Today’s Comic: “Best of both worlds”

March 31, 2008
Today’s Comic:  “Best of both worlds”

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Was at the library a couple weeks ago with the kids, and I was SHOCKED at the sheer size of a movie selection they have there. Pretty much everything ever made, right there on DVD. (No blu-ray yet). Now, these are all free to check out, which is great, but there remains one problem. Every single disk is covered in boogers and dried oatmeal. For real. Good luck getting any of them to play properly.

Anyway, hence the comic.

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  1. Scotch says:

    Here in Denmark you can get video games, both pc and playstation(1,2 and now 3). you can even find the first Fallout game.

    But, the snake in paradise is that the older it is, the worser the condition its in.

  2. binaryspiral says:

    You haven’t been to a library in a while, have you? πŸ™‚

    True though, they carry everything…

  3. geljamin says:

    Here in England, hardly any librarys even stock films, let alone video games. Well, to be fare they do stock some video games, but most of them are ‘educational’ and as such designed to teach 4-year-olds important life lessons such as not to eat rat poison while doing multiplying 2 and 4

    … I wish I was joking about that XD

  4. Sean says:

    Apparently some people don’t realize that DVDs are for watching in a player and they are not to be used as dinner plates. And some people must rollerblade all over rented DVDs just to spite the normal, movie viewing public.

    • Elihar says:

      Well, my mom always would use recepis out of the family style barefoot contessa, which is wonderful. And I still use a bunch of those.But I own the Back to Basics one and for Christmas got her newest one, How Easy Is That. Which I’m using a lot right now. I love it because it takes her recepis and simplifies them. So everything is still delicious just easier, quicker.

  5. Mark Dell says:

    Good ‘ol Gameplop. I was berated by one on Friday for liking the GB Micro.

  6. spambot says:

    I haven’t been in a while, but back when I worked at the public library putting books back on the shelves, they did have some PC games you could check out. That’s how I became a Civilization addict back in the day.

  7. TheKeck says:

    What library is that Scott? We went to the Orem Library a lot when we still lived down there, but they charged a dollar for DVD rental.

  8. brian_d says:

    I really haven’t been to a library in almost a DECADE. Barnes N’ Noble has been my psuedo library lately. I would find it pretty curious to see non-educational games and movies in a library. I’m sure there’s some sort of approval process for them to be purchased.

    As for the boogers and oatmeal, if I would have gotten them in that condition, I would have cleaned them off and used my DVD repairer machine to get rid of any scratches that would normally prevent the DVD working.

  9. Yit says:

    My mom frequently gets movies from the library, and I love watching them skip, as the pitifully tries to watch them. Seriously, people must get them, and put them face up on the floor, and then direct sneeze/fart/spit fire at them. Seriously.

  10. Lyskan says:

    yeah, I know. Our library has barely any movies, but every single one has like 4 layers of scratches on them…. same with music.

  11. kokomoman says:

    I worked at a library for the summer once, just a small public one in a small town in Alberta, Canada. They had lots of movies, and every time one got checked out I would plead with people, “Please just make sure it goes in a case, I don’t care which case, just as long as its a case…”

    Anyhow, does your friendly neighbourhood Public Library really have French nudie films Scott?

  12. Eric says:

    Our library is a Federal Repository. If they don’t got it and one of the others around the USA has it (including Library of Congress), they either can get it or (if it’s printed material) get a PDF of it and email it to you.

  13. Pharmdawg says:

    Public Libraries…Growing up in Minnesota We had wonderful Libraries nice buildings, all the books you could ever want to read, great movie selections. Then I moved to Vallejo California. I was in for a shock, the libraries here are really just a place for the homeless, bums, and boy, oh boy the smells that resonate from the front doorways … nothing but empty shelves I really felt so sorry for the people here
    Just sad to see what has become of the public libraries, now I am in Santa Rosa but have not been to the library yet and not sure, if I want to even check it out?

  14. Pharmdawg says:

    Oh did I mention the Vallejo California Library is more of a homeless shelter than a place for books and info.

