth my sanity.

  15. Lord Zeon says:

    Agreed, Roy. You can find most of this stuff online for cheaper, if you guys would ever look. I was fortunate enough to work 2:30 to close last night at Best Buy, and it was just like a busy Saturday all afternoon, but with just about everyone working. I was quite pleasantly surprised.

  16. C-H says:

    It was my second year working during a black Friday, the store is open 24/7 so we have to guard the pallets from the customers. Luckily I was far from electronics and the tv’s.

  17. Icesnake says:

    Sorry to hear about your lemmings, er, I mean, feminine family members, Scott. I did go our Friday – at 5 PM, to the phone store, got myself and my wife shiny new LG 8350 cell phones. Oh, and at one point during the day I had to go to Home Depot for some stuff to put up on the bathroom walls (glass shelves, towel bars, that sort of thing) and another rope light for the ceiling in my office. But getting up before 5 AM on a non-work-day? That’s crazy talk! Is there a program for that sort of thing, like Smoke Enders, or AA?

  18. Bonnyface says:

    I’m betting it was guys (gals?) like this that trampled the WalMart worker. Anything goes for 20% off. It’s just stuff people.

  19. Bullistics says:

    That’s Madden 2002, not 2003… I declare false advertisement 🙂

  20. JoyfulAnn says:

    Hey Bex, I feel ya, I work at Kohl’s too (for five years). I was there from 3:45 am to 2:00 pm, longest shift I’ve ever done. It was quite the laugh to see the big line of people literally running in with their buggies when we opening the doors at 4 am, running up to employees with their ads yelling “WHERE’S THIS, WHERE’S THIS, WHERE’S THIS!!!” pointing frantically and shaking it in our faces ,then dashing off to go nab it. Man, hilarious! Good thing customers were mostly good natured, I only had two yell at me, which is pretty good on such a stressful day. I have never gone shopping on black friday, there’s nothing I could want to buy that would make me wake up that early to shop, or wait in hour long lines, or shove through mobs of people.

    And yeah, like Roastbeef said, thank goodness for black friday and the massive mobs of people buying massive amounts of stuff, or my crappy retail job would be at risk. Just keep repeating to yourself, at least I have a job, at least I have a job.

  21. The Progn0sticator says:

    I’m one of the few “crazy’s” out there who go purely for the spectacle of it all. So this year I stood in front of Best Buy with a crowd of 250+ at 4 in the morning, waiting for the doors to open, not actually intending to buy anything.. at Best Buy. I was actually doing my Black Friday shopping on my iPhone while I waited in line. I know, I’m crazy, I wasted a good 3 hours, I did walk out of there with a good deal on a portable HDD so that was cool but like I said, I’m there for the spectacle of it all. I guess that’s a good sign I have too much time on my hands huh? At least I got Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3 for $40 for 360 off of Amazon.

  22. Atlantis1982 says:

    I am one of those crazies, but I am usually up around 4 to 5am anyway. Got a few movies for less than 10.00 (War, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hot Fuzz, and Stranger than Fiction), a 2gb SD card, and headphones for my iPod. It was actually fun, besides the whole standing outside of Best Buy till it opened part. Which begs the question why I didn’t stay in my truck in the first place, listening to Extralife Radio (and Infendo as well). 😉

  23. Rob says:

    @ JoyfulAnn I don’t see why people freak out like that… are they actually that desperate to get an item with barely any savings? I mean, look at the guy who got trampled at Wal-mart. People are crazy…. if black friday didn’t exist, then they wouldn’t act like this.

  24. Bearbutt says:

    We do all our shopping on-line, so we were nearly done months ago… and what isn’t done, soon will be.

  25. Lesley R. says:

    Amazon, the only word you need to know for Christmas shopping. We got a PS3, a new 52″ inch 120 Hz HDTV, Rock Band II, all from the comfort of the sofa.

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