Today’s Comic: “Better late than never”

June 2, 2008
Today’s Comic: “Better late than never”

About this comic

So yeah, this is about me. It’s not quite like this, but when you are a year and a half late to the 70 point, you feel like you are in a room that was once filled with people, but now you are the only one left. I liked the feel of that visually, and that is where this came from.

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  1. Robert says:

    I have 3 70’s, with a fourth on the way. You can still level. Nice comic, I like the last frame.

  2. Cory says:

    My Hunter just dinged today was well ^_^.. my second 70 but hey… Still counts

  3. Eric says:

    “Now what?”

    That’s the feeling we got.

  4. Flatlander says:

    Now you go get the Rep. PVP gear and start raiding Kara, that’s what.

  5. Valek says:

    What game is this, once again i was busy playing a console. (not gonna plug it like other post hehehe) Back when I played MMO’s I was always the lowest lvled char cause, well, my life interfered with hours of sticking my face in front of a comp or console. I’m lucky if i can throw two to four hours a day gaming. Nonetheless I know the feeling of “dinging” and everyone’s like “dude, i hit that ages ago” making you feel about the size of a hung hamster.


  6. Onikaze01 says:

    LOL! It looks more like Once you dinged lvl 70 You exited the matrix and now your on the Loading Space void now you can go get any weapon you want.

  7. Matazuma says:

    and now a whole new world awaits you and henry.

  8. PapaDom says:

    gratz Scott. That’s exactly how I felt when my BE Pally hit 70 earlier this year.

    I’m also trying tho get a Draenei Hunter to 70 before WotLK.

  9. Precious_Roy says:

    The only thing that came to mind was this old comic…

  10. Sokkratez says:

    I think, deep down, everyone is that unfulfilled when dinging a max level. You’re alone… but also, not 😉

  11. Valek says:


    hahah somehow i forgot about that comic. Hehe, funny, and yet similar to my MMO days.

  12. Valek says:

    oh, hate to double post, but what game is this in which you dinged at.

  13. Jennifer says:

    GRATS!! Glad to see you finally made it to 70. 🙂

  14. mercator says:

    IMHO when you have a life, “better late than never” becomes your mantra when playing MMORPGs. That’s why I skip them, save for something like battlenet or NWN type games, and even those, I just don’t have the time for them much.

    MUCH more satisfaction sitting down and playing co-op 3 player StarWars Battlefields 2 with my daughters, a boardgame, or even playing basketball in the driveway.

    I take my gaming in controlled doses, so it is a hobby, not an obsession. MMORPGs are too easily an obsession for me…

  15. Talk about understanding the point of the comic, I was the last one of my old guild of real life friends to ding 70 after most of them had leveled 2 or more 70s.

    But once again, Gratz on 70, Awesome Comic as always and the last frame just makes sense in a world of “it took you long enough” from every so called “Uber” player.

  16. Rob Wynne says:

    Grats, Scott! I know how you feel. I didn’t start playing the game until a good couple of months after BC came out, and the entire time I was leveling I got to hear stories about Karazhan and all the other fun things that my friend was doing.

    But just because you took your time doesn’t mean its not an accomplishment! Way to go!

    70 Hunter
    The Venture Co-US

  17. Matthew says:

    Part of the reason why I bought a print of this was not only because I loved the feeling that I got from doing it myself and being reminded of it from this comic, but also to celebrate Scott’s accomplishment.

  18. gid says:

    real question is:

    what’s your /played?

  19. missiondeep says:

    I hate you Scott…you are slowly sucking me back into World Of Warcraft…my dad pushed me over the top today…he is going to bring me his burning crusade with the 10 day trial.

    Weekend ruined for sure.

  20. Sappho says:

    You forgot to draw the last panel, where the guy is not a virgin living in his mother’s basement.

    It would appear that the amount of coolness one has in an online game is inversely proportional to the amount of coolness one has in the real world.

    There’s nothing quite like being called a loser by people in a game who don’t have anything resembling a real social life.

  21. Onikaze says:

    Congrats Henry!

  22. DahCheet says:

    I still haven’t dinged my first lvl 70 so congrats to you, Scott. I really need to start playing more often. I haven’t touched the game in a while and I’m still paying for it :-/

  23. kokomoman says:

    Here’s a project for you Scott. There are many gamers out there, with many girlfriends, some of which game, some of which do not. If I’m not mistaken it takes about 500 hours to reach level 70. Not to say that you spend countless hours on the computer a day, but you must spend a fair portion of a week doing the comic, surfing the web, playing wow, and other games (console as well as pc). If I understand it right, Kim doesn’t game. At least not much. So how does a non-gamer Wife deal with a gamer Husband, and how does your family life work? I’m asking because I have a non-gamer girlfriend, and while she is very good about letting me game, I know that she sometimes feel frustrated that the amount of attention I give her is not enough. I feel it’s quite addequate. I was just wondering if you had any tips that would allow me to still continue gaming as much as I do, but allow our relationship to grow like it has been for the last 14 months. Maybe you could make it a ELTV entry?