  15. mercator says:

    I live in a town of 1600 which at one time actually had two libraries. The City had one for years, then our county decided it should have a library and wanted to eat the city library, and the old gals that run it said no. So for 5-6 years we had two. Finally the city realized that we were spending money redundantly, and the old gals be damned, they merged. The library used the city library building, so the city makes money and doesnt spend it. Nice, since they waste money elsewhere.

    Anyway, that dual library thing even made the new york times because the radicals around here wanted to abolish the county library –

    The library that shared a building with the liquor store was in my town, by the way. It was pretty funny. They are as one now, and many of the old gals quit volunterring in protest. The new library staff is more seattle in their outlook, and that new-fangled stuff conflicts with the old-fashioned people here.

    Our library is primarily a place for WiFi and internet terminals. They are in constant use all day because we are a pretty poor working class town, and computers are too expensive and quick to be obsolete, so people don’t buy them. Besides Wal-Mart, there is no place to buy a computer outside teh Internet or Spokane. I think the access to the Internet may have saved our library. It brings people in the door, that’s for sure.

    For me, they have a great sci-fi fantasy section, so I can go in and grab some leisure reading between my studies. When I buy a book, I just drop it in the dropbox when I am finished with it, and they add it to the inventory or sell it at a booksale to make more money.

  16. Ransom says:

    My library has a couple dozen video games, recent ones too like Twilight Princess and Need For Speed.

    They also have a metric ton of graphic novels and one-shots. That collection saved me from having to go out and actually buy The Killing Joke.

  17. veronica says:

    That wasn’t oatmeal.

  18. Io says:

    My son and I checked out the Gamecube versions of Lego Star Wars from our library, and had so much fun with them, bought the Wii version when it was released. There are quite a few good Gamecube/Wii games plus Xbox/360 and PS2 (not sure if any PS3 items have shown up yet). I need to get back over there sometime and see if any new games have been added. Not sure how often that happens.

  19. TJ says:

    One of our campus libraries here at Wisconsin actually has a decent sized video game collection for the modern consoles which is nice. Its also the reason our basketball team lost to davidson……

    • Reinaldo says:

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  20. Traci says:

    Pssst… some libraries DO carry video games. The library where I work hasn’t started yet, but we’re also in a dinky little town with a limited budget. We ARE saving up funds for professional DDR pads to use for teen events, though, and we have video game nights all the time that attract over 100 teens each time.

    Anyway. Libraries have to change with the times. Fewer and fewer people are reading, or having time to read… and there’s the new generation coming in that wants high tech things like audiobook downloads (which is the next thing we’re working on), ebooks, etc. Libraries have had to change or go the way of the dinosaurs. I personally think of my library as the heart of the community — we’re the last place left where people can go and find entertainment, education, and social interaction, all for free.

    Okay, I’ll shut up now… I love my library πŸ™‚

  21. Traci says:

    Oh, and P.S. Our library bought a professional cleaning/resurfacing machine for our DVDs… it was over $1,000, but has already paid for itself by all the DVDs we’ve been able to save from re-purchasing.

  22. binaryspiral says:

    V FTW…. lmao.

    In reality though, the MPAA and RIAA get a hefty tax write off by sending their crap to libraries. They even wrote off a lawsuit settlement a few years back by emptying the shelves of all the junk they couldn’t sell.

    Our library offers free media rentals, music, dvd, games, audio books, and (gasp) even books! I can understand some libraries charging for rentals – especially if they don’t have large donations or a foundation helping them stay open.

  23. prime_pm says:

    Yes, we library staff are proud of our foreign porn. We have separate sections for documentaries and nonfiction alone, aisles of dvd’s and music cds, a slew of VHS tapes of older stuff (Ralph Baschi’s WIZARDS), audio books here and there, and even a small anime section on the mezanine right next to the red-dotted tapes. And best of all, all staff get to rent for free! Without any late fees! I love my job.

    Haven’t gotten video games yet, though. Or Blu-Ray. And I sorta wish they had better Sci-fi flicks. They have the old War of the Worlds but not the old Planet of the Apes? We’ve got the Marky Mark version instead? The hell? At least Altered States is there. And I bought Event Horizon from them for a dollar once; VHS, but still good.

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