  24. Justin says:

    Hey man don’t feel bad, I just dinged 70 last tuesday, and I felt pretty alone too.

  25. digisam says:


    and now the fun of wondering what to do with your wow time

  26. Lap says:

    Grats! Is Henry 70 too? If so, grats to him as well.

  27. owen says:

    grats man. now work on your other alts

  28. cameron says:

    lvl 66 is all im at

  29. Linkage says:

    Big congratulations Scott. Now is the time for your flying mount 🙂

    Truthfully, I was feeling a little stagnant with my 70. Then I spent the whole weekend running heroic instances with some really good people. Most fun I’ve had in quite a while.

    I know you don’t have a whole lot of time to play, but with a really good group, the lower heroics (ramparts, underbog, etc) only take about an hour or two. Plus Black Morass is an amazing 45 minute experience. And of course there is all the group quests you’ll run into.

    Use your popularity to your advantage man. I’m sure you’ll never find a shortage of people who want to help you out.

  30. Craazy says:

    Excellent work on today’s comic. Don’t let the empty room make your accomplishment seem smaller. You did it! And that’s worth celebrating, and you can finally enjoy the rest of the game now 🙂

  31. Dutch JaFO says:

    This comic is awesome, because it doesn’t even rely on the reader knowing what WoW is as the atmosphere in that last panel says it all.

    Good stuff.

  32. Dillenger69 says:

    ah, I thought it was a commentary on how all someone’s real world friends would be long gone if you spend all your time in game.

    I’ve got a 62 druid that’s been leveling veeeeery slooooooowly since I can only play a few hours every other week.

  33. Zewt says:

    Either a new game begins now for Gerp, or you start leveling a new character. Or both.

  34. Stoneweaver says:

    Grats man, it’s always a great feeling when you hit 70 ^^

  35. Jarajara says:

    500 hours to 70? That can’t be right. Maybe if you messed around for hours and hours crafting and PvPing.

  36. dethmunky says:

    Congrats! Good luck on 80 this November!

  37. Phil says:

    Grats Scott. I hit 70 back in December and I was late too now I am working on my second

  38. Techgeekgirl says:

    I like to take my time and level fairly slowly, so I know this feeling very well. I have guild mates that have five or more 70s, so I feel like my one is pretty insignificant. It also took me a good four months to get her to 70, whereas some people get there in two weeks.

    I feel that I’ve probably gotten more enjoyment out of the leveling process though, and that taking time to explore full quest lines and immerse myself in an area rather than grind through as quickly as possible has led to a better gaming experience. It’s all about play style and what you think is fun. WoW IS just a game.

  39. Da Green 'Un says:

    Too bad you’ll want to which to warhammer online when it comes out. Playing the beta now, and, even though I can’t say anything, it’s going to blow WoW out of the water.

  40. Zone99 says:

    Heh, 4 months? I started playing WoW a couple of months after it came out and it took me until about 3 months before the release of BC to get to level 60.

    At least when I hit 60, it was exciting because my guild was actively running Molten Core and I started to get in on those runs. That was a lot of fun.

    I hit 70 and it was crickets all the way…by the time I got there, most of the guild had moved on and were deep in Kara and I wasn’t catching up….

    I think I hit 70 just to say I could. 🙂

    • Paolo says:

      Thankyou so much for picking mine as top three, it rellay means a lot. My blog will wear its badge with pride!Thanks again – I LOVE this challenge blog & hope to be a regular.Congrats to other 4 too.Deb.x

  41. Molly says:

    When a hunter dings alone, does he still get his flying mount? YES! whoo hoo! Congrats Scott

  42. Mar says:

    GRATZ! I’ve been playing for over two years and I only have 1 level 70. When I dinged, I did a /played and had like 18 days I think…have you done that yet?

    • Gav says:

      Wow really cffuhed to have won the fab prize. I have sent you an email Mummylade so hope you got it. Huge congrats to the top 5 all your cards were amazing!HugsClarex

  43. GoofyMonkey says:

    Now all that’s left is to get bored and quit!

    At least that’s what I did…

  44. Bearbutt says:

    I’m a bit slow. It took me 2 70s to get bored & quit. Will I be back? I’ve learned to say it’s not impossible.

  45. Naneth says:

    Congrats! Don’t feel so bad. I just started playing and get excited about getting to level 10.

  46. Matt says:

    Gratz! now get your arse to Hyboria!

  47. SgtBigNose says:

    Scott I am glad you made 70. I am a 54 NE hunter and have been playing for 1.5 years. So you are not the last. But I feel lonely like you. When I started there was tones of people in the areas I was in now the continents seem deserted. SW is the only place were there are people on a regular bases.

    I figure since I only play two to three hours a week I figure I have another 3 to 4 months till I ding 70.

  48. Brian says:

    “Dammit, I missed the Singularity!”

    • Nelam says:

      What a great website! I just want to make sure I’m rnidaeg the chart correctly so I sign up for the right color. I am in Greenville/Spartanburg area of SC. I believe I am in the Green which would be May 6th??

